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Carle Shi: Shi Has Something to Say

Wall Gallery

Last Chance - November 21 through December 4, 2015

"Chinese artist Carle Shi merges her trademark bubbled pop art, with her signature realism by blending Rembrandt style artistry and pointillism techniques (bubbles) on large scale canvases conceiving an entirely unique visual experience." Bubbles AND Rembrandt? Sign us up!

Azuma Makoto: Shiki: Landscape and Beyond

Zhulong Gallery

Last Chance - October 23 through December 5, 2015

An exhibition of sculptures by Japanese floral artist Azuma Makoto. "Makoto's shiki I, a 5-foot ‘timeless pine tree’ encapsulated by an open steel frame​,​ will be suspended in mid-air, surrounded by large-format photographs, shot by Azuma’s collaborator, Shunsuke Shiinoki."

Jason Mehl: Intuitive Geometry

DNA Project Space

Last Chance - October 24 through December 5, 2015

"The artist doesn’t seek to find and display unaltered found objects, but creates ambiguous, composite forms based on the intuitive geometry of nature. Each sculpture is a moment of discovery; something of interest that grabs the viewer’s attention, something familiar, but can't be easily defined."

Andrea Rosenberg: New Drawings

Barry Whistler Gallery

Last Chance - November 7 through December 5, 2015

An exhibition of new drawings by Andrea Rosenberg. In this show, the artist "takes as a point of departure her oft-produced drawings of abstracted flowers infused with anthropomorphic qualities."


Black Lodge

Last Chance - November 20 through December 5, 2015

An exhibition of works by students from UNT, aiming to explore the "often confused memory and nostalgia of a child in a disjointed, fragmented manner." Artists include: Anna Alexanian, Lyndee Deal, Alex Poston, Ana Rocha, Derrik Hunter.

Mirror Stage—Visualizing the Self After the Internet

Dallas Museum of Art

Last Chance - April 10 through December 6, 2015

An exhibition–part of the DMA's Concentration series–featuring videos by eight artists examining the changing understanding and representation of the self via digital technology and the Internet, with a different artist’s work on view each month. Featured artists include Ed Atkins, Trisha Baga, Antoine Catala, Aleksandra Domanović, Jon Rafman, Jacolby Satterwhite, Hito Steyerl, and Ryan Trecartin.

Luke Ball: Nowheres

Mighty Fine Arts

Last Chance - November 7 through December 6, 2015

An exhibition featuring work by master printmaker Luke Ball. "His inventions mock the male psyche full of bluster and braggadocio but ultimately not amounting to a hill of beans. Yet his constructs yield admiration in sheer creative energy and WTF humor and their rickety on the brink of collapse inspiration."


deadWEST Gallery and Studio

October 24 through December 11, 2015

An exhibition at alternative artist space deadWEST. Artists in the exhibition include: Deborah Bladizar, Michelle Brandley, Clarina Bezzola, Barbara Campbell Thomas, Erik Durant, Angel Fernandez, Heyd Fontenot, John Hartely, Trish Igo and Jill O’Brien, Rosemary Meza-Desplas, Devon Nowlin, Sally Packard, Ryder Richards, Shaun Roberts, Jeremy Rudd, Winter Rusiloski, and Fred Spaulding.

New Wave

Goss-Michael Foundation

October 23 through December 11, 2015

An exhibition of works "addressing sociopolitical issues, the global market, gender, pop culture and internet phenomena." So, basically everything that we deal with in our daily lives.

Chirality: Defiant Mirror Images

Gray Matters Gallery

October 24 through December 12, 2015

An exhibition that "plays out the unique agency of chiral forms – their asymmetrical symmetry, how they look alike and act differently, and their ability to spin light out into space (or optical activity) – when introduced to the realm of art. Chirality is most frequently used in the sciences to describe the “handedness” of molecules, their organization in space as mirror images that cannot be superimposed on one another." Whatever that means. Featured artists include: Ellen Levy, Jeff Gibbons, Luke Harnden, Trent Straughan, Alan and Michael Fleming, and Steve Oscherwitz.

Lorem Ipsum

Southern Methodist University Pollock Gallery

November 7 through December 12, 2015

"Conceived as a collaborative curatorial experiment, Lorem Ipsum will be an ongoing dialogue among a group of curators selected from various backgrounds (academia, non-profit, commercial gallery, museum); differing locations; and with interests and experiences in multiple creative ventures, who will function as representatives of the breadth of contemporary curatorial practice." A curator's playground.

Lost Worlds

McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC)

November 21 through December 12, 2015

A curated group exhibition of artists living and working near the Cedars. The show includes work by Sheryl Anaya, Joshua von Ammon, Ali De Vito, Sean P. Miller, Sean David Morgan, and Michael Morris.

Performing Likeness

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

October 23 through December 19, 2015

An exhibition of works by James Quin, Alma Haser, Eleana Antonaki, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Jeremy Bailey and Letitia Huckaby. The exhibition explores new ways of portraiture, questioning "Is a likeness to the sitter enough anymore?"

Francesca Fuchs: Xmas Trees

Talley Dunn Gallery

November 6 through December 19, 2015

An exhibition of new paintings by Francesca Fuchs. Drawn from photographs of Christmas trees, the paintings "document the yearly ritual of installing an odd piece of temporary furniture and individualizing it with applied decor."

Xiaoze Xie: Excerpts

Talley Dunn Gallery

November 6 through December 19, 2015

An exhibition of paintings that explore "concepts of time, memory, political events, and documentation.  The subjects of his large-scale, still life paintings include books and stacks of newspapers that often reveal fragments of imagery and text, together documenting a fleeting moment of time and history."

Bani Abidi: An Unforeseen Situation

Dallas Contemporary

September 19 through December 21, 2015

An exhibition by Karachi (Pakistan) and Berlin-based artist Bani Abidi. Working primarily through video and immersive installation, Abidi explores notions of national and cultural identity.

Nadia Kaabi-Linke: Walk the Line

Dallas Contemporary

September 19 through December 21, 2015

An exhibition of Berlin-based artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke. Through an examination of individual components that comprise our societal structures, Kaabi-Linke highlights dynamics that are often overlooked and forgotten. This exhibition will include a new performance entitled Walk the Line.

Adriana Varejao: Kindred Spirits

Dallas Contemporary

September 19 through December 21, 2015

An exhibition of works by Brazilian artist Adriana Varejao. By highlighting historical inaccuracies during Brazil's colonial period, Varejao's works give light to various conflicts and atrocities that are commonly glossed over and forgotten.

Sychrodogs: Supernatural

Dallas Contemporary

September 19 through December 21, 2015

An exhibition by Sychrodogs, a Ukrainian collaborative duo consisting of Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven. The artists use photography to explore the raw sense of self through an intimate relationship with nature.

Michael Corris: Emblems

Liliana Bloch Gallery

November 14 through December 24, 2015

An exhibition of monotypes by artist Michael Corris. Reflecting personal experiences of the artist, the monotypes pair an image with the palette used to create the print iself.

Winter Wonderland

Visual Art League of Lewisville

November 14 through December 28, 2015

Works by Maurice Leatherbury, Kathleen Mekallek, Dave McRedmond, Lorraine Hayes, Christi Martin, Brent Boudreaux, Kathleen Stringer, Tina Alvarez, Jean Mason, Elaine Nienkamp and Betzy McBreen.

Carlos Donjuan: Everything Means Nothing

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

November 28 through December 30, 2015

A solo show by Carlos Donjuan. "This new body of works aims to take on the pejorative term "alien" and looks to playfully appropriate its meaning with figures cloaked in sprightly shapes and patterns. The masked hybrid characters of people and creatures found in Donjuan's work allows the viewer to be comfortably confronted."

Paper Dolls

Hamon Arts Library Lobby - SMU

September 9 through December 31, 2015

An exhibition of works by Colleen Shull and Justin Shull. For this show, the artists have created collages through the manipulation of fashion magazines.

Lily Hanson: The Once Over Twice

Conduit Gallery

October 17 through December 31, 2015

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Lily Hanson. Hanson will create a site-specific installation that will serve as a framework for her small abstract sculptures.

W. Tucker: box, boxing, boxed

Conduit Gallery

November 21 through December 31, 2015

An exhibition of drawings by Austin-based artist W. Tucker. HIs works reference both materials and an invented cast of characters, forming individual narratives. The show will also feature large-scale drawings on the gallery wall.

Roberto Munguia: eternityest one.

Conduit Gallery

November 21 through December 31, 2015

An exhibition of works on paper "that showcase the artist’s ongoing investigations with wax, ink and paint." Through this use of materials, Munguia has developed a unique monotype process that leads to unique works reflecting his "deep sense of spirituality and connections to his Mexican heritage."


Kirk Hopper Fine Art

November 28 through December 31, 2015

An exhibition curated by Carlos Donjuan. The show features works by features selected works by artists, Richard Armendariz, WERC Alvarez, Miguel Donjuan, Benito Huerta, César Martínez, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, and Shek Vega.

Billy Hassell: Compass

William Campbell Contemporary Art

November 21, 2015 through January 2, 2016

An exhibition of new paintings by Fort Worth-based artist Billy Hassell. The works depict a Texas landscape with native flora and fauna. This is also the premiere of lithographs by Hassell commissioned by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

Jessica Snow: Refraction in the Line of Sight

Galleri Urbane Dallas

November 21, 2015 through January 2, 2016

An exhibition of works "nspired on percussive rhythms and Corbusier’s classic Dom-ino Effect, so-called because the houses could be linked end to end like dominos, and hyphenated to combine domus and innovation." Ah Corbusier, we meet again.

Jeffrey Dell: Dreamland

Galleri Urbane Dallas

November 21, 2015 through January 2, 2016

An exhibition of works that reference Area 51, the secret military base in Nevada. Dell on this concept: “This is a reference to our human tendency to see what we want to see, what we hope to prove. Area 51, as a mythical place, is a locus of desire, longing and conspiracy.”

Bret Slater

Holly Johnson Gallery

November 21, 2015 through January 2, 2016

Works by Bret Slater. The artist on his process: "My work is about painting as object, and it can embody the essence of life, of a living being somehow. It's a living, nonliving inanimate being. Like us, each painting grows into its individuality...simple but nuanced, sophisticated yet clumsy."

Ansel Adams: Early Works

Tyler Museum of Art

October 11, 2015 through January 3, 2016

An exhibition of works by photographer Ansel Adams. Exploring ways to capture the natural wonder of the Western Landscape, Adams is famous for his "high-contrast prints on high-gloss paper stock" from the 1970s and 80s.

Menagerie, Art and the Animal Kingdom

Grace Museum

November 12, 2015 through January 3, 2016

Three art exhibitions that explore man's fascination with representing animals. The three exhibitions are: MENAGERIE in the main gallery featuring work by Helen Altman, David Bates, John James Audubon, John Alexander, Melissa Miller, David Everett, Luis Jiménez, Joe Barrington, Charles Umlauf, Milton Avery, Thomas Hart Benton, Charles Taylor Bowling, Bill Kommodore, John Steuart Curry, Garciella Itrubide, Sebastião Salgado, Isabelle du Toit and others. Janet Turner: Second Nature featuring prints by Turner Best Friends II featuring photography by Elliott Erwitt, William Wegman, Keith Carter, Bruce Davidson, Earlie Hudnall, Jr., Allison V. Smith and others.

Laura Walter Abrams & Jerry Freid: Sculpture

November 21, 2015 through January 6, 2016

An exhibition showing the dualities of sculpture. "By its nature it can be either intimidating and welcoming because the art exists in and occupies the same space as the viewer."

Where You End and I Begin: Relational Dialectics


November 14, 2015 through January 9, 2016

An exhibition of works by Frances Bagley and Ryan Burghard. From the press release: "The concept for this cross-generational exhibition was borne from an essential human need: to unite, to cohabitate, to bond. Marriage is an institution that evolves and changes but is seldom explored in a critical, aesthetic context. However, beyond and within this need, core tensions expose themselves between at least two objects, two proxies, two humans, two surrogates. Contradiction and communication are fundamental to understanding relational dialectics. What is the truth of our individual opinions? Where does this truth lie?" Where?! Where is the truth!?

Peggy Wauters: Tales from the Misty Fields

Ro2 Art Downtown

November 21, 2015 through January 9, 2016

An exhibition of works by Peggy Wauters consisting of "humanoid forms that bespeak extreme experience." The artist usually presents her works juxtaposed on the wall so the viewer can read them as a narrative. But if humanoids are involved...who knows what will happen.

Lily Hanson: The Once Over Twice

Visual Art League of Lewisville

November 19, 2015 through January 9, 2016

Artists include: Karren Garces, Jennifer Horn, Kathleen Mekallek, Robert Terrell, Pepper McCarty, R’Lene Winters, R. Dave McRedmond, Lambert Mathieu, Jean Mason, Christie Martin, Maurice Leatherbury, Kristin Basta, Elaine Nienkamp, Lisa Chittenden, Barbara “Pilar” Barnett, Betzy McBreen, Bree Smith, Kathleen Stringer, Lorraine Hayes, Wanda Grice, Valerie Corwin, Jackie Haugen, Tina Alvarez, Colleen Drew, Kartika Anderson, Sunny Raschke, Irma Murray, Linda Chidsey, and Daren Fagan.

Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

September 20, 2015 through January 10, 2016

An exhibition of works spanning the artist's 14-year career. Inspired by the tradition of portraiture, Wiley's paintings use patterning and decoration to raise issues of class, race, and gender. This exhibition has been organized by the Brooklyn Museum.

James Gill: When the World Went POP!

Samuel Lynne Galleries

November 21, 2015 through January 11, 2016

An exhibition of work by James Gill curated by Karen and Michael Bivins. In his works, the artist adapts "his style to reflect modern sensibilities, while simultaneously staying true to the fundamental elements of the Pop Art movement."

Benevolence and Wisdom

Crow Collection of Asian Art

February 14, 2015 through January 17, 2016

An exhibition of art works recently donated to the museum at the bequest of Margaret Doggett Crow, including Asian export porcelain, delicately carved jade vessels, and Japanese ivory netsuke.

International Pop

Dallas Museum of Art

October 11, 2015 through January 17, 2016

An exhibition that chronicles the globalization of the 1960s and 70s Pop art movement. Highlighted in this exhibition is Pop art's connection to movements in France, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, and Germany, among others.

Kathy Robinson: Talk With You

Center for Contemporary Arts - Abilene

November 12, 2015 through January 30, 2016

"Through her mixed media works, Center Artist Member Kathy Robinson looks for the beauty in everyday objects, listening for the story each has to tell, wondering which will be treasured enough to pass down to the next generation, and challenging us to ask ourselves, "Do you love what you have?" "Is it enough?"" Well? IS IT?

Mysterious Muck

Circuit 12 Contemporary

November 21, 2015 through January 30, 2016

An exhibition showing works by artists who reflect contemporary consumption in their practice. "The works featured in Mysterious Muck combine seemingly unrelated imagery, materials, environments (virtual or physical), and abstract forms to illuminate the loss of context in the internet-age."

Sightings: Alex Israel

Nasher Sculpture Center

October 24, 2015 through January 31, 2016

An exhibition of works by Alex Israel that stem from his life in Los Angeles. For this exhibition, Israel combines his sculptures with objects from the Nasher's collection.

Focus: Joyce Pensato

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

November 21, 2015 through January 31, 2016

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Joyce Pensato. In her work, she utilizes cartoon characters as her jumping off point and "transforms these characters into portraits that vacillate between menacing and amusing, fretful and enthusiastic."

Taro-kun: Zine Society Library


October 24, 2015 through February 6, 2016

For this show curated by Taro-kun, the gallery will function as a reading room for over 100 artist-published zines from around the world.

Piero Golia: Chalet Dallas

Nasher Sculpture Center

October 3, 2015 through February 7, 2016

"A luxurious salon that integrates architecture, entertainment, and works of art by Golia’s friends Pierre Huyghe, Mark Grotjahn, Jeff Wall, and Christopher Williams. This reinterpretation of Golia’s Chalet Hollywood will serve in Dallas as a tool to build and expand the idea of community by providing an intimate gathering spot for influential and creative minds to meet and interact in a relaxed, beautiful environment."

Texas Moderns: BROR UTTER

Old Jail Art Center

September 19, 2015 through February 7, 2016

This exhibition will focus "on Utter’s best-known period, the 1950s and 1960s, as well as his lesser-known but exemplary prints. The exhibition will be the first significant retrospective of the artist’s work since 1985."

Laura Wilson: That Day

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

September 5, 2015 through February 14, 2016

An exhibition of photographs by Laura Wilson that introduce her vision of the American West as a harsh landscape filled with tough, rugged individuals. Wilson is drawn to people who live in isolated communities and have an atypical lifestyle. Her photography exposes these unusual ways of living by giving them merit and putting them on view to a broader public.

Dace Lucia Kidd: Americana

The Arcadia Theater

October 10, 2015 through February 29, 2016

An exhibition of works by Tyler-based artist Dace Lucia Kidd. The show will consist of more than 20 works created since the artist moved to America.

Alexander Gorlizki: Variable Dimensions

Crow Collection of Asian Art

September 12, 2015 through March 3, 2016

An exhibition consisting of drawings, sculptures, installations, videos, and non-traditional practices. Gorlizki has worked with artisans from different backgrounds, such as embroiderers, spectacle makers, forgers and fakers, cobblers, knitters, tailors, watchmakers, stone masons, manicurists, designers, musicians and film-makers, to create some of the works within the exhibition.

Dallas Architecture Forum Lecture Series

Dallas Museum of Art

October 13, 2015 through May 4, 2016

A lecture series put on by the Dallas Architecture Forum. Tickets are $20 per lecture and can be found here. Locations of the lecture vary.

Lecture Series: Asian Art 101

Crow Collection of Asian Art

September 3, 2015 through August 4, 2016

A lecture series where visiting scholars introduce different aspects, regions, and periods of Asian art. Tickets can be found here.

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