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Joseph Flynn: Display Method: Remixed Archaeologies


Last Chance - August 6 through 31, 2016

An exhibition of works by Melbourne-based artist Joseph Flynn. The show explores "the realm of archeology through research via the internet and plays with the ideas of conspiracy about the ancient world and our own; wether their technology was better than ours is currently, who were they and where did they go, suppose they never left?"

Yubo Dong: From Idea to Impact

Last Chance - July 23 through September 2, 2016

"An exhibition featuring photographs by Chicago based artist Yubo Dong. Utilizing photography, Dong addresses the power structure of educational-industrial complexes that normalize and aestheticize perverse conceptions and practices. His works seek authority in business decisions that engrave in their slogans, adornments, structures, as well as nuances transmitted within interactions of business transactions."

Tessellated Fold

OC3- Oak Cliff Cultural Center

Last Chance - July 30 through September 2, 2016

An exhibition featuring fiber art, sound and video installations, dance, and fashion. Artists include: Chesley Antoinette, Lily Taylor, Sean Miller, Ashley Ragsdale & Layla Brent, and Nic Moore & Cantoinette.

From Dijon to Dallas: Alice Bidault Boone and Andrew Davis

Liliana Bloch Gallery

Last Chance - August 23 through September 2, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by two artists chosen for an exchange program between the Division of Art at SMU Meadows School of the Arts and the École Nationale Supérieure d'Art (ENSA) of Dijon, France. The show is curated by Sofia Bastidas, SMU's 2016 Pollock Curatorial Fellow.

Adela Andea: Rappel

Cris Worley Fine Arts

Last Chance - June 25 through September 3, 2016

An exhibition of light and installation works by Romanian-born artist Adela Andea. The works in the show are inspired by the artist's recent residency in France and visit to the luxurious palace of Versailles.

Jim Stoker

Valley House Gallery

Last Chance - July 30 through September 3, 2016

An exhibition of works by Texas artist Jim Stoker. The paintings in the show use Stoker's signature "confetti/splatter" technique to create representations of natural life and landscapes.

Summer Sale

The Public Trust

Last Chance - August 6 through September 3, 2016

A summer sale featuring works from Public Trust artists. Everything must go!

CHAOS 2016

Ro2 Art

Last Chance - July 30 through September 4, 2016

Ro2's annual small works show. Featuring art by:Sheryl Anaya | Karla Areli | Sarah Atlee | Matt Bagley | Joshua Banks| Rachel King Barker | Willie Baronet | Sibylle Bauer | Monika Bell | Michael Benson | Lionel Bevan | Gillian Bradshaw-Smith | Spencer Brown-Pearn | Mark Burt | Angel Cabrales | Jay Cantrell | Aimee Cardoso | Dwaine Cater | Arlene Cason | Jason Cohen | Ray-Mel Cornelius | Ken Craft | Shelby Cunningham | Val Curry | Rosemary De Plas | Ambrea Dean | Bernardo Diaz | Hilary Dohoney | Chance Dunlap | Erica Duque | Diane Durant | Peggy Epner | Cuyler Etheridge | Gary Farrelly | Erica Felicella | Nancy Ferro | Cheryl Finfrock | Rachel Fisher | Michael Francis | Adam Fung | Randall Garrett | Danielle Georgiou | Teresa Gomez-Martorell | Joshua Goode | Linda Gossett | TJ Griffin | Randy Guthmiller | Linda Dee Guy | Barbara Hajek | Steph Hargrove | Terry Hays | Hilly Holsonback | Kelly Ingelright-Telgenhoff |  Scott Jenkins | Thor Johnson | Jennifer Leigh Jones | Brian K Jones | Mary Jo Karimnia | Sonali Khatti | Bumin Kim | Sally J Kim | Doug Land | Josh Land | Yuni Lee | Marian Lefeld | Julie Libersat | Dannie Liebergot | Peter Ligon | Jieun Lim | Iris Liu | Sara Lovas | Emily Loving | Nathan Madrid | Kai Peter Martin | Scogin Mayo | Julia McLain | Jesse Meraz | Cathey Miller | Cynthia Ann Miro | Robin Myrick | Jeanne Neal | Sharon Neel-Bagley | Adam Neese | Mark Nelson | The Nomadic Fungi Institute | Brooks Oliver | Peggy Lee Oster | Jeff Parrott | Alex Paulus | Elaine Pawlowicz | Madison Pechacek | Alvaro Perez | Cassie Phan | Julon Pinkston | Alison Proulx | Teresa Rafidi | Robin Ragin | Fari Rahimi | Jason Reynaga | Susan Ritter | Kathy Robinson-Hays | Patricia Rodriguez | Mark Ross | H. Schenk | Brian Scott | Shelley Scott | Erica Stephens | Clay Stinnett | Carol Swenson-Roberts | John Alexander Taylor | Benjamin Terry | Michelle Thomas | Narong Tintamusik | Julia L Trinh | Liz Trosper | Bernardo Valerino | Marilyn Waligore | Peggy Wauters | Scott Winterrowd | James Zamora

Eye of the Collector

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Last Chance - April 16 through September 5, 2016

An exhibition showcasing people's various collections of objects. Eye of the Collector is an exhibition where one can find everything from PEZ dispensers to the world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia.  

Jermy Elizabeth Johnson: Your Boy

The Safe Room at Texas Theater

Last Chance - August 21 through September 5, 2016

An exhibition of works by Dallas artist and musician Jermy Elizabeth Johnson. In this exhibition, Johnson "further refines his illustration practice using a modified vinyl plotter to create powerful yet charming illustrations."

North Texas Printmaking Guild

THE ARTS Gallery at Collin College

August 22 through September 8, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by members of the North Texas Printmaking Guild. NTPG members participating are: Nida Bangash, Lori Brennan, Heather Evans, Julie Forsyth, Lynne Hubner, Amy Carter Ishmael, Karen Karnuta, Molly Osmus, Adam Palmer, Junanne Peck, Carter Scaggs, Una Scott, Terri Thoman, Gary Uribe and Trish Wise.

John Peralta: Mechanations

CINQ Gallery

June 25 through September 10, 2016

An exhibition of new sculptures by John Peralta. The artist on his work: "Using iconic pieces, I set out to uncover the hidden beauty and craftsmanship of common mechanical objects."

Lesli Robertson & Shayema Rahim: Veiled Grace

JM Gallery

July 30 through September 10, 2016

An exhibition of works by Lesli Robertson and Shayema Rahim. Robertson creates sculptural objects using concrete and textiles, and Rahim makes encaustic paintings inspired by the artist's personal experiences.

Dan Lam: Coquette

Fort Works Art

August 2 through September 17, 2016

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Dan Lam. The show will feature large-scale installation work along with Lam's signature prickly, "drippy" sculptures.

Frank Stella: A Retrospective

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

April 17 through September 18, 2016

A comprehensive survey of works from Frank Stella's career, including paintings, reliefs, sculpture, and drawings. This show is co-organized with the Whitney Museum of American Art and curated by Michael Auping.

Lupita Murillo Tinnen: Immigrant Laborers

TCU Moudy Fine Arts Building

August 29 through September 22, 2016

An exhibition of photographs by Lupita Murillo Tinnen. The works in the show attempt to pay homage to Latino immigrant laborers and present them as individual people with distinct personalities.



August 27 through September 23, 2016

A group show organized by Jesse Morgan Barnett. Featuring works by:Pixy Liao Keer Tanchak Bucky Miller Valery Spiridonov Claire Sherman Carolee Schneemann Pierre Krause The Bake Sale Natasha Caruana Mick Pierce EJ Major Juliette Abitbol Andrew Birk Annabelle Arlie

In Good Company

Eastfield College- H100 Gallery

August 29 through September 29, 2016

An exhibition pairing Eastfield College faculty members with an artist of their choosing. Featuring works by: Eric Eley, Margaret Meehan, David Willburn, Jason Willaford, Cassie Phan, Bradley Brown, Iris Bechtol, Melissa Mohammadi, Michelle Thomas, Abby Sherrill, Jenna Burditt, Jillian Cooper, Peter Ligon, Vince Jones, Ashley Whitt, Ross Faircloth, Courtney Hamilton, Rachel Fischer, Jill O’Brien, Val Curry, and Joshua Poole.

Disrupting Serenity

Sly Cat Gallery

August 20 through October 1, 2016

A printmaking show featuring works by Jenna Barrois. MJ Cardenas, June Covington, Emily Maness, Sandra Morante, Jessica Sinks, Hannah Tyler, and Candace Weigand.

Matthew Bourbon: IF & Ashley Whitt: SYSTEMS

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

August 27 through October 1, 2016

IF is an exhibition of new works by Matthew Bourbon. The works in the show use colors and narrative aspects that call on the viewer to create their own scenarios within the work.SYSTEMS is an exhibition of new photographs by DFW-based artist Ashley Whitt. The works in the show explore "the dichotomy between order and chaos within the universe and within the self. Using a flatbed scanner as a camera, surreal environments are created using objects such as hair, thread, plants, and grid paper."


Amon Carter Museum of American Art

April 30 through October 9, 2016

An exhibition of works exploring how identity is viewed in American culture. The show features, among other objects, drawings by Sedrick Huckaby, prints by Glenn Ligon, and photographs of famous public figures.


Gallery 76102 (UT Arlington/Fort Worth Center)

August 25 through October 15, 2016

The inaugural show for Art Tooth, a new Fort Worth art gallery. Featuring works by Sheryl Anaya, Chuck & George, Erika Duque, Dannie Liebergot, Shelby Orr, and Tiffany Wolf.From the gallery: "Founded by Fort Worth art collectives Bobby on Drums and Exhibitionists, Art Tooth is a new artist-run, hybrid gallery project that uses a digital and pop-up platform to make invigorating art accessible and to solidify Fort Worth's reputation as an art destination."

2016 ‘til Midnight at the Nasher Series

Nasher Sculpture Center

May 20 through October 21, 2016

The Nasher's ‘til Midnight at the Nasher presents music from local and regional talent along with special film screenings. See below for the full performer and film schedule.

David Bates: Paintings and Sculptures

Talley Dunn Gallery

August 27 through October 29, 2016

An exhibition of new works by David Bates. The paintings in the show follow the artist's "continuing interest in capturing the essence of a place, person, or subject." Many of the works in the show are of maritime subjects, including scenes inspired by the Gulf Coast and portraits of fishermen.

360 Nasher Speaker Series

Nasher Sculpture Center

August 27 through November 12, 2016

The Nasher's annual 360: Artists, Curators, Critics Speaker Series. For more info about the speakers, please go here.

Nicolas Party: Pathway

Dallas Museum of Art

August 19, 2016 through February 5, 2017

A mural by Swiss artist Nicolas Party. "For three weeks, Party worked on-site to transform the corridor into an immersive, vibrantly colored landscape mural that was largely inspired by its location within the Museum. Instead of functioning like a gallery, the mural emphasizes the fact that it is a walkway, and transforms the space into an indoor path."

Sam Francis: Prints

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

August 3, 2016 through February 5, 2017

An exhibition of lithographs by printmaker Sam Francis (1923–1994). In his work, Francis was inspired by his travels in France, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand, and by Abstract Expressionism, literature, science, Eastern philosophy, and religion.

American Photographs, 1845 to Now

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

August 20, 2016 through February 12, 2017

An exhibition of more than 70 photographs drawn from the Amon Carter’s permanent collection. The show covers 170 years of photography across America and highlights the important role photography has played in American history.

Gabriel Dawe: Plexus no. 34

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

August 16, 2016 through September 2, 2018

An installation by Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawe commissioned for the Amon Carter Museum of American Art's atrium. For the installation, Dawe used more than 60 miles of colored thread to create a work "highlighting the architecture of the museum’s renowned Philip Johnson-designed building."

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