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Just because

  Take a moment to chuckle.  You’re welcome.   Issa Benítez Dueñas Art Sickness Bag, 2005 Printed paper bag Collection of Proyecto Changarrito 

Just because

DF Chats: Barbara Perea

  I was falling asleep slowly around 1:30 am when I heard the chime of a Facebook chat message.  I debated about just ignoring it, […]

DF Chats: Barbara Perea

DF Chats: Christina Sukhgian Houle

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting with artist Christina Sukhgian Houle who is in Mexico City for six weeks as part […]

Christina Soukhgian Houle

When life imitates art

First, because of a three day texting exchange with Ben Aqua.  These reminded me of…     …this:   Then I received an email from Armando […]

Ben Aqua, Limp Wrist, 2012

Extranjerías, MUAC

  It’s really difficult to talk about foreignness.  I really discovered this in 2006 when I returned to live in Austin after living in Mexico […]

Jorge Macchi, My Wave,

Mexic-Arte Museum: Striking a nerve.

I talk about Mexic-Arte Museum a lot and I always have.  I have a long history with the institution, and I will say again that […]

Mexic-Arte Museum: Striking a nerve.

Zona MACO México 2012

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind in Mexico City.  The annual art fair, in its eighth year, Zona MACO took place last […]

Zona MACO México 2012

Catching Up with Pablo Vargas-Lugo

I had the incredible pleasure of visiting the studio of artist Pablo Vargas-Lugo a little more than one week ago.  Pablo’s studio is temporarily nestled […]

Intemperie, Installation view

Yautepec Gallery/Anibal Catalan

Throughout a weekend of constant seismic activity and back-to-back aftershocks I braved the constantly trembling ground on Friday and made the short trek further into […]

Barricada Suprematista II and Barricada Suprematista III, 2012; Steel, acrylic and flourescent lights; 59x47x35 and 47x39x28 inches respectively

The Changarrito Project

It’s not uncommon to walk the streets and stumble upon a vendor selling their wares laid out on top of a blanket directly on the […]

The Changarrito full of various artists work


There are few times where I am genuinely homesick, and even fewer times that I miss my birth country.  That said, the hardest part of […]


SITAC, 2012

The future is an incredibly difficult thing to talk about.  How is it possible to sustain a relevant conversation about something as hypothetical and non-existent […]

Two Things We Know About the Future, Raqs Media Collective Lecture Performance

Mientras me caso…

There are few times that I complain about living in Mexico.  There are even fewer things that bother me about living here.  Generally, I love […]

Armando Miguélez, Estudio Artes Mientras me Caso (I will study art until I get married), Printed on a sticker

Tlatelolco: A history of a city

I had the incredible privilege of visiting the community of Tlatelolco last week.  Tlatelolco is one of the places in the city that has long […]

Tlatelolco: A history of a city
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