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Melissa Brown: Future Past

Big Medium

Last Chance - January 15 through February 13, 2016

An exhibition of reduction linocuts by Melissa Brown. The works serve as primary source material for her studio practice.

Julia Lucey

Wally Workman Gallery

Last Chance - January 16 through February 13, 2016

An exhibition of aquatint etchings by printmaker Julia Lucey. "Lucey's aquatint etchings evoke a haunting sense of nature-in-waiting. Not necessarily dangerous, her foliage and animals appear watchful of the viewer, almost quietly hopeful of being noticed."

The Contemporary Print

O2 Gallery @ Flatbed World Headquarters

Last Chance - January 9 through February 14, 2016

An exhibition surveying methods of traditional printmaking, including lithography, relief, intaglio, silkscreen, and monotype. Juried by Mary Heathcott, Executive Director of the Blue Star Contemporary.

Margaret Craig & Tonja Torgerson: Out of the Ruined Place

grayduck gallery

Last Chance - January 15 through February 14, 2016

An exhibition of works by Margaret Craig and Tonja Torgerson. Both artists have an atypical approach to printmaking: Craig prints discarded plastic to create reef-like installations, and Torgerson "explores human impermanence, decaying/being consumed by nature, with serigraphs, wheat paste graffiti and photography."

Orna Feinstein: Matter, Material, & Metaphor


Last Chance - January 16 through February 14, 2016

An exhibition of monoprints by artist Orna Feinstein. By experimenting with different inks and the layering of images, Feinstein creates works of art that deceive the eye.

PrintAustin 2016

Various Venues

Last Chance - January 15 through February 15, 2016

A month-long festival of printmaking! For a full schedule, go here: http://printaustin.org/


Gallery Shoal Creek

January 16 through February 20, 2016

An exhibition of works by Karina Noel Hean and Koichi Yamamoto. "The two artists bring varied print processes to their hybrid works. In unison, the show presents a fluid exchange of ideas and explores the possibilities open to contemporary printmakers."



January 15 through February 20, 2016

An exhibition featuring work by Carrie Carlson,Jedidiah Dore, Nicole Geary, Laura Moriarty, Ruthie Powers, Marie Robinson, Cathy Savage, and Ele Willoughby.

Seth Orion Schwaiger: COMPLEX 1

Pump Project Art Complex

January 29 through February 20, 2016

An exhibition of installation works throughout the Pump Project complex. Utilizing previously unused spaces, Schwaiger's installations "facilitate an awareness of the construction of meaning."


Davis Gallery

January 16 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition of new work by Randall Reid & Lisa Beaman. Both artists "work to deconstruct images and materials from historic relics that have a great potential to be forgotten or destroyed as time moves quickly forward."


Mass Gallery

January 22 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition that explores differing relationships to abstraction and painting. Artists include: Jeana Baumgardner, Anthony B Creeden, Ryan Davis, Caitlin Halloran, Dan Sutherland, and Raymond Uhlir. All artists live and work in Austin.

Christa Blackwood: Prix West

Photo Méthode Gallery

January 16 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition of large format photographs by Austin-based artist Christa Blackwood. From the gallery: "her recent series, taken throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, stages the nude male within the majesty of North America’s rugged western landscape – situating her subject in a genealogy of classical photographic studies of the human figure."

Honora Jacob: Contemporary Histories

Wally Workman Gallery

February 6 through 27, 2016

An exhibition of works by Honora Jacob. The show includes portraits of historical women, like Ana de Mendoza and Inez Milllholland, "who are both legendary figures that defied the social norms of their times."

Donald Moffett

Blanton Museum of Art

August 29, 2015 through February 28, 2016

An exhibition of works by Donald Moffett that are within the Blanton's collection. Featuring eight works - including a suite of eighteen drawings, the Blanton hold more works by Moffett than any museum in the United States.

Artist INC Alumni Exhibition

La Peña Gallery

February 11 through 29, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by Thomas Athey, Jess Bee, Cindy Debold, Autumn Ewalt, Valerie Fowler, Kelsey Jenkinson, Lawrence Jolly, Kelli McDonald, Teruko Nimura, Mark Puente, Quinten Rhea, Daniel Rivera, Philip Rogers, Terri St. Arnauld, Liana Tomchesson, and Alison Young.

Sally Weber: Elemental

Women and Their Work

January 23 through March 3, 2016

An exhibition of video, sculpture, motorized lasers (!!!) and photography by Austin-based artist Sally Weber. The exhibition is inspired by the Archimedes Palimpsest, "a 13th century codex in which 10th century Greek translations of Archimedes' geometric proofs were overwritten with Orthodox Christian prayers." We don't know how that relates to lasers, but we'd love to find out.

World War IV

Not Gallery

January 22 through March 5, 2016

An exhibition featuring artists Zoe Berg, Cameron Coffman, Braxton Congrove, Aaron Meyers, Rachael Starbuck, and Perrin Turner.

Emily Eaton & Ethan Odness


February 5 through March 5, 2016

An exhibition of collagraphs by Emily Eaton & Ethan Odness. The show will include investigations of form, color, content, and texture with a visual language of abstraction.


Lora Reynolds Gallery

January 23 through March 26, 2016

An exhibition featuring work by nine Brazilian artists, including Alexandre da Cunha, Marcius Galan, Fernanda Gomes, Jac Leirner, Rodrigo Matheus, Ana Mazzei, Maria Nepomuceno, Lucas Simões, and Erika Verzutti. The show is curated by Lea Weingarten.

Peter Mangan: Messengers

Georgetown Art Center

November 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016

An exhibition of sculpture works by Peter Mangan. The works "originated from abstracted figures" but contain silhouettes that can be entered by the viewer.

The Crusader Bible: A Gothic Masterpiece

Blanton Museum of Art

December 12, 2015 through April 3, 2016

An exhibition of The Crusader Bible, an illustrated manuscript known for its lively color illustrations. It was likely created around 1250 and traveled from Paris to Italy, Poland, Persia, Egypt, England. It is now in the collection of the Morgan Library in NY.

Viewpoint Lecture and Seminar Series

UT Austin ART Building

January 28 through April 22, 2016

The annual Viewpoint Series invites leading curators, critics, and scholars of the contemporary art world for three separate visits every spring semester. This year's guests are Lynne Cooke and Ingrid Schaffner.All lectures and seminars will take place in the Art building on the UT Campus, 2301 San Jacinto Blvd. Austin, Texas, 78712.

Look Inside: New Photography Acquisitions

Harry Ransom Center

February 9 through May 29, 2016

An exhibition of nearly 200 new acquisitions to the Harry Ransom Center's photography collection. Pieces in the show range from the post-war expansion of photography to images created by contemporary artists.

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