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Graduate Student Lecture Program

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Last Chance - October 17 through 24, 2017

"The Graduate Student Lecture Program provides the opportunity to hear area graduate students in art and art history discuss works on view at the Modern. These dynamic 30-minute gallery talks are the result of in-depth research and the students' original analysis in order to offer insight into a selected group of artworks connected by theme."



Last Chance - September 9 through October 28, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by Michael Dumontier, Micah Lexier, Trish Tillman, and Emi Winter. From the gallery: "Homecoming centers on art negotiating the domestic. Homecoming signifies return, and return is about the familiar. Familiarity produces a cognitive and emotional response, and the artists in this show articulate human thought through an overlapping feeling."

Hillary Dohoney: Adrift

Fort Works Art

Last Chance - September 13 through October 28, 2017

An exhibition featuring oil paintings by North Texas artist Hillary Dohoney. The works in the show employ realism and trompe l'oeil effects to draw the viewer in. The show will also feature a large-scale installation by the artist.

Adam Benjamin Fung: Iceberg X

Ro2 Art

Last Chance - September 30 through October 28, 2017

A show of works by Adam Benjamin Fung. In this body of work, Fung "recaptures the enchanting landscapes that he witnessed during his Artist Residency in the Arctic Circle. While his paintings offer a gorgeous glimpse into this frozen wonderland, Fung is also intent to provide a sobering reminder that many of these sites now look drastically different, or no longer exist, due to climate change."

This, That, or The Other: Emerging Trends and Vernacular in Photography

Cultivate 7twelve Gallery

Last Chance - October 13 through 28, 2017

"Held in conjunction with the annual conference of the Society for Photographic Education, South Central (SPESC), this juried exhibition features artists and educators from Texas and six surrounding states. The exhibition was juried by Louisiana based artist Deborah Lillie, who also was recently awarded SPESC’s 2017 Honored Educator Award."Artists in the show include: Jeremiah Ariaz, Marion Bass, Lynne Bowman Cravens and Kathy Lovas, Amanda Breitbach, Ian Campbell, Mark Chen, Ginger Cook, Michael Darough, Rebecca Drolen, Diane Durant, Cathleen Faubert, Steffani Frideres, Robin Germany, Gary Goldberg, Meg Griffiths, Scott Hilton, Chris Ireland, Christopher Jordan, Andy Mattern, Hannah Cooper McCauley, Sarah Miles, Lupita Murillo Tinnen, Andrew O’Brien, Leslie Parr, Janis Anderson Paxson, Sonja Rieger, Libby Rowe, Jennings Sheffield, Tom Turner, Marilyn Waligore, and Johanna Warwick.

Fort Worth Art Collectives, 1990-2015: Grand Studio.

Art Corridor (Tarrant County College Southeast)

September 21 through November 2, 2017

"Working together as friends in graduate school and then in the Homecoming! Collective, the Grand Studio artists are the focus of this exhibition. The show explores the subtle influences the studio members may have on each other, and how that impacts their opportunities for sustaining a full time studio practice. The exhibition will feature current works, but also focus on where the artists’ works intersect."Artists include Christopher Bond, Ryan Goolsby, Courtney Hamilton, Timothy Harding, Shelby David Meier, Devon Nowlin, and Tiffany Wolf Smith.

Tommy Fitzpatrick: Crystal Cities

Holly Johnson Gallery

September 9 through November 4, 2017

A show of new paintings and sculptures by Texas artist Tommy Fitzpatrick. The works in the exhibition are inspired by a 1940 Frank Lloyd Wright architectural project that was set for a Washington D.C suburb, but was ultimately never built.

Floyd Newsum: The Things I See

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

September 30 through November 4, 2017

A show featuring new works by Houston artist Floyd Newsum. "Newsum’s work is often filled with a signature combination of undulating marks and abstract patterns that take the form of glyphs alluding to Floyd’s own story and upbringing. His compositional style generally feels child-like; however, his subject matter centers on deeper meanings of cultural climates, political statements and personal events."

Expo 2017

500X Gallery

October 7 through November 5, 2017

An exhibition juried by TCU art gallery director Sara-Jayne Parsons. Selected artists include Dannie Liebgot, Kristina Smith, Teresa Larrabee, Jonas Criscoe, Adrianna Touch, Dario Bucheli, Amy Dierdorf, Emily Loving, Michelle Hinojosa, Narong Tintamusik, Cande Aguilar, Selwa Moharram, Francisco Alvarado, Anna Lee, Austin Sparks, David Namaksy, Sierra Forester, Jon Ashcraft, Jeanne Neal, Raciel Camargo, Bunim Kim, Kiran Sattar, Audrey Travis, Bernardo Vallarino, Barbara Horlander, Jennise Burgos, Kendra Smith, Ricardo Orozco, and Blake Weld.

Bárbara Cartier: A Call From The Center of Things

500X Gallery

October 7 through November 5, 2017

"Bárbara Cartier energetically explores the tricky territory between painting and sculpture using a variety of materials and methods to create sculptural forms reminiscent of organic objects such as eggs and river rocks. "

Ari Brielle: We Made Cool

500X Gallery

October 7 through November 5, 2017

"We Made Cool is a body of work by Ari Brielle that examines notions of black femininity, strength and softness. Candy painted colors and natural motifs decorate portraits that explore black culture, consumption and experience."

2017 Member's Exhibition

500X Gallery

September 26 through November 5, 2017

A show featuring works by 500x's member artists. Including: Kalee Appleton, Clint Bargers, Lynne Bowman-Cravens, Molly Dierks, Ross Faircloth, Chris Ireland, Steven Foutch, Julie Libersat, Seth Lorenz, Valerie Powell, Justin Strickland-Hoff, James Talambas, Tabatha Trolli, Tony Veronese, and Ashley Whitt.

Dyemond Obryan: Blue Palm

Gallery 219 at Eastfield College

October 12 through November 10, 2017

"Working primarily in drawing and painting, Dyemond Obryan’s approach to art-making is like that of a Zen Buddhist. His work doesn’t address one singular subject nor does it rely on any kind of defined doctrine."

John Herrin: Nature Mort

Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery

September 9 through November 11, 2017

A show of still life photographs by Houston artist John Herrin. About the show: "After Hurricane Ike hit Houston, Herrin's flower arrangements within his home took on a different character in darkness, resulting in the days long power outage. That was when he decided to photograph the flowers that his wife often brought to the house, beautifully inserted into unique vases from their collection."

Matthew Bourbon: Sense and Reason

UNT on the Square

October 6 through November 11, 2017

A show of works created by UNT Associate Professor Matthew Bourbon. While much of Bourbon's art has been figurative, this show features works that are more abstract and contain text.

Jessica Drenk: States of Matter

Galleri Urbane Dallas

October 14 through November 11, 2017

A show of works by Florida-based artist Jessica Drenk. "Focusing on mankind’s evolving relationship to nature, Jessica Drenk’s newest bodies of work complicate the definition of “manmade” and “natural” objects by combining both into pieces that defy categorization."

Kelly Clemons: Fire and Peace

Jen Mauldin Gallery

October 21 through November 11, 2017

A show of works by Dallas-based artist Kelly Clemons. The show consists of mixed-media installations that explore the artist's sense of anger and self-preservation.

Critical Mass: A UT Dallas Artist Alumni Exhibition

SP/N Gallery at Synergy Park North 2 (UT Dallas)

October 1 through November 11, 2017

A show celebrating the grand opening of UT Dallas' SP/N Gallery. The exhibition features works from more than 40 UTD alumni, including:Kimberly Alexander Nicole Arendt Willie Baronet Spencer Brown-Pearn Lisa Cardenas Val Curry Gabriel Dawe Cristina de Gennaro Stephen Duke Diane Durant Bryan Florentin Brian Fridge Jessica Fuentes Sally Glass Devyn Gaudet David Hanson Steph Hargrove Luke Harnden Hillary Holsonback Jin-Ya Huang Neel Kar Mona Kasra Tim Kolczak Pierre Krause Yuni Lee Emily Loving Kirsten Macy Lauren Marek Shawn Mayer Cynthia Miró Ruben Nieto Brent Ozaeta Giraud Polite Adrienne Rosenberg Aqsa Shakil Paul Slocum Erica Stephens Raychael Stine Tim Stokes Lupita Murillo Tinnen Kevin Todora Liz Trosper Joachim West Zeke Williams Carlo Zinzi

William Cannings: Vetted

Cris Worley Fine Arts

October 14 through November 11, 2017

A show of small-scale steel sculptures by Lubbock artist William Cannings. The pieces in the exhibition take on a more personal narrative than Cannings' past works — this is partly inspired by Cannings recently gaining US Citizenship.

Charlotte Smith: Dreamscape

Cris Worley Fine Arts

October 14 through November 11, 2017

A show of works by Dallas-based artist Charlotte Smith. The pieces in the show are a culmination of the artist's 20 years exploring process-driven abstraction.


Mary Tomàs Gallery

October 14 through November 11, 2017

A solo exhibition by Texas artist Leslie Lanzotti. The pieces in the show "explore and expose the JFK assassination as a turning point in history and a landscape riddled with more questions than answers." The show is curated by Texas artist Dennis Blagg.

6th Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art

Irving Arts Center

October 7 through November 12, 2017

A show featuring 46 artists who are  inspired by Islamic culture, art, architecture and literature. The show is juried by Linda Komaroff, Curator of Islamic Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.Artists include: Adnan Charara, Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz, Andrew Kosorok, Anna Chupa, Shirinbab Arash, Ayesha Khan, Bachrun LoMele, Belgin Yucelen, Christie Marks, Christina Skaggs, Diane Fellows, Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash, Fahimeh Foudazi, Fariba Abedin, Faten Ibrahm, Hanifah Ibrahim, Helen Zughaib, Holland Houdek, Ibrahim Said, Islam Aly, Jenna Lynch, Jeremy Landau, Manal Deeb, Marie Bourget, Marina Smelik, Marium Rana, Mina Katebi, Nicholas Decker, Nina Kawar, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Nosheen Iqbal, Ooldouz Alei Novin, Patrick Luetzelschwab, Reni Gower, Richard Gabriele, Roya Mansourkhani, Saberah Malik, Sara Madandar, Sarah Ahmad, Shady Eshghi, Shamina Senaratne, Shermeen Sidiki, Sobia Ahmad, Sudi Sharafshahi, Tirazheh Eslami, and Zeinab Saab.

Tuesday Evenings at the Modern Fall 2017

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

September 12 through November 14, 2017

The Fort Worth Modern's Fall 2017 Tuesday Evenings at the Modern lecture series features conversations with artists, professors, sociologists, and more.

Abby Sherrill: Modes of Moving Air

Galleri Urbane Dallas

October 14 through November 14, 2017

A show of works by North Texas artist Abby Sherrill. The show continues Sherrill's focus on the banality of everyday objects, focusing "on perception of reality through pattern, texture, and humor using digital, physical, and textual materials as the medium."

Alter Ego

Sly Cat Gallery

September 9 through November 18, 2017

Themed “Alter Ego,” this exhibition brings to light the side of ourselves we hide from the world, as explored though artwork. Featuring works by Theresa Brooks, June Covington, Laura Davidson, Christine Engebretsen, Curtis Frederick, Sarah Graham, Sandra Morante, David Ross, Hannah Tyler, and Ricky Dean Wyrick.

Faculty Biennial XVI

The Gallery at UTA

October 16 through November 18, 2017

A show of recent works created by the University of Texas at Arlington's Department of Art and Art History faculty members.

Lorraine Tady: Sparklines

Barry Whistler Gallery

October 21 through November 25, 2017

A show of paintings, drawings, and prints by artist Lorraine Tady. The series of works in the show "focuses on intuitive architectural spaces, digital explorations and continued arrays of interconnected parts."

Small: A group exhibition of small scale works

Erin Cluley Gallery

October 21 through November 25, 2017


Catherine Howe: Luminous Opera

Conduit Gallery

October 21 through November 25, 2017

A show of paintings by Catherine Howe. The pieces in the exhibition "stage an action-painted nature morte with an animated cast of flora and fauna."

Christopher Gee: Elsewhere

Conduit Gallery

October 21 through November 25, 2017

A show of paintings by London-based artist Christopher Gee. The works in the exhibition "interrupt one’s sense of time and place."

Misty Keasler: Haunt

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

September 23 through November 26, 2017

A show of photographs by Misty Keasler. The exhibition features Keasler's series Haunt, which documents the exteriors, interiors, and characters of haunted houses across America.


Circuit 12 Contemporary

October 14 through November 30, 2017

A show curated by Benjamin Terry and featuring works by Katie Bell, Matt Kleberg, Keith Allyn Spencer, Marilyn Jolly, Alex Ebstein and Brad Tucker. Each artist in the exhibition "acknowledges tropes of abstractionists throughout history, while forging their own visual language within the contemporary dialogue of painting."

Brandon Gonzalez: Body Textures

Eastfield College- H100 Gallery

October 20 through November 30, 2017

"Brandon Gonzalez is an interdisciplinary artist that works between the fields of visual arts, choreography and performance. His investigations of the body as a resource for creative practice led him to develop works across a variety of artistic mediums. His work is concerned with how political realities are intensely inscribed into our bodily gestures, actions and perceptions."

Cisco Merel: Post-Processing

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

October 21 through December 2, 2017

"Cisco Merel is a Panamanian artist who explores the vocabulary of forms inspired by typographies and geometry through precision and systematic color. Merel uses these forms to compose images and spaces in multiple media such as painting, sculpture, installation, public spaces, and digital space."

Collective Practice: Community Building Through Zines

Hawn Gallery at Hamon Art Library - SMU

September 20 through December 15, 2017

Collective Practice: Community Building Through Zines features works by Puro Chingón Collective, with members James Huizar, Claudia Zapata and Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi. The works on display include prints, short films, and zines largely from the Collective’s own publication, ChingoZine. The exhibition’s inclusion of the Collective’s zines and visual art helps illustrate how the use of text and images act as a means to support, represent, and empower diverse groups.

Esther Pearl Watson: Backhold Backfire

Webb Gallery

September 17 through December 17, 2017

A show of works by DFW-born artist Esther Pearl Watson. The artist's work reflects her upbringing—her father was "obsessed with the idea that he could build a working flying saucer and sell it to NASA or Ross Perot."

Invisible Cities: Moving Images for Asia: Chim Pom: Non-Burnable

Dallas Contemporary

September 29 through December 17, 2017

"A collaboration between Dallas Contemporary, the Crow Collection of Asian Art, and the Moving Image Archive for Contemporary Art: MIACA (Hong Kong), Invisible Cities is an exhibition and screening series that showcases more than twenty contemporary video works by renowned and emerging artists from China, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam.At Dallas Contemporary, Japanese collective Chim↑Pom playfully tackles challenging experiences of everyday life and explores issues left unanswered in the former disaster zones of Hiroshima and Fukushima. Chim↑Pom is an artist collective of six formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. Members include Ryuta Ushiro, Yasutaka Hayashi, Ellie, Masataka Okada, Motomu Inaoka, and Toshinori Mizuno."

McDermott & McGough: I’ve Seen the Future and I’m Not Going

Dallas Contemporary

September 29 through December 17, 2017

A show featuring works by David McDermott and Peter McGough. "Seduced by the past, the couple experiments with time by living in a ‘time bubble’ evocative of the Edwardian period. The duo explores the historical present, homoeroticism and sexuality in their exhibition I’ve Seen the Future and I’m Not Going by pushing aside the present for the past, reviving unexpected dramas, and transcending historical traumas."

Kiki Smith: Mortal

Dallas Contemporary

September 29 through December 17, 2017

"Kiki Smith’s Mortal addresses universal aspects of the human condition. Titled after a series of woodcut prints that depict the final stages of her mother’s life, Mortal couples Smith’s own mortality, spirituality, and her unexpected sources of inspiration."

Casanova: The Seduction of Europe

Kimbell Art Museum

August 27 through December 31, 2017

"Casanova: The Seduction of Europe explores life in the eighteenth century through the eyes of one of its most colorful characters, Giacomo Casanova (1725–1798). Renowned in modern times for his amorous pursuits, Casanova lived not only in Italy, but in France and England, and his travels took him to the Ottoman Empire and to meet Catherine the Great in Saint Petersburg. Gathering together paintings, sculpture, works on paper, furnishings, porcelains, silver, and period costume, Casanova will bring this world to life."

Greg Piazza: Subjective Juncture

Gallery 7NINE

October 12 through December 31, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by Greg Piazza. "Piazza describes his work as a minimalistic interpretation of relationships, what one can see and what isn’t conceivable and how forms can change in relation to one another as time progresses."

Mary Vernon: Painting is Drawing

Grace Museum

September 15, 2017 through January 6, 2018

A show of recent sill life and landscape paintings by artist Mary Vernon. Vernon worked for fifty years as a professor of art and art history at Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts.

Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony

Nasher Sculpture Center

September 16, 2017 through January 7, 2018

Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony "centers on an immersive environment representing Sachs’ distinctive reworking of chanoyu, or traditional Japanese tea ceremony—including the myriad elements essential to that intensely ritualistic universe." For the show, Sachs also made objects relating to tea culture, including bowls and ladles, scroll paintings and vases, a motorized tea whisk, a shot clock, and an electronic brazier.

Wild Spaces, Open Seasons: Hunting and Fishing in American Art

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

October 7, 2017 through January 7, 2018

"Wild Spaces, Open Seasons: Hunting and Fishing in American Art is the first major exhibition to explore the multifaceted meanings of such outdoor subjects in both painting and sculpture from the early nineteenth century to World War II. These aesthetically rich and culturally important works play an influential role in the history of American art." The exhibition features portraits, landscapes, still lifes and genre scenes by Thomas Cole, Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Charles Deas, Alfred Jacob Miller, William T. Ranney, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, George Bellows and Marsden Hartley, among others.

Zurbarán: Jacob and His Twelve Sons, Paintings from Auckland Castle

Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University

September 17, 2017 through January 7, 2018

An exhibition featuring Francisco de Zurbarán's thirteen-canvas series Jacob and His Twelve Sons, twelve of which come from a collection at Auckland Castle, County Durham (UK). The show also includes technical analysis of the artist’s process and print sources.

Truth: 24 frames per second

Dallas Museum of Art

October 22, 2017 through January 28, 2018

"Truth: 24 frames per second brings together 24 pioneers of film and video and over six decades of work focused on pressing contemporary themes, such as race relations, political unrest, sexual identity, and the media, to explore the nature of truth and reality in contemporary life. Artists and filmmakers featured in Truth include Ant Farm, Dara Birnbaum, Mark Bradford, James Coleman, Phil Collins, Bruce Conner, Willie Doherty, Omer Fast, Morgan Fisher, Coco Fusco, Tatiana Gaviola, John Gerrard, Arthur Jafa, Zoe Leonard & Catherine Gund, Steve McQueen, Shirin Neshat, Pratibha Parmar, Ben Rivers, Rachel Rose, Anri Sala, Chick Strand, Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet, Anne Tallentire, and Rosemarie Trockel."

Paper into Sculpture

Nasher Sculpture Center

October 14, 2017 through February 4, 2018

"The artists in Paper into Sculpture, including Marco Maggi, Joshua Neustein, Nancy Rubins, and others, play on tensions between commonly held understandings of sculpture and what paper can and cannot do, pushed to physical limits. Treating paper as a material with a palpable three-dimensional presence rather than as a mere support for mark-making, they use processes ranging from tearing, crumpling, and cutting to scattering, binding and adhering to create sculptural works that take a variety of forms, with a varied range of expressive and conceptual implications."

Caught on Paper

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

September 23, 2017 through February 11, 2018

A show of works on paper that explore outdoor subjects. The exhibition features watercolors and prints by more than thirty artists, including Winslow Homer, Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, and Eliot Porter.

Darryl Lauster: Trace

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

March 25, 2017 through March 25, 2018

A sculptural installation by Texas artist Darryl Lauster. For this piece, Lauster utilizes fragmentary Carrara marble tablets that have been inscribed with language sourced from various monuments and manifestos.

Soundings: New Music at the Nasher

Nasher Sculpture Center

October 18, 2017 through May 3, 2018

The eighth season of the Nasher Sculpture Center's convert series Soundings: New Music at the Nasher. For more information and for tickets, please go here.

Gabriel Dawe: Plexus no. 34

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

August 16, 2016 through September 2, 2018

An installation by Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawe commissioned for the Amon Carter Museum of American Art's atrium. For the installation, Dawe used more than 60 miles of colored thread to create a work "highlighting the architecture of the museum’s renowned Philip Johnson-designed building."

Frederic Remington: Altered States

Sid Richardson Museum

August 31, 2017 through September 9, 2018

An exhibition of works by Frederic Remington. The show focuses on three of Remington's paintings that were altered after their completion. The exhibition runs concurrently with the museum’s ongoing exhibition “Legacy,” depicting the clash of cultures of the 19th century American West.


Sid Richardson Museum

September 9, 2017 through September 9, 2018

An exhibition featuring artworks from the museum's collection that depict the American West. The show includes paintings by Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell and their contemporaries, along with four bronze sculptures.

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