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Aquí Estamos y no nos Vamos

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

Last Chance - March 25 through May 26, 2017

From the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center:"Aquí Estamos Y No Nos Vamos highlights the resistance, solidarity, anger, hope, and healing women of color are experiencing in response to the abusive and oppressive rhetoric that is/was disseminated during Trump’s campaign and carried on into his presidency."Featured artists include: Alejandra Casas, Alicia Galvan, Alina Rayas, AnaKaren Ortiz Varela, Anel Flores, Brenda Pina, Carmen Cartiness Johnson, Caroline Arteaga, Delilah Montoya, Elida Bocanegra, Elva Salinas, Elva Treviño, Ëricka Bolta, Erika Casasola, Ester Hernandez, Esther Guajardo, Giomara Bazaldua, Iris Rodriguez, Juanita Luna Lawhn, Katherine Jenings, Katrina Gorman, Kriss Abigail Paredes, Laura Lopez, Laura Rios Yohualtlahuiz, Liliana Wilson, Lisa Sanna, Magdalena Mata, Margarita Benavides, Marisela Barrera, Michelle Rodriguez, Patricia Bayon, Patricia de la Garza, Pearl Sanchez, Priscilla Carrion, Sarah Castillo, Suzy Gonzalez, Tamara Becerra Valdez, Teri Borrego, Yacatsol feat. 4Rios of Calmeca Skwad, Yvonne Herrera-Rendon, y más.

IV Art Space Retrospective (1998-2002)

Presa House

Last Chance - May 5 through 27, 2017

An exhibition celebrating the artists of IV Art Space, which was active from 1998 to 2002. Featured artists include Katherine Brown, Sarah Gonzales Busse, Dayna De Hoyos, Howard Des Chenes, Jerry Gann, Joey Hladek, Myriam Lanau, James Land, Frank Leal, Marty Leal, Christopher dor Lutz, Marcy McChesney, Tim McMeans, Will Muniz, Javier Munoz, Abel Ortiz-Acosta, Glenna Park, Joe Pena, Gil Rocha, Sylvia L. Sanders, Geannnie Sandoval, Edward Sousa, Hank Waddell, and Andrew Watson.

The Grind: Labor, Love, Community

The Movement Gallery

April 28 through May 31, 2017

An exhibition highlighting "the voices of working women and alternative economies as we look at the many angles of working persons in South Texas and beyond." The show includes works by Mary Agnes Rodriguez, Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez, Arlene Mejorado, OLLU Painting students, and Vendor Voices, a collection of photographers of local vendors.

Monet to Matisse: A Century of French Moderns

McNay Art Museum

March 1 through June 4, 2017

An exhibition of 65 works from the Brooklyn Museum's European collection. The show includes works by Pierre Bonnard, Gustave Caillebotte, Paul Cézanne, Marc Chagall, Camille Corot, Gustave Courbet, Edgar Degas, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Fernand Léger, Édouard Manet, Henri Matisse, Jean-François Millet, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Gabriele Münter, Odilon Redon, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Auguste Rodin, Yves Tanguy, and Édouard Vuillard.

Alejandro Augustine Padilla: New Work

Studio Fantomas

May 13 through June 4, 2017

A show of works by San Antonio artist Alejandro Augustine Padilla. The works in the show were created in a process-driven style that included the use of automatism and new drawing and painting techniques.

Game of Chance

Freight Gallery & Studios

April 8 through June 7, 2017

An exhibition organized by curator Elsa Henderson and featuring works by Hiromi Stringer, Hannah Garrison, Kara Stevens, Jonathan A. Davis, Sarah Fox, Andrew Leo Stansbury, Rachael L. Acosta, Samuel Velasquez, Jose Cardenas, Nathan Orona, Kaela Puente, Ron Palos, Denise Ramnarine, Eric Owen and Raquel Zawrotny.

Pradeep Dalal: Copy/Scan/Print/Repeat

Sala Diaz

April 22 through June 10, 2017

A show of works by New York-based artist Pradeep Dalal. The graphite drawings* in the exhibition are sourced from a book documenting objects in the Bharat Bhavan collection in Bhopal, India.*Update: the pieces in the exhibition are photographs, not drawings.


Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex

April 8 through June 10, 2017

ESTRELLAS| STARS is an installation and Flamenco dance performance in which Tamara Adira will reflect on their experience of "the genetic memory of trauma carried as an American Jew."

Jessica Robles: If You Were to See Me Now

Provenance Gallery

May 13 through June 10, 2017

An exhibition of watercolors by California-based artist Jessica Robles. In these works, "Robles used her own hands as models to show the variety of feelings, thoughts and emotions" the artist experienced during a recent time of reflection.



May 4 through June 17, 2017

An exhibition of works that communicate "the multi-faceted nature of womanhood and what it means to be feminine and a feminist." Artists in the show include: Lalla Essaydi, Sarah Fox, Christian Fuchs, Carina Hiscock, Jack McGilvray, Ashley Mireles, McKay Otto, Kristy Perez, Marianna Rothen, Laura Stevens, and James Tisdale.

David Bogus: The Bogus Boutique

K Space Contemporary

May 5 through June 23, 2017

An exhibition by David Bogus. From the gallery: In The Bogus Boutique, high heel shoes, punk rock lock necklaces, anchors, over-sized fishing hooks, suitcases, cigarette lighters, cases of beer, life preservers, telephones, knives, perfume bottles, and cocktail garnishes are outrageously over-priced objects as viable subjects for branding and art."

Johanna Calle: Trama

Ruiz-Healy Art

May 11 through June 24, 2017

A show of works by Bogotá-based artist Johanna Calle. The exhibition will include the artist's line drawings and prints.

Group Show

The Radius Center

April 14 through July 1, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by James Raska, Patricia Guerrero, Amber O’Halligan, Farad Ibrahimovic, and Norbert Clyde Martinez Jr.

Cuerpo Cubano/Cuban Body

Bihl Haus Arts

May 19 through July 8, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by five artists from Cienfuegos, Cuba. The show is curated by guest curator Liam Nodal Gonzalez.

Elvia Perrin: Clean Cut

Southwest School of Art Ursuline Hall Gallery - Ursuline Campus

March 10 through July 16, 2017

"Through a process of reassembling and reorganizing visual information, printmaker Elvia Perrin develops a dialogue between an idea, making, and a process of editing, overlapping, stacking, and layering ink and images. The resulting finished works portray the convergence of this ordering and reordering process that both reveals and veils organized systems, resulting in an ultimate order and quiet minimalist works."

Word Around Town

Various Venues

February 1 through August 1, 2017

A show featuring works by Naomi Shihab-Nye (Guggenheim Fellow & Lannan Fellow), Jenny Browne (San Antonio's Poet Laureate), and Jennifer Khoshbin. For the exhibition, the artists have created "a network of illuminated vintage, lettered marquee signs that celebrate the people, landscape and culture of San Antonio."See the works at: Alta Vista Micro-Garden at 3301 N.Flores & Outlaw Kitchens at 2919 N.Flores.

A Woman’s Place Is…

Centro de Artes

March 13 through August 20, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by fifteen San Antonio-based Latina artists. The show is curated by Kathy Vargas and features works by Sarah Castillo, Lisette Chavez, Cat Cisneros, Ana Laura De La Garza, Jenelle Esparza, Audrya Flores, Diana Rodriguez Gil, Mari Hernandez, Chloe Rivas, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Elva Salinas, Victoria Suescum, April Flores Taylor, Anita Valencia, and Carla Veliz.

Blanco Sculpture Trail

Bindseil Park

April 29, 2017 through April 30, 2018

A sculpture trail organized by the Blanco Visitors Bureau and juried by Lee Ann Whatley. The trail features works by Peter Mangan, Danville Chadbourne, Cat Quintanilla, and Jeffie Brewer.

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