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Emotion: art intertwined with sentiment

Sly Cat Gallery

Last Chance - February 17 through April 28, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by Curtis Frederick, Sarah Graham, Floyd Hopkins, Divine Jones, David Romero, Elisabeth Schalij, Hannah Tyler, Candace Weigand, and Ricky Dean Wyrick.

Chris Ireland: Ordinary Time

Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Last Chance - April 6 through 28, 2018

An exhibition featuring photographs by Chris Ireland. Documenting his childhood home and his family, the pieces in the series "are moments in time, separated by 10 years that show the daily patterns and rhythms of life that do not necessarily change, but adapt to alterations in the family dynamic."

Linda Dee Guy: Littoral Imaginarium

Ro2 Art

Last Chance - March 31 through April 28, 2018

"In Littoral Imaginarium, Linda Dee Guy explores the seaside as a powerful source of creative inspiration. Symbolizing the realm in which two worlds meet, the shore acts as a boundary between the known and the deep unknown."

3rd Saturday Artists: Uncategorized

Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Last Chance - April 6 through 28, 2018

"3rd Saturday Artists is a group of artists who regularly meet to encourage, inspire and support one another in creative endeavors." Members of the group include: Kay Briggs, Betsy Horn, Laura Hunt, Heidi Russell, David Searl Helen Searl, Carol Stalcup, and Sara Ward.


Arthello Beck Gallery - South Dallas Cultural Center

Last Chance - March 31 through April 28, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by Dallas and North Texas-area artists. Artists in the show include: Anaah Abedi, Sally Ackerman, Karen Aguilar, Jesse Alarcon, Mary Banks, Laura Beard, Sue Benner, Sudeep Bhargava, Rebecca Boatman, Francesca Brunetti, Ciara Bryant, Arfa Chowdhary, Andrea Davis, Kagen Dunn, Hayley Earnest, Sasha Fishman, Reyna Flores, Priscilla Gage, Beth Gardenhire, Franz Guerrero, Patti Haskins, Antoaneta Hillman, John Koch, Pasha Mad, Jas Mardis, Paxton Maroney, Roberta Masciarelli, Juliette Mccullough, Zahra Mcginnis, Jamila Mendez, Karla Mora Mora, Truong Ngo, Julia Ousley, Silvia Parra Dela Longa, Kaila Parrish, Elaine Pawlowicz, Gregory Piazza, Gabrielle Pruitt, Erin Puckett, Steve Quevedo, Richard Ray, Krystal Read, Frank Richards, Rene Rocha, Angelita Rodriguez, Susan Sanders-Rosenberg, Wendi Ruth, Una Scott, Karen Shields Smith, Debbie Snider, Tabatha Trolli- Diloreto, Katerina Verguelis, Vet, Marilyn Waligore, ME Wilcox, Becky Wilkes, Chesley Williams, Matthew Wood, Nicholas Wood, and James Yonkman.This show is part of Dallas' city-wide ART214 exhibition series juried by lizabeth Mellott, Tori Phillips, Jim Burton and Arthur Peña, and curated by Christina Estrella Riggs.

First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone

Nasher Sculpture Center

Last Chance - January 27 through April 29, 2018

"First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone is the first museum exhibition to present ancient handaxes and figure stones as works of art. First Sculpture will present these objects as evidence of the earliest forms of artistic intention, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of each stone and providing crucial historical and scientific information to give the viewer a deeper understanding of human history, as well as an enriched appreciation for humankind’s early ability to sculpt beautiful objects." The show is a collaboration between Los Angeles-based artist Tony Berlant and anthropologist Dr. Thomas Wynn.

Brent Kollock: Telling Stories

Inner.Space Projects.

April 14 through May 1, 2018

An exhibition featuring paintings, drawings, photographs, and mixed media photo-based pieces by artist Brent Kollock. The pieces in the show are examples of the artist's "innate and necessary compulsion to tell stories, to relate living experience and search for meaning in a world which is often as absurd as it is hopeless."

The Rose Alien Art Exhibit

Hurst Public Library

April 3 through May 3, 2018

An exhibition of works by artist Rose Abraham. From the artist: "I am a Visionary Alien Artist. My artistic talent started in 1999, with a vision of Saint Mary and eleven angelical alien beings. Now, my vision is to build my own Alien Museum in the shape of a spaceship."

Looking Back

Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery

February 17 through May 5, 2018

A group exhibition featuring works by artists creating photographs before 1950. The show includes works by Alfred Stieglitz, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, Peter Henry Emerson, Ralph Steiner, Karl Struss, George Seeley, Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin, Harold Feinstein, Arthur Rothstein, Jack Delano, and Andre Kertesz.

Black Borders: Artists of Color, Reframing Culture

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

March 3 through May 5, 2018

"Black Borders: Artists of Color, Reframing Culture presents new video works and installations by Erika DeFreitas, Amir George, and Anansi kNOwBody that both embrace and challenge notions of what it is to be a contemporary artist and a person of color." This exhibition is curated by Christopher Blay.

Linda Blackburn: The Law of the Saddle

Artspace 111

March 24 through May 5, 2018

For The Law of the Saddle, Linda Blackburn's newest body of work, the artist "appropriates Western movies to further her ongoing exploration into the nature of painting itself."

Adam Palmer: The Sentimental Circus

Fort Works Art

March 21 through May 5, 2018

An exhibition of abstract installations and drawings by artist Adam Palmer. The works are inspired by the colors and shapes Palmer saw on MTV, Nickelodeon and HBO as a child.

Bogdan Perzynski: The Future’s Ecology

Liliana Bloch Gallery

March 31 through May 5, 2018

An exhibition featuring a large-scale photographic installation and a new single channel video by artist Bogdan Perzynski. The artist's work in this show "excavates art’s social and political foundation, often violent in nature, and brings it thoroughly into the present day."

Lynné Bowman Cravens: False Mercury

500X Gallery

April 14 through May 6, 2018

"False Mercury is a solo exhibition by photographer Lynné Bowman Cravens. This exhibition continues Cravens' exploration of the body through distortions and duplicates. This will be Cravens' last exhibition as a member of 500X Gallery."

Ross Faircloth: In Search of the Uncanny Valley

500X Gallery

April 14 through May 6, 2018

The works in Ross Faircloth's show In Search of the Uncanny Valley were created within the game Grand Theft Auto V. Inspired by his childhood affinity for video games, Faircloth took photos in the game using a character's camera phone and then printed them using archival darkroom methods "to add permanence to an image originating from what is normally an impermanent medium."

Abby Sherrill and Tabatha Trolli: The Gravity of it All

500X Gallery

April 14 through May 6, 2018

"The Gravity of It All pairs the work of Abby Sherrill and Tabatha Trolli in an exhibition interpreting each artists’ experience of time and space. Both Sherrill and Trolli work with combinations of found objects and mixed media drawing through installation, with an interest in exploring the perception of meaning."

Fort Worth Art Collectives, 1990-2015: F6 Collective

Art Corridor (Tarrant County College Southeast)

March 29 through May 11, 2018

"From their first exhibition in an Arlington warehouse in 2007 to their reunion show at the Grackle Art Gallery in 2016, F6 has stayed true to their streetwise ways. The collective of graffiti artists, painters, and sculptors continue to work as artists in North Texas and beyond. F6 is Ray Albarez, Jessica Cazobon, Venessa Elmore, Jessica Fuentes, Jeru Gabriel, Shane Harrison, Jeremy Joel, Mike Moffatt, Cody Phillips, and Adam Werner."

H Schenck: Runaway Boy.

Eastfield College- H100 Gallery

April 12 through May 11, 2018

"H Schenck’s work explores the inherent potential of various materials, such as foam, fabric, wood, and found objects, 'using the discovered traits as a language.' In Runaway Boy., he makes use of seemingly disparate objects and materials, 'each acting as a single word within the context of a sculptural sentence. The result is an exhibition/narrative about deconstructing the human experience.'"

Kirk Hayes: New Paintings

Conduit Gallery

April 7 through May 12, 2018

An exhibition featuring trompe-l'oeil oil paintings by Fort Worth-based artist Kirk Hayes. The works in the show explore "the beauty and sorrow of human experience."

Annabel Daou: Life Itself

Conduit Gallery

April 7 through May 12, 2018

"Annabel Daou’s narrative proclivities find expression in a fragmented language communicated through wire, resin, repair tape, etc that form empty vessels. Hers is the manufacture of relics of today’s elusive culture."

Roberto Benavidez: Illuminated Piñata

Conduit Gallery

April 7 through May 12, 2018

An exhibition featuring sculptures by Roberto Benavidez that are based on "creatures and characters that inhabit the illuminated texts of Medieval Psalms. Benavidez's subject matter touches upon the religious background of piñatas and their use in Latin culture."

Adam Gordon: The Grey Room

The Power Station

April 11 through May 12, 2018

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Adam Gordon. From The Power Station: "Adam Gordon’s multi-disciplinary practice is informed by the fabrication of experience articulated through the body's relationship to space and its psychological affect. He creates environments with the presence of neglect, decrepit interiors that are highly orchestrated constructions. The aesthetic experience is controlled by his manipulation of the isolated body in space; it’s relationship to light, sound, and movement within a situation that registers simultaneously as familiar and foreign."

Kayode Ojo


April 7 through May 12, 2018

An exhibition of works by artist Kayode Ojo.

Francisco Moreno: The Chapel and Accompanying Works

Erin Cluley Gallery

April 7 through May 19, 2018

An exhibition featuring a painted structure "based on the barrel-vaulted structure of the Spanish Romanesque mural paintings from the Hermitage of la Vera Cruz (Maderuelo) installed in the Prado, Madrid. Inside The Chapel, imagery is painted from a collapsed archive that draws on a range of works significant to the history and practice of painting, sculpture, architecture and other cultural producers."

Sydney Williams: Penumbra


April 11 through May 19, 2018

"In Penumbra, Sydney William continues her exploration of play as work and work as play in her art practice. Williams moves from exploding the scale of driedels and spinning tops in her first exhibition to manipulating and reconfiguring children’s building blocks."

Connie Lowe: Chromarray

Hawn Gallery at Hamon Art Library - SMU

April 6 through May 27, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by artist Connie Lowe. In her pieces, Lowe "examines the intersection between nature and human-built environments, with a special focus on biology, mathematics, psychology and agriculture."

You're so quiet, you're almost tomorrow

Moncrief Cancer Institute

January 18 through May 31, 2018

An exhibition featuring sculptures, paintings and ceramics by artists Sierra Forester, Jeff Gibbons, Casey Leone, Neal Paustian, Hector Ramirez, Kiran Sattar and H Schenck. The works in the exhibition "explore the physical relationship between combined materials, as well as the ways in which objects can be visually uncomplicated while maintaining a sense of strength and beauty."

Jessica Sanders & Cierra McGuckie: Shape and Form

The Arcadia Theater

February 10 through May 31, 2018

An exhibition featuring paintings by Cierra McGuckie and sculptures by Jessica Sanders. McGuckie creates "large-scale oil on canvas psychological portraits which depict fictional women from the mid century era" and Sanders makes sculptures "based on an assemblage of small handmade fired and glazed porcelain tiles."

Linnea Glatt: Plot Line

Barry Whistler Gallery

February 24 through May 31, 2018

An exhibition featuring new works on paper by artist Linnea Glatt. "Plot Line features a continuation of Glatt’s diverse fabric drawings and handmade books, contemplating elements of seriality, rhythm, and contrasts. Glatt unifies surface and substrate by layering textiles, removing threads to expose structural lines, and stitching thread into fabric or mulberry paper."

Beauty and Subjugation from The Goss-Michael Collection

Goss-Michael Foundation

April 11 through May 31, 2018

An exhibition curated by international art advisor Filippo-Tattoni-Marcozzi featuring works from the Goss-Michael Foudnation's Collection. The show focuses on pieces that "expose, inspire, confront and reflect upon the use and abuse of the female body in contemporary art."The show includes works by Cecily Brown, Don Brown, Mat Collishaw, Henry Coombes, Tracey Emin, Rachel Howard, Gary Hume, Rachel Kneebone, Linder, Sarah Lucas, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Richard Patterson, Marc Quinn, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Rebecca Warren.


Site 131

April 11 through June 8, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by Manuel Burgener, Travis Lycar, Puppies Puppies, and Kelly Kroener. As Site 131's first resident artist Burgener worked to build "large-scaled, open constructions from found industrial materials" for the exhibition. The show will also feature large-scale paintings by Lycar and sculptures by Kroener and Puppies Puppies.

In Her Image: Photographs by Rania Matar

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

December 20, 2017 through June 17, 2018

"This exhibition brings together four bodies of work by the Lebanese-American photographer Rania Matar that trace the development of female identity through portraiture. Depicting transitional moments of life, from young girlhood to middle age, Matar’s works address personal and collective identity through photographs mining female adolescence and womanhood."

FOCUS: Kamrooz Aram

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

March 31 through June 17, 2018

"Spanning painting, sculpture, collage, and installation, Kamrooz Aram's work investigates the complex relationship between Western modernism and classical non-Western art. By highlighting their formal connections, he reveals the typically downplayed role that non-Western art and design have had in the development of modernism and its drive toward abstraction."

Laura Owens

Dallas Museum of Art

March 25 through July 29, 2018

An exhibition featuring over sixty works spanning Laura Owens' 20-year career. Owens' pieces "challenge traditional assumptions about figuration and abstraction, as well as the relationships among avant-garde art, craft, pop culture, and technology."

Harry Nuriev: 6 Fears

Dallas Contemporary

April 12 through August 28, 2018

"6 Fears is a glimpse into the varied course of the relationships between an architect and the design briefs set for him. The installation explores Harry Nuriev's design process, working methods, and philosophical approach while illuminating the emotional and artistic content of his work."

Sara Rahbar: Carry me home

Dallas Contemporary

April 12 through August 28, 2018

"Carry me home reflects upon the relationship between self and Other as well as the socio-political tensions present in nationalism’s relationship to violence. The exhibition brings together works that express the range of Sara Rahbar’s practice from cast sculpture to constructions of accumulated objects and textile works.

Gabriel Dawe: Plexus no. 34

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

August 16, 2016 through September 2, 2018

An installation by Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawe commissioned for the Amon Carter Museum of American Art's atrium. For the installation, Dawe used more than 60 miles of colored thread to create a work "highlighting the architecture of the museum’s renowned Philip Johnson-designed building."

Frederic Remington: Altered States

Sid Richardson Museum

August 31, 2017 through September 9, 2018

An exhibition of works by Frederic Remington. The show focuses on three of Remington's paintings that were altered after their completion. The exhibition runs concurrently with the museum’s ongoing exhibition “Legacy,” depicting the clash of cultures of the 19th century American West.


Sid Richardson Museum

September 9, 2017 through September 9, 2018

An exhibition featuring artworks from the museum's collection that depict the American West. The show includes paintings by Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell and their contemporaries, along with four bronze sculptures.

Tiny's Family Life, 2003-2005 + Photography and Social Justice

The Museum of Street Culture at Encore Park

April 14 through September 30, 2018

An exhibition featuring artworks by teens, grades 7-12, in The Stewpot’s Junior and Venturing Crews. "Photography and Social Justice was developed as an educational initiative by The Stewpot’s Junior and Venturing Crews and The Museum of Street Culture. The teen's photographs, to be installed in the windows above The Stewpot parking garage, were created through the collaborative efforts of teens in the Junior and Venturing Crews, who were asked to discuss and reflect on issues and stereotypes of homelessness, ideas of home, and how photography can play a role in social justice."


Latino Cultural Center

April 12, 2018 through May 25, 2019

An exhibition featuring works by Dallas and North Texas-area artists. Artists in the show include: Anaah Abedi, Sally Ackerman, Jesse Alarcon, Mary Banks, Laura Beard, Jessica Bell, Elizabeth Bentley, Sudeep Bhargava, Francesca Brunetti, Ciara Bryant, Brandy Butler, Du Chau, Lizz Corea, Norm Diamond, Hayley Earnest, Connor Frew, Moriah Garcia, Essie Graham, Franz Guerrero, Chunyu Han, William Holmberg, John Koch, Benjamine Lester, Jas Mardis, Paxton Maroney, Roberta Masciarelli, Freddie Meagher, Tina Medina, Jamila Mendez, Karla Mora Mora, Hannah (Bernadette) Negrete, Kevin Owens, Chancellor Page, Kaila Parrish, Elaine Pawlowicz, Paul Pena, Gregory Piazza, Guinn Powell, Gabrielle Pruitt, Fari Rahimi, Octaviano Rangel, Marty Ray, Jorge Rey, Michael Scogin, Michael Scogin, T. Stone, Vet, Sarah Wandrey, Utopia Weiner and Becky Wilkes.This show is part of Dallas' city-wide ART214 exhibition series juried by lizabeth Mellott, Tori Phillips, Jim Burton and Arthur Peña, and curated by Christina Estrella Riggs.

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