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Hills Snyder: Steam at AP Art Lab

AP Art Lab

Last Chance - March 1 through April 20, 2014

Three of San Antonio’s arts writers will take 72 minute shifts in an anti-gravity recliner as visitors move in and around the space. Each writer will be blindfolded and headphoned, attending to two trips through a 36 minute aural landscape which which will also be playing ambiently in the room

John Zurier: Recent Paintings

Lawrence Markey

Last Chance - March 21 through April 25, 2014

The first solo exhibition at Markey by Zurier. It will feature six paintings informed by Zurier’s travels in Iceland. Light, color, atmosphere and mood are revealed on the surfaces of canvas or raw linen.  

Mungo Thomson: Crickets for Solo and Ensemble


January 16 through April 27, 2014

The exhibition will center on Crickets (2012), a video installation of an orchestral performance recreating the sounds made by different species of insects. Working with composer Michael Webster, Thomson transcribed a compilation of field recordings of crickets into a musical score for a 17-person orchestra.

Happy Homemakers: The Pleasures and Perils of Domestic Life

Sala Diaz

March 22 through April 27, 2014

Home, with its familiar relationships and rituals, is always our anchor. It is what keeps us grounded or drags us down. This exhibition uses painting, photography, sculpture, video, and performance to re-domesticate the galleries of Sala Diaz, a former duplex apartment. Six Houston artists, Melanie Crader, Francesca Fuchs, Rachel Hecker, Mick Johnson, Jim Nolan, and Jenny Schlief, along with the Chicago-based collaborative of Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger, explore themes and forms from indoor living. Guest Curator: Toby Kamps of The Menil Collection.

2104 CAM Perennial: Untitled (Public Display)

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

March 21 through May 10, 2014

The gallery space will evolve as artists Christie Blizard and Mark Menjivar collaborate with each other, the surrounding community and gallery visitors. Works will be added, taken out of the space, and the process documented on a hand drawn map of the community which will serve as a focal point of the exhibition.  

Pink Leche & Wabi Sabi

Lady Base Gallery (Inside Gallista Gallery)

April 12 through May 10, 2014

This exhibition is a focus on performance and installation art that integrates the body with narrative. Pink Leche (Eric Cavazos) is a Queer Xican@ Feminist Electro performance artist who combines live music and contemporary art. Wabi Sabi is an installation of found and lost jewelry collected by Angie Riojas.  

Artpace: New Artists-In-Residence


March 20 through May 18, 2014

The spring 2014 Artist-in-Residence program features Guest Curator Rita Gonzalez, Associate Curator at LACMA who has selected Rosa Barba, Liz Glynn, and Jessica Mallios. Barba’s publications, sculpture, and installation work is rooted in the material of cinematic film. Glynn, working in sculpture and performance, explores the significance bestowed on objects due to sentimental value or perceived historic importance. Mallios’ photographs and video work examine how objects are seen—dislocating them, suspending their recognition for the viewer.    

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