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Macro Photography

Georgetown Art Center

Last Chance - May 18 through June 24, 2018

The 2018 Macro Photography show is a state wide juried art exhibit organized by Georgetown Art Works (Georgetown Art Center) is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts in the city of Georgetown, Texas.

Caroline Ryan: Recollecting Memories

Asian American Resource Center

April 13 through June 29, 2018

"Artist Caroline Ryan explores family dynamics using old candid family photographs as references for her paintings. The artist reveals the astounding differences between her parents and her family’s struggle to communicate with each other as a means of accepting and understanding the past and present."

The Art Of The Contact Sheet

Modern Rocks Gallery

April 27 through June 30, 2018

"The Art Of The Contact Sheet is s curated collection of large format contact sheet prints of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more, taken by leading rock photographers both past and present." The show includes works by Don Hunstein, Brian Duffy, Tracy Anne Hart, Alan Messer, Allan Ballard, Matt Anker and more.

Sadie Benning: Girl Power

Landmarks Video Series at the UT Visual Arts Center (VAC)

June 1 through 30, 2018

"Girl Power (1992) shows artist Sadie Benning’s aim to reach a wider audience with her video works. Informed by the “riot grrl” movement of the 1990s, an aggressive underground movement led by young women who espoused female empowerment through art, music, zines, and activism. Girl Power is a collage of sound and black-and-white imagery. The work refuses to visualize female passivity and politeness in favor of a range of views of radicality and rebellion in an amalgam of footage from TV, film, commercials, security cameras, and home movies as well as disturbing scenes of racial violence and homophobic speeches."

Brad Tucker: SUN ROOFING

Dirty Dark Place at Kyle Flea Market

June 3 through 30, 2018

A show of works by Austin-based artist Brad Tucker. For this show, Tucker "presents an installation of new paintings and objects alongside a printed photo essay of sources found within the retail/commercial landscape of central Texas, where the artist resides."

Clarissa Tossin: Meeting of Waters

Blanton Museum of Art

January 13 through July 1, 2018

An exhibition featuring new works by Brazilian artist Clarissa Tossin. The sculptures in the show explore the confluence of the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers, where the two rivers converge but remain separate.


Link & Pin

June 1 through July 1, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by three female artists.

Jamal Cyrus & Julia Barbosa Landois: Regional Fictions

Mass Gallery

May 15 through July 7, 2018

"The exhibition Regional Fictions re-contextualizes this literary term to examine the lies, falsifications, and omissions present in the lore of a particular geographical region, particularly as it is taught to school age children. Text and installation-based works by Jamal Cyrus and Julia Barbosa Landois mine educational materials and methods of presentation to imagine what these items might look like from multiple “de-colonized” perspectives."

Jieun Beth: Innocence in Silence

Big Medium

June 1 through July 7, 2018

An exhibition curated by Oliver Franklin and featuring works by Jieun Beth. "Pairing an image of a shirt with an individual’s obituary, Innocence in Silence portrays the traces of a body and the memory of a personhood. Once used as an expression of individuality and a representation of self, the images and descriptions now remain as a relic and history."

Ingrid Tremblay: Salty Feel

grayduck gallery

June 1 through July 8, 2018

An exhibition featuring sculptures by artist Ingrid Tremblay. The artist's works play with themes of materiality, humans' relationship with nature, and the evocative power of objects.

Brandon Snow: Present Past | Tense

ART on 5th

June 9 through July 8, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by artist Brandon Snow. The imagery in the show is from various rallies, protests, and marches in both Austin and Dallas over the past two years.

Lindsay Eyth: Self-Defense


June 16 through July 8, 2018

An exhibition of works by Austin artist Lindsay Eyth. "Self-Defense is a fluorescent pink love letter to defense mechanisms, and a glimmering celebration of who we become in the safe spaces we fight to build for ourselves."

J Muzacz: Stained Slabs

Dougherty Arts Center

June 16 through July 14, 2018

An exhibition of works by J Muzacz. The artist's pieces are inspired by the culture of the American south, urban art, and stained glass.

...of Warp and Weft

Davis Gallery

June 9 through July 21, 2018

An exhibition featuring wooden sculptures by Austin artist Caprice Pierucci and photographs by Austin artist Charles Heppner.

Margaux Crump: The Lure

Women & Their Work

June 16 through July 26, 2018

"For The Lure, Margaux Crump debuts a body of work that explores gender and the natural world through the lens of power relationships. Using the idea of hunting and courting both literally and metaphorically, her sculptures, drawings, and photographs trace the complex movements of power between entities."

Ashley Thomas: House and Universe

Las Cruxes

March 31 through July 31, 2018

"In House and Universe, Ashley Thomas collects and expands on a personal archive to commemorate everyday objects with both personal and cultural nostalgia."

Writing With Light: Explorations in Ethnographic and Documentary Photography

Spellerberg Projects

June 6 through August 1, 2018

"This exhibition, in two parts, features a survey of work from from ethnographic photographers: Liz Hingley (England), Martin Saxer (Germany), Christian Vium (Denmark), and Alejandro Flores (Guatemala). The second part of the exhibition features prototype photo-essays on gallery walls. The Writing with Light collective is comprised of Craig Campbell, Vivian Choi, Lee Douglas, Arjun Shankar, and Mark Westmoreland. We publish photo-essays with the journals, Visual Anthropology Review and Cultural Anthropology. Presented with the Intermedia Workshop."


Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

April 12 through August 12, 2018

Entangled is a site-specific installation by Sherry Owens and Art Shirer. The installation "involves giant spiral “vortexes” wound together from wire, natural, and manmade objects."

New Editions 2018

Flatbed Press

June 5 through August 25, 2018

New Editions 2018 features etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, monotypes and monoprints by eleven artists published over the last year. These artists include Richard Amendariz, Taiko Chandler, Michael Ray Charles, Suzi Davidoff, Annalise Gratovich, Tom Huck, Gareth Maguire, Winston Mascarenhas, Bob Schneider, Howard Sherman, Jill Wilkinson, Danny Williams, and Joan Winter.

Rodney McMillian

The Contemporary Austin

February 1 through August 26, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by Rodney McMillian, the winner of The Contemporary Austin's inaugural Suzanne Deal Booth Art Prize. McMillian's works deal with themes of social and political history, the body, abstractions and architecture. Along with McMillian's other pieces, the show will feature a new video work by the artist, commissioned by The Contemporary Austin.

Young Latinx Artists 23: Beyond Walls, Between Gates, Under Bridges

Mexic-Arte Museum

June 15 through August 26, 2018

The 23rd annual Young Latinx Artists exhibition is guest curated by Rocha-Rochelli and includes works by Lisette Chavez (San Benito, TX), Evelyn Contreras (Santa Barbara, CA), Adrian Delgado (San Francisco, CA), Raul Gonzalez (Houston, TX), Alejandro Macias (Brownsville, TX), Juan Mora (Jalisco, MX), Andrew Ordonez (Fort Worth, TX), Natalia Rocafuerte (Campeche, MX), Abel Saucedo (El Paso, TX), Ana Treviño (Galveston, TX), and Jose Villanueva (San Luis Potosi, MX).

Changarrito Project: Selections from the Collection 2016 – 2018

Mexic-Arte Museum

June 15 through August 26, 2018

"Changarrito is a pop-up art cart, conceptualized by artist Máximo González as an alternative to the traditional exhibition spaces in Mexico. Since 2012, Mexic-Arte Museum has hosted more than 60 local and international artists through its Changarrito Artist Residency Program. During their residencies, artists display their work on the Changarrito cart outside the Museum and other locations throughout Austin."This exhibition features works by artists who have recently participated in the museum's Changarrito Artist Residency Program.

Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan & Levi Collection

Blanton Museum of Art

June 3 through September 9, 2018

"Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan & Levi Collection features contemporary painting and sculpture by Australian Aboriginal artists. Curated by Pamela McClusky, Curator of African and Oceanic Art at the Seattle Art Museum, the exhibition celebrates the renaissance that has occurred since the 1970s within the millennia-old traditions of indigenous Australian art."

Lenka Clayton: The Distance I Can Be From My Son

Blanton Museum of Art

June 2 through September 22, 2018

"In 2013, Lenka Clayton attempted to objectively measure the furthest distance she could be from her toddler son in three environments: a city park, the alley behind their Pittsburgh home, and in the aisles of a local supermarket. The trio of videos humorously underlines the challenging judgment calls that parents make about how much autonomy to give their children. In conjunction with the Clayton video installation in the Film & Video Gallery, a selection of Clayton’s Typewriter Drawings will be on view in an adjacent gallery."

Visionary Voices Lecture Series

Texas Society of Architects

January 30 through October 9, 2018

Visionary Voices is a new speaker series featuring celebrated public artists from across the country. "The series aims to encourage thoughtful consideration of the role of public art and its relationship to public spaces, examining the often blurred line between art and architecture. The lectures will also highlight the participating artists’ bodies of work and will offer a sneak peek of commissions they are executing for the City."

Carol Bove

The Contemporary Austin (formerly AMOA-Arthouse) at Laguna Gloria

November 18, 2017 through November 24, 2018

A show of works by New York-based artist Carol Bove. "Bove's new and recent large-scale sculptures reinterpret the classical sculpture garden in the meadow of Laguna Gloria. A multitude of abstract forms of varying shapes, colors, and scales plays with ideas of language, landscape, and display."

14th Annual People’s Gallery Exhibition

The People's Gallery

February 23, 2018 through January 1, 2019

An exhibition featuring paintings, sculptures, and other works by 102 Austin-area artists. This year's show was juried by arts educator and artist Teruko Nimura; artist and Preparator (Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin) John Sager; and artist and Professor of Art, St. Edward's University Tammie Rubin.

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