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Olivia Martin Moore: Between Here and There

Women & Their Work

Last Chance - May 16 through July 2, 2015

An exhibition of artist Olivia Martin Moore’s immersive installation incorporating ephemera collected while in Berlin with more traditional sculpture materials, as well as sound and audio-visual translations made in collaboration with Zac Traeger.

Superprism Phenomena

Little Pink Monster Gallery

Last Chance - June 18 through July 2, 2015

A group exhibition featuring work by local and national artists, including Briar Bonifacio, Blair Gallacher, Tomas Glass, Bill Kolb, Anis Mojgani, Chun Hui Pak, Katie Rose Pipkin, Jesse Reno, Orlando Sanchez, Warren Sawyer, and Carl Smith. Its title refers to phenomena of light refractions and implies a metaphor of artist as transforming crystal.

Will Klemm

Wally Workman Gallery

Last Chance - June 6 through July 3, 2015

An exhibition of work by Austin-based artist Will Klemm including both his well know landscapes and new figurative works.

Women Painting Women: Texas

Georgetown Art Center

Last Chance - May 29 through July 5, 2015

An exhibition of fourteen Texas artists–including seven from Austin– celebrating contemporary female artists working in the figurative tradition.

The Mother Art


June 6 through July 18, 2015

A group exhibition in which six artists explore the structures of a diversity of animal architects including birds, spiders, corals, ants and mollusks. Features work by Calder Kamin, Monica Kortsha, Annell Livingston, Marjorie Moore, Courtney Mattison, and Walter Tschinkel.

Philip Harrell: Mixed Signals

Las Cruxes

June 6 through July 26, 2015

An exhibition of paintings by Austin-based artist Philip Harrell, each using limited color combinations and minimal line use.

The Aviary: Birds of Flatbed

Flatbed Press

March 20 through July 30, 2015

An exhibition of select works from the Flatbed archive featuring avian imagery, including work by Frank X. Tolbert, Billy Hassell, Dan Rizzie, Kelly Fearing, John Alexander, Julie Speed, Luis Jimenez, James Surls, Alice Leora Briggs, Mary McCleary, Bob Schneider, David Everett, Ricky Armendariz, and Annalise Gratovich.

Sharon Kopriva: Perros Sin Pelo

Flatbed Galleries

May 5 through July 31, 2015

An exhibition featuring recent paintings, prints, and sculptures by artist Sharon Kopriva's drawing upon imagery of the Peruvian Hairless dog, an ancient breed revered by the Moche and the Inca, and believed to have healing powers.

The Front: Straight Shot

Mass Gallery

June 26 through August 1, 2015

A group exhibition featuring new works by members of the New Orleans artist-run collective and gallery, The Front, which uses the form and concept of a traditional “shotgun” house to structure its space and creative endeavors.

There's A Summer Place

Davis Gallery

June 13 through August 8, 2015

A summer-long group exhibition featuring a selection of painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media collage, and print works by 21 represented artists as well as a few guest artists.

Young Latino Artists 20: Within Reach

Mexic-Arte Museum

June 12 through August 23, 2015

The 20th Young Latino Artists (YLA) group exhibition features a range of works by young artists Jaime Alvarez, Annmarie Avila, Tamara Becerra Valdez, Grimaldi Baez, Isaiah Carrasco, Teresa Cervantes, Lauren Moya-Ford, Ashley Thomas, and Hope Mora.

Robert Therrien

The Contemporary Austin

May 8 through August 30, 2015

An exhibition of Los Angeles–based artist Robert Therrien’s large-scale, illusory sculptures inspired by daily, domestic life–including both existing and brand new work.

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