Sarah Fox: She Called Herself Olympia

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Sarah Castillo & Veronica Anne Salinas: What the Water Gave Me

Clamp Light Studios

Last Chance - June 8 through 29, 2018

"In What The Water Gave Me, Sarah Castillo and Veronica Anne Salinas present embroidery, collage, sound installation, photography and cyanotype portraits as they center intuition and memory as a platform to reflect on their relationships with water, plant life, and landscapes to translate personal narratives that emerge from medicinal plants to lucid dreaming. "

Cisco Jiménez: Sounds from the Archeological Time Machine

Ruiz-Healy Art

Last Chance - May 23 through June 30, 2018

"In Sounds from the Archeological Time Machine, Cisco Jiménez presents a new body of mixed-media works that are filled with drawings referencing ancient Mesoamerican artifacts and items of urban culture such as boom boxes and record players. Jiménez synthesizes these cultural references with the use of everyday detritus and in doing so he creates a pseudo-archaeological account of the products, food, and materials we consume daily."

Brad Tucker: SUN ROOFING

Dirty Dark Place at Kyle Flea Market

Last Chance - June 3 through 30, 2018

A show of works by Austin-based artist Brad Tucker. For this show, Tucker "presents an installation of new paintings and objects alongside a printed photo essay of sources found within the retail/commercial landscape of central Texas, where the artist resides."

Future Currents: San Antonio from 2038-2048

Dock Space Gallery

June 8 through July 6, 2018

Future Currents: San Antonio from 2038-2048 is inspired by Common Currents, a series of exhibitions that showcased San Antonio from 1718 through 2018. This series allowed for 300 artists, exhibiting at six different art venues throughout San Antonio, to respond to a particular year in San Antonio's 300-year history. Future Currents provides an opportunity to envision the future of the city of San Antonio. Artist have been given the opportunity to express San Antonio twenty to thirty years from now.Artists include: Jesse Amado Fernando Andrade John Medina Ruth Buentello Lauren Mojica Bryan Rindfuss Kelly O'Connor Gary Sweeney Scott Ball Dominique Duff Erick Villarreal

Dan Guerrero: Rendered: Distillations and Representations

Revenant Gallery

June 9 through July 6, 2018

"Dan Guerrero's work is inspired by found objects, the inconsequential and overlooked, the intersection of religion and Pop/Hispanic culture, apocalyptic fear, and Catholic guilt. Guerrero pushes for representational subject matter, rendering nudes, portraits, and still lifes, inspired by Old Masters as well as contemporary artists with a devotion to skill and craft."

We Are

Lady Base Gallery (Inside Gallista Gallery)

May 17 through July 13, 2018

"We Are is a survey of contemporary, multidisciplinary visual artists and is a versatile overview of drawing, printmaking, painting, installation, photography, zine, video, and fiber art; art depicting stories and narratives of Being in recognition of Pride Month 2018."The show is curated by Sarah Castillo and features works by David Zamora Casas, Juan Zavala Castro, Agosto Cuellar, Anel I. Flores, Gustavo A. Garcia, Kimberly Hopkins, Julián Pablo Ledezma, Michael Martínez, Antonia Celeste Padilla, Kristy Perez, Jose Villalobos and Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez .

Confluence: Works by Alex McKenzie

Mantle Art Space

June 16 through July 14, 2018

An exhibition of works by Alex McKenzie. The pieces in Confluence explore "broader existential issues often concerning conviction, truth, and identity as they pertain to the rapidly evolving culture surrounding information exchange."

The Other Side of the Alamo: Art Against the Myth

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

February 23 through July 20, 2018

"Selected Chicano/a artists are tasked with countering the mainstream myths of the Alamo’s iconic status through their traditional and non-traditional paintings, sculptures, and installation work. The Other Side of the Alamo is curated by art historian, curator and cultural worker, Ruben C. Cordova, Ph.D."

James Smolleck: Transmissions from the Blue Egg

Southwest School of Art - Santikos Lobby

May 31 through July 29, 2018

"Borrowing elements from classical mythology, numerology, occult science (theosophy) and sacred geometry, James Smolleck’s collage work, drawings and paintings are potent yet whimsical parables that unravel the traditionally hermetic practice of self-discovery. His hybridized subjects—at once humanoid and animistic—roam vast landscapes, occupy sacred interiors and partake in esoteric rituals upon backdrops influenced by everything from the Flemish Masters and Medieval architecture, to theatrical backdrops and science fiction."

Mari Hernandez: What Remains

Southwest School of Art Russell Hill Rogers Gallery- Navarro Campus

May 31 through July 29, 2018

"Acting as photographer, subject, make-up artist, and designer, Mari Hernandez alters her identity and physical appearance through the use of make-up, prosthetics, wigs, costumes, and props. Through narrative, she reinterprets histories and proposes new ones. Elements of performance distinguish her work from other modes of photography and highlight the staging of identity, gender, and action."

A Wildcatter's Dream

San Antonio Art League

June 10 through July 30, 2018

An exhibition of works from the Edgar B. Davis Collection of wildflower and ranch life paintings. The show features pieces by regional Southwestern artists.

Writing With Light: Explorations in Ethnographic and Documentary Photography

Spellerberg Projects

June 6 through August 1, 2018

"This exhibition, in two parts, features a survey of work from from ethnographic photographers: Liz Hingley (England), Martin Saxer (Germany), Christian Vium (Denmark), and Alejandro Flores (Guatemala). The second part of the exhibition features prototype photo-essays on gallery walls. The Writing with Light collective is comprised of Craig Campbell, Vivian Choi, Lee Douglas, Arjun Shankar, and Mark Westmoreland. We publish photo-essays with the journals, Visual Anthropology Review and Cultural Anthropology. Presented with the Intermedia Workshop."

Target Texas: What Inspires

Art Museum of South Texas

May 18 through August 12, 2018

"In this fifth edition of Target Texas, AMST brings six artists from across the state, a place as big as many countries, to answer the question, 'What inspires the contemporary artists of Texas?'"The show includes works by Rigoberto Gonzalez, Sedrick Huckaby, Elizabeth Payne, Barbra Riley, Teresa Ruiz, and Sarah Williams.

Then And Now


June 19 through August 12, 2018

Then And Now is a retrospective of San Antonio-based Artpace International Artist-in-Residence alumni. Featured artists include Angel Rodríguez-Díaz, Constance Lowe, John Hernandez, Kathy Vargas, and Ken Little.

Sarah Fox: She Called Herself Olympia


May 19 through August 12, 2018

"Sarah Fox’s multi-media narratives and characters are created from embodied female experience. Stories of life, loss, love, and sex are told through corporeal hybrid creatures. The resulting collages, drawings, sculptures and animations suggest a childlike fairytale but with an undercurrent of dark sexual symbolism."

Andy Warhol & Billy Schenck: Cowboys and Indians

210|West at Briscoe Western Art Museum

May 25 through September 3, 2018

"Andy Warhol: Cowboys and Indians features the full portfolio of Warhol's series, plus four additional trial prints. These images combine iconic portraits and totemic images, traditional and new Western representation using modern reproduction methods."The show will also include works by Pop artist Billy Schenck. "In his early work, Schenck found inspiration and image sources in Western paintings and movie stills, but being a genuine cowboy himself, he increasingly turned to his personal photographs for material."

Mila Hundertmark: As Far As The Eye Can See

Blue Star Contemporary

June 7 through September 9, 2018

"Performance and video artist Mila Hundertmark creates a newly commissioned work, featuring performers from San Antonio. Hundertmark’s works deal with power, society, and the individual. This exhibition deals with the subject of decisions and engages each viewer as participant, confronting them as the enter the installation." This show is guest curated by Angelika Jansen Brown.

Gary Sweeney: A Manhattan Beach Memoir

Blue Star Contemporary

June 7 through September 9, 2018

In early 2016, artist Gary Sweeney created a site-specific installation, A Manhattan Beach Memoir: 1945-2015 to commemorate his family's home in Manhattan Beach, California. After selling the house and learning that the structure would be torn town, Sweeney covered the exterior of the house with over one hundred large-scale family photographs and occupied the house during its final month of February 2016.For this exhibition, the artist resites the photographs and relics from the Sweeney home in the gallery and gives viewers a chance to connect to this project.

Thomas Georg Blank: Veo Mis Huesos

Blue Star Contemporary

June 7 through September 9, 2018

"Veo Mis Huesos is a song for Mexico City, a video about improvised music to visualize structure and chaos. This video installation by Thomas Georg Blank, is presented in celebration of San Antonio’s newest sister city, Darmstadt, Germany, in collaboration with the Lone Star Art Alliance and the City of Darmstadt." This exhibition is guest curated by Angelika Jansen Brown.

Anita Valencia & Norma Jean Moore: Beauty Way Path

Radius Center

June 22 through September 21, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by artists Anita Valencia and Norma Jean Moore. From the artists: "Our search for shapes and forms to find the expressive potential in our materials, as well as our penchant for color, is common to both our practices. Despite the similarity, our path of inquiry produces different results."


Linda Pace Foundation

March 9, 2018 through June 26, 2019

Reclaimed is an exhibition of 25 monochromatic works by contemporary female artists, including Laura Aguilar, Dorothy Cross, Judy Dater, Annette Messager, Lorraine O’Grady, Robyn O’Neil, Linda Pace, Tracey Rose, Lara Schnitger and Kiki Smith.

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