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    Tony Saladino

    Gallery Shoal Creek

    Last Chance - October 20 through November 22, 2017

    A show of works exploring the interconnectedness of art and music. The exhibition includes twelve new works on canvas by Tony Saladino.

    The Afterlife of Artifacts

    Davis Gallery

    Last Chance - October 14 through November 25, 2017

    A show featuring assemblages by Barbara Irwin, John Sager, Larry Seaman, Steve Brudniak, and Steve Wiman.

    Good Mourning Tis of Thee

    Co-Lab Projects' DEMO GALLERY @ The Avenue

    Last Chance - October 13 through November 25, 2017

    An exhibition and installation featuring works by more than 65 artists and performers. The show is organized and curated by artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt and Co-Lab Projects' Sean Gaulager, and is based around the theme of death as a component of change.

    Diego and Frida: A Smile in the Middle of the Way

    Mexic-Arte Museum

    Last Chance - September 15 through November 26, 2017

    Diego and Frida: A Smile in the Middle of the Way "takes an intimate look at the life and relationship between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, as seen through the lens of some of the most notable photographers of that time, including Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Ansel Adams, Guillermo Kahlo, Leo Matiz, Nickolas Muray, Edward Weston, and Guillermo Zamora. The documentary prints in the exhibition come from the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, encompassing nearly twenty-five years of their marriage."

    Love to Death: Day of the Dead Community Altars

    Mexic-Arte Museum

    Last Chance - September 15 through November 26, 2017

    An exhibition featuring art from the Mexic-Arte Museum's permanent collection along with ofrendas (altars) created by members of the Austin community honoring and remembering their deceased loved ones.



    Last Chance - October 21 through November 26, 2017

    TX*SCI is a show featuring works by Texas artists that are inspired by science.Featured artists include: Eileen McKeon Butt (Austin, TX) Kim Dembrosky (Fort Worth, TX) Laurie Frick (Austin, TX) Nicole Geary (San Antonio, TX) Jules Buck Jones (Austin, TX) Calder Kamin (Austin, TX) David Martínez (Austin, TX) Craig Newswanger (Austin, TX) Cathryn Rowe (Austin, TX) Francesca Samsel (Austin, TX) Cathy Savage (Austin, TX) Sally Weber (Austin, TX)

    Shahzia Sikander: SpiNN (III)

    Blanton Museum of Art

    Last Chance - September 2 through November 26, 2017

    SpiNN (III) is an animated video by Pakistani artist Shahzia Sikander. "The video is rooted in traditional Persian miniature painting, which the artist learned in her native Pakistan before immigrating to the United States in the early 1990s."

    AES+F: Inverso Mundus

    UT Visual Arts Center (VAC)

    November 1 through 30, 2017

    A screening of the 2015 38-minute video work Inverso Mundus by Russian collective AES+F (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Svyatsky, and  Vladimir Fridkes). "Inspired by the medieval carnival and the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, in which social roles and norms reverse, Inverso Mundus upsets viewers’ expectations of contemporary life, but seems to represent the personal desires of many to switch status with those in power."

    Margaret Smithers-Crump: Speechless


    October 20 through December 2, 2017

    A show featuring works by artist Margaret Smithers-Crump. "Creating artworks that are often soft, colorful, and ethereal, Smithers-Crump intends to bring attention to the vulnerability and interconnectedness of the Earth’s diverse life forms and ecosystems."

    Wild Abandon


    November 11 through December 2, 2017

    Wild Abandon is curated by Austin-based artist and curator Michael Anthony García and features works by Gerardo Arellano (Austin), Kel Brown (Austin/Houston), Jonathan Paul Jackson (Houston), Kristy Perez (San Antonio), and Naomi Schlinke (Austin).

    Raul Gonzalez: Doing Work

    grayduck gallery

    November 4 through December 3, 2017

    An exhibition of works by San Antonio-based artist Raul Gonzalez. "Doing Work is a presentation of two bodies of paintings and drawings that were created to help shift public perception of working class immigrants and the role of stay-at-home fathers." The show will also include three dance performances.

    Amy Hauft: Tender Glass


    November 1 through December 3, 2017

    "Amy Hauft produces architectural-scale installations in which landscape seems to occur in indoor settings. Each artwork is an intersection of the viewer’s haptic and cognitive experiences. Initially, one’s physical experience takes precedence; eventually, an anomalous logic challenges and concentrates that physical memory." The artist's show Tender Glass is inspired by Hurricane Harvey.

    Larry Bamburg: BurlsHoovesandShells on a Pedestal of Conglomerates

    UT Visual Arts Center (VAC)

    September 22 through December 9, 2017

    "Larry Bamburg uses natural materials to create process-based works that vacillate between living and dead, natural and manmade. For BurlsHoovesandShells on a Pedestal of Conglomerates, Bamburg pursues a process of making determined by an arbitrary set of rules, to build a structure as tall as possible using a collection of like materials: burls, hooves and shells."

    Fools Romance / Books from AEROMOTO

    UT Visual Arts Center (VAC)

    September 22 through December 9, 2017

    Located in Mexico City’s Colonia Juárez, the non-profit art library and community space Aeromoto provides public access to art books and small press publications from around the world. This exhibition brings over 300 artists’ books from Aeromoto’s collection to UT Austin, focusing on editions made in Mexico and Latin America. Hammocks, plants and couches transform the VAC’s gallery into a cozy reading room open to the public.

    Room before

    UT Visual Arts Center (VAC)

    November 3 through December 9, 2017

    "For this exhibition, the Studio Art MFA candidates at UT Austin invited six MFA students from Yale University, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of California, Los Angeles to participate in a collaborative exhibition in the spirit of artistic exchange."Artists include:Cameron Coffman (UCLA) Jenny Gagalka (UCLA) Sasha Baskin (VCU) Kathryn Lien (VCU) Natalie Ball (Yale) Penn Chan (Yale)Hiba Ali (UT Austin) Evelyn Contreas (UT Austin) Siera Hyte (UT Austin) Marisa LaGuardia (UT Austin) Rosa Nussbaum (UT Austin) Emily O’Leary (UT Austin) Anika Steppe (UT Austin) Riel Sturchio (UT Austin) Ingrid Tremblay (UT Austin)

    Body is a Bridge

    UT Visual Arts Center (VAC)

    November 3 through December 9, 2017

    "Body is a Bridge details the lived experiences of illness through an intersectional lens." The show includes works by Texas-based artist Amber Shields, and Portland, Maine artists Gabriella (Riel) Sturchio and Bianca Sturchio.


    Dimension Gallery

    November 10 through December 9, 2017

    "Sculp-chur is a “product line” that consists of one of a kind small sculptures packaged to mimic retail presentation. Each piece is an original artwork presented as if it just came out of a snack vending machine. Without lofty agendas, the show contemplates the modes of consumption for visual art."Artists include:Ted Carey Valerie Chassonnet Emily Coleman Rebecca Lynn Hewitt April Garcia Terra Goolsby Jennifer Hill Sarah Hirneisen Laura Latimer Lindsey Maestri Colin McIntyre Haley Parsa Rebekah Rauser Jamie Spinello Dana Suleymanova W. Tucker Rachel Wilkins Dana Younger

    Zack Ingram: Skin Thick

    Big Medium

    October 27 through December 16, 2017

    An exhibition featuring works by Zack Ingram, the winner of the inaugural Tito's Prize. Ingram was selected by a curatorial panel including Ana Esteve Llorens, artist; Joseph Havel, Director of the Glassell School of Art and artist; Kevin McNamee-Tweed, artist and Big Medium Gallery Curator; and Bárbara Perea, Mexico City-based Independent Curator.

    Staycation 2: What in the World?

    Mass Gallery

    November 10 through December 16, 2017

    An exhibition featuring works by ten Austin-based artists, including Ryan Cronk, Dave Culpepper, Bethany Johnson, TJ Lemanski, Rebecca Marino, Bucky Miller, Landon O’Brien, Rachael Starbuck, Barry Stone, and Ingrid Tremblay.

    The Political Seducer's Diary

    Performance Art Houston's Instagram

    November 4 through December 29, 2017

    An Instagram-based exhibition organized by Performance Art Houston. The show is curated by Jeanette Joy Harris and features week-long performance by:VINCENT CAMPOS (FR) 4 – 10 NOV BROOKE LEIGH (AU) 11 – 17 NOV STEVEN MARTZ (UK) 18 – 24 NOV JEANETTE JOY HARRIS (US) 25 NOV – 1 DEC RYDER RICHARDS (US) 2 – 8 DEC DANIEL CABALLERO (US) 9 – 15 DEC KATYA PETETSKAYA (AU) 16 – 22 DEC YOSHIE SAKAI (US) 23 – 29 DEC

    Taiko Chandler: Moments in Movement

    Flatbed Press

    October 20 through December 30, 2017

    A show of monotypes and monoprints by artist Taiko Chandler. The pieces in the exhibition were created by Chandler in collaboration with Flatbed Press, and address themes of transience and the ephemeral nature of life.

    Joel Salcido: Aliento A Tequila

    Flatbed Galleries

    November 11 through December 30, 2017

    Aliento A Tequila is an exhibition of photographs by Austin-based artist Joel Salcido. The images in the show document the process of the production of tequila.

    Birds’ Nests and Refuge: Impermanent Homes

    Prizer Gallery

    November 11 through December 31, 2017

    An exhibition featuring photographs by Sharon Beals along with writings that address contemporary immigrant experience in the United States. The show includes poetry and prose from: Chaitali Sen, Ching-In Chen, Dena Afrasaibi and Maria Reva.

    Mexico Modern: Art, Commerce, and Cultural Exchange, 1920–1945

    Harry Ransom Center

    September 11, 2017 through January 1, 2018

    An exhibition highlighting "the important history of 20th-century art and how artists, museum curators, gallery owners, journalists and publishers in the US and Mexico instigated a cultural phenomenon by creating and promoting art that pioneered a synthesis of indigenous traditions and international aesthetics." The show features more than 200 items, many of which are drawn from the Ransom Center’s collections.

    Rachel Stuckey: Good Days & Bad Days on the Internet

    Women & Their Work

    November 18, 2017 through January 11, 2018

    "In Good Days & Bad Days on the Internet, Rachel Stuckey dissects the emotional pull of technology using performative video, projection mapping, video signal manipulation, and custom software. The works employ various methods of engagement with technology, ranging from commercial seduction to addiction and entrapment to the intoxication of the unknown."

    John Bock: Dead + Juicy

    The Contemporary Austin

    September 23, 2017 through January 14, 2018

    A new film by John Bock. The film was shot entirely in and around Austin and is commissioned by The Contemporary Austin. "Labeled an “uncanny musical” by the artist, the film features a mercurial female protagonist, a barber named Lisa, interacting with odd and wacky characters throughout various Texan locales."

    Wangechi Mutu

    The Contemporary Austin

    September 23, 2017 through January 14, 2018

    A show of works by artist Wangechi Mutu. "Anchoring the exhibition is a new, site-specific edition of Throw, 2017, an action painting generated by a performance in which Mutu throws black paper pulp against the wall, creating an abstract composition that dries, hardens, and then degrades over time." The show also includes sculptures and animations.

    Type Hike

    The Courtyard Gallery at UT AT&T Executive Education Center

    October 5, 2017 through January 27, 2018

    "An exhibition of posters designed by Type Hike: a collaborative nonprofit design project that supports the outdoors through typography. Created by David Rygiol and James Louis Walker, the project began in August of 2016 with a series of 60 designs celebrating the National Park Service Centennial. It now includes 3 unique series, focusing on national shorelines and recreation areas as well as endangered animals."

    Blanco Sculpture Trail

    Bindseil Park

    April 29, 2017 through April 30, 2018

    A sculpture trail organized by the Blanco Visitors Bureau and juried by Lee Ann Whatley. The trail features works by Peter Mangan, Danville Chadbourne, Cat Quintanilla, and Jeffie Brewer.

    Carol Bove

    The Contemporary Austin (formerly AMOA-Arthouse) at Laguna Gloria

    November 18, 2017 through November 24, 2018

    A show of works by New York-based artist Carol Bove. "Bove's new and recent large-scale sculptures reinterpret the classical sculpture garden in the meadow of Laguna Gloria. A multitude of abstract forms of varying shapes, colors, and scales plays with ideas of language, landscape, and display."

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