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Cecilia Paredes: The Wandering Flight

Ruiz-Healy Art

Last Chance - September 3 through October 10, 2015

An exhibition of new works by Cecilia Paredes. In this show, Paredes' tells the story of a desire to fly through tapestries made of dyed feathers and photo performances. Touching on issues of environment and identity, Paredes blends into the surroundings of her photographs with a camouflage-like sensibility.

25 Veinticinco

UTSA downtown art gallery

Last Chance - August 6 through October 12, 2015

An exhibition of a suite of twenty-five prints, each by a different Latino/Latina artist. The artists within the exhibition worked with a Master Printer at UTSA's art department. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Ricardo Romo, Kent Rush and Arturo Infante Almeida and features work by Ricky Armendariz, Sam Coronado, Richard Duardo, and Cesar Martinez, among others.


Haus Collective

Last Chance - September 15 through October 15, 2015

Works on paper, large-scale paintings and "a dedication to Fotoseptiembre" from eight emerging Latin American artists.


Haus Collective

Last Chance - September 15 through October 15, 2015

An exhibition of works by emerging Latin American artists. Featured artists include: Carla Albrecht Gimbatti, Luciana Levinton, Rebeca Mendoza, Martin Palottini, Isabel Peña, Marcela Sinclair, Alejandro Thornton, and Matías Waizmann.

Miguel Covarrubias: Culture and Caricature

San Antonio Museum of Art

July 18 through October 18, 2015

An exhibition of over 140 works by Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias. Working as a painter, caricaturist, writer, cartographer, and illustrator, Covarrubias was awarded two Guggenheim Fellowships to produce ethnographical works. This exhibition brings together pieces from the museum's collection, the Library of Congress, the Harry Ransom Center, and Yale University.

Thomas Cummins

Sala Diaz

September 11 through October 18, 2015

An exhibition of large photographs by Thomas Cummins. For this exhibition, Cummins revisits familiar landscapes from his childhood schooling and creates self-portraits as he examines the "places that define his formative years."

The Romo Collection


October 2 through 24, 2015

An exhibition of works from the collection of Drs. Harriett and Ricardo Romo.

Stuart Allen: Soap Bubbles and Glass

Flight Gallery

September 18 through October 28, 2015

An exhibition of two new series of works by Stuart Allen. The pieces explore the distortion of looking through objects when "daylight is deconstructed and re-assembled."

Nothing Behind, Everything Ahead, As Is Ever So

REM gallery

September 5 through October 30, 2015

An exhibition of silver gelatin prints by San Antonio-based artist Tess Martinez. These works focus on ideas of anonymity and ambiguity through faceless portraits in which the sitter is defined by their environment rather than their features.

Lisa Qualls: A Collection of Silence

French & Michigan

September 12 through October 31, 2015

An exhibition of works by artist Lisa Qualls. Through a combination of drawing, installation, painting, and photography, Qualls' work explores her interest in cultural identity.

Logan Sebastian Beck & Travis LaMothe: Much More

Hello Studio

October 2 through 31, 2015

An exhibition featuring works inspired by the automobile industry. The two artists began collaborating after finding similar thought processes in their works. Beck is based out of Houston, while LaMothe is Dallas-based. Much More is curated by Mary Caitlin Greenwood.

Jose Villalobos: Skin and Within

Clamp Light Studios

October 9 through 31, 2015

An exhibition by San Antonio-based artist Jose Villalobos. Creating ceramics and other works, Villalobos explores self-identity and body image through the lens of today's society.

Jeffrey Brosk: Territory

Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

September 3 through November 8, 2015

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Jeffrey Brosk. Based on the artist's experience with landscape, Brosk's works explore "the sensuous and eccentric qualities of natural materials."

Narrative Axis

Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

September 3 through November 8, 2015

An exhibition of works by artists participating in The Drawing Center's Open Sessions program. Over a two-year period, the artists within the program have re-contextualized their work and expanded their practice through conversations and public programs. Artists in the exhibition include Joey Fauerso, Tatiana Istomina, Patte Loper, Matt Neff, Mona Sharma, Adam Shecter, Naho Taruishi, and Arturs Virtmanis.

The Thin Line


September 3 through November 15, 2015

A group exhibition of female artists that explore the principles and the qualities of line. Shifting between the literal and abstraction, this work moves from small intimate meanings into a larger dialogue with the world. This show is curated by Pamela Auchincloss. (Photo © Kate Shepherd, Courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York)

28 Chinese

San Antonio Museum of Art

September 5, 2015 through January 3, 2016

An exhibition of works by twenty-eight contemporary Chinese artists. The pieces in the exhibition are drawn from the Rubell Family Collection in Miami.

Luz María Sánchez


September 10, 2015 through January 3, 2016

An exhibition of works by San Antonio-based artist Luz María Sánchez. Through immersive environments, Sánchez's works "heighten attention to the global landscape."

Cruz Ortiz


September 10, 2015 through January 3, 2016

An exhibition of works by Cruz Ortiz that relate to his experience growing up in South Texas.

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