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Ben Butler: Unbounded

Rice University Art Gallery

June 4 through August 28, 2015

An exhibition featuring a new, commissioned installation by Memphis-based artist Ben Butler–an intricate, poplar wood lattice that mirrors the natural world's structures and visual rhythms.

Stephen Wilson: Ultimate Justice

Fresh Arts

July 17 through August 28, 2015

An exhibition of photographs, drawings, notes, documents, and videos by Houston-based artist Stephen Wilson based on his experiences living with and assising the family of Elroy Chester, who was executed by the State of Texas the summer of 2013 despite being mentally impaired.

Make and Take Expo and Exhibit

Texas Art Supply

July 24 through August 28, 2015

A showcase of various Houston-area artists' work, and an expo featuring artists' “make and take” projects–a collaboration of Dormalou Project and Texas Art Supply. More info HERE

Raphael Zollinger: Evanescent Tales

Gray Contemporary

July 31 through August 28, 2015

An exhibition of recent work by Brooklyn-based artist Raphael Zollinger–a series of pigment prints on aluminum that explore the deterioration of photographs through reframing, doubling, and material cracks, tears, and scratches.

Summer Suite

Octavia Art Gallery

August 1 through 28, 2015

A group exhibition featuring works by artists Jeffrey Pitt, Kikuo Saito, Carole A. Feuerman, Alex Hernández Dueñas, Martha Hughes, Margaret Evangeline, and Greta Van Campen.

Ceramics in the Environment

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Last Chance - May 29 through August 29, 2015

An outdoor exhibition of site-specific ceramic works made by Glassell School of Art student artists include Mary Aldrich, Loes Berendschot, Nell Gottlieb, Renee LeBlanc, Michelle Matthews, Kimberly Millspaugh, Polly Ruhlman, Anne Steacy, and Wouter Van Der Tol.



Last Chance - July 9 through August 29, 2015

An exhibition about representation, sexual orientation, gender identity expression, and society featuring photographic works focused on LGBTQ communities by nine international artists Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst, Sunil Gupta, Lindsay Morris, Frédéric Nauczyciel, Irina Popova, Anna Charlotte Schmid, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, and Charan Singh.

Collective Solid

Deborah Colton Gallery

Last Chance - July 18 through August 29, 2015

A group exhibition showcasing work by Houston-based emerging artists, all of whom are either current or alumni members of El Rincón Social collaborative space in the East End. Featured artists include Darwin Arevalo, Dylan Conner, Oscar Rene Cornejo, Jonathan Paul Jackson, Alex Larsen, Patrick Renner, and David Adam Salinas.

Un tournant | A turning point

Sicardi Gallery

Last Chance - July 14 through August 29, 2015

An exhibition featuring works by artists from Argentina who were based in Paris from the 1950s on, including sculptures by Martha Boto, Horacio Garcia Rossi, Francisco Sobrino, and Gregorio Vardanega, as well as rarely seen works on paper from the 1950s and 1960s by Antonio Asis and Hugo de Marziani.

Donna Green: Ceramics

McClain Gallery

Last Chance - July 18 through August 29, 2015

An exhibition of recent, gestural ceramic vessels, bowls and anthropomorphic forms by artist Donna Green.

Music for the World to See

Bea Ying Projects Pop-Up Gallery (Formerly Avis Frank Gallery)

Last Chance - August 27 through 29, 2015

An exhibition of works by Jaylon Hicks and Jenaro Goode that consists of paintings created within the last 10 months. In this time, the artists have been sharing a studio space, so their styles have shifted and developed a repertoire between their works. Additionally, the show will consist of an EP and book release by Hicks, as well as a clothing line release by Goode.

The All Latina Film Festival

Last Chance - August 27 through 30, 2015

A film festival that aims to show the voices, styles, and ideas unique to the Latina Experience. The All Latina Film Festival was established when its founder, Stephanie Saint Sanchez, was a resident at Lawndale Art Center in 2007.

HSPVA Juried Exhibit

Jung Center

Last Chance - August 1 through 31, 2015

A juried show of young artists from the High School for Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA).

Panic As You See Fit

Gallery M Squared

Last Chance - August 6 through 31, 2015

A themed group exhibition of work by artists from the Antagonist Movement, based out of New York City and around the world.

Panic as You See Fit

Gallery M Squared

Last Chance - August 6 through 31, 2015

This show is a group exhibition of artist from the Antagonist Movement. Formed as a reaction to the seriousness of the art world, this movement goes against the commercialist nature of the art market. The artworks within the show are various interpretations of the exhibition's title, Panic as You See Fit. This is also Gallery M Squared's last exhibition in its current location

Women Rule

Hiram Butler Gallery

Last Chance - August 1 through September 3, 2015

An exhibition of works by Jennifer Bartlett, Ellen Gallagher, Michelle Grabner, Jennie C. Jones, Sherrie Levine, Agnes Martin, Bridget Riley, Julia Rommel, Kate Shepherd, and Allison V. Smith.

Misinformation is Ammunition

SAMARA Gallery

Last Chance - August 7 through September 4, 2015

A group exhibition addressing the concept and effects of misinformation in our modern world, featuring individual and collaborative works by Houston artists Janavi Folmsbee, Erick Sandlin, and Aron Williams.

Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler: Sound Speed Marker

Blaffer Art Museum

May 29 through September 5, 2015

An exhibition featuring a trilogy of video installations, related photographs, and an outdoor sculpture by the Swiss-American artist duo Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler–reflections on the geography of Texas and its cinematic landscape as tropes of representation and presentation.

Joomi Chung: Swarm

BOX 13 ArtSpace

July 25 through September 5, 2015

An exhibition featuring artist Joomi Chung’s installations of woven and painted steel wire webs.

Jessica Battes: Nucleotide

BOX 13 ArtSpace

July 25 through September 5, 2015

A window exhibition of new work by Arlington-based artist Jessica Battes exploring concepts and phases in genetics and human cells.

Tuyet Ong-Barr: Gathering

d. m. allison

August 15 through September 5, 2015

An exhibition of abstract works that are sourced from small pieces of reality. The paintings involve experiments with texture and layering to create space, while invoking nature and natural elements.

PrintHouston 2015

Various Venues

June 1 through September 6, 2015

Many of the exhibits on our Houston page right now are associated with PrintHouston, the annual summertime festival of printmaking. Visit the complete listings HERE.

Letitia Huckaby: Bayou Baroque

Art League Houston

July 31 through September 12, 2015

An exhibition by artist Letitia Huckaby honoring the nuns at the Sisters of the Holy Family Mother House in New Orleans, Louisiana, an African-American congregation founded in 1842.

Creative Aging

Kcam - Katy Contemporary Art Museum

August 19 through September 13, 2015

An exhibition based on the exploration of artistic creation later in life. Through teaming up with a local community center, the KCAM presents an exhibition of Fort Bend County artists who have recently begun their artistic practice.

Known and Underknown

One Allen Center Gallery

May 18 through September 14, 2015

An exhibition of works by Houston artists Debra Barrera, Michael Bise, Magda Boltz-Wilson, Jim Brown, Chris DiRaddo, Don Foster, Tim Glover, Jeff Jennings, Denise Liebl, Ken Little, Jesse Lott, David McGee, Dennis McNett, Kelly Moran, Tim Olson, Gordon Phillipson, Erika Pochybova, Page Piland, George Sacaris, Lisa Sacaris, Nestor Topchy, Arthur Turner, and Liz Ward.

The Art of Gaman

Holocaust Museum Houston

January 30 through September 20, 2015

It’s title referring to the Japanese concept of gaman, "to endure the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity," this exhibition features more than 120 creative artifacts made by Japanese Americans while incarcerated in internment camps during World War II.

Philip Worthington: Shadow Monsters

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

May 23 through September 20, 2015

A playful interactive installation by New York-based artist Philip Worthington enabling participants to create their own shadow plays in a digital shadow-puppet theater that uses vision-recognition software to augment the participants’ gestures with sound and animation. (Guess what the most popular hand gesture will be!)

With The Grain

The Gallery at HCC Central- Houston Community College

August 25 through September 23, 2015

A group of exhibition featuring artists who salvage wood from Houston homes, buildings and dilapidated structures. By re-appropriating these materials, the artists communicate the history of the city. Artists include: Raina Chamberlain, Jesse Lott, Dan Havel, Page Piland, Edward Lane McCartney, Patrick Renner, Alex Larsen, and Dean Ruck.

Ripcord Art Show


August 6 through September 26, 2015

An exhibition hosted by Ripcord, Houston's longest running gay bar. Featured artists include: Sean Kramer, Jimmy Hines, Charles Tatum, Trent Jacob Gault (NeoLectra), Ana Champion, Angelito Zamora, Bruce Cruz, Virgil C. Robinson, Corvus Pointer, Cody L Hunt, Melinda Laszozynski, and Christopher Comperry.

Specter Field

Lawndale Art Center

August 21 through September 26, 2015

A collaborative project between Harold Mendez and Ronny Quevedo. The artists will spread water and graphite over the floor of the gallery, from which sculptures and drawings will emerge.

Studio Junkies

Lawndale Art Center

August 21 through September 26, 2015

An exhibition of paintings by Kay Sarver that offers a window into the lives of Houston artists. Sarver highlights individual creators, showing that they are a vital part of society.

The Beauty is Broken

Lawndale Art Center

August 21 through September 26, 2015

A solo exhibition in which Camille Warmington uses family photos to regain her memory after the death of her mother.


Lawndale Art Center

August 21 through September 26, 2015

A site specific installation by Melissa Borrell that turns Lawndale's Project Space into an experiential world. This installation surrounds and engages the viewer through the interaction of shadows.

Lawndale Regional Wilderness Zone

Lawndale Art Center

August 21 through September 26, 2015

An exhibition presented by Elizabeth Eicher and Hélène Schlumberger that playfully interprets the pedagogy of the National Parks Service. Transforming the Sculpture Garden into a natural reserve, the installation allows viewer the opportunity to enjoy the rugged, surrounding terrain.

In A World

Gallery Jatad

August 20 through September 26, 2015

An exhibition featuring Lisa di Stefano, George Marks and antique African textiles and utilitarian items.

Summer Studios 2015

Project Row Houses

August 22 through September 27, 2015

An exhibition of PRH's 2015 Summer Studio artists. These students have been creating community-based projects under the guidance of William Cordova and Ryan Dennis. Participating artists include Sula Bermudez-Silverman, Guadalupe Hernandez, Jennifer Mendez, Kingsley Onyeiwu, Shaun Parker, and Kandise Ponce. Summer Studios 2015 will also feature an installation by William Cordova.


Galveston Arts Center

August 22 through October 4, 2015

A site-specific installation by Galveston-based artist Eric Schnell. Combining drawings, tape, and other ephemera, this installation aims to create an immersive experience for the viewer through the unfolding of narrative and psychological transformation.

Whispering Bayou

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

July 31 through November 1, 2015

An multi-media installation reflecting Houston through an ever-evolving, interactive assemblage of audiovisual impressions. The show is a collaboration of Houston filmmaker and community activist Carroll Parrott Blue, French composer and multimedia artist Jean-Baptiste Barrière, and New York composer and computer interactive artist George Lewis, along with a number of local contributors.

Affecting Presence and the Pursuit of Delicious Experiences

The Menil Collection

July 17 through November 8, 2015

An exhibition bringing together a diverse selection of works from the Menil’s holdings–largely abstractions–to explore anthropologist Robert Plant Armstrong's theories of the power of objects to impress energies upon viewers. Includes works by Max Ernst, Constantin Brancusi, Frank Bowling, Sam Gilliam, Eduardo Chillida alongside a variety of abstract forms from earlier eras.

Texas Design Now

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

August 22 through November 29, 2015

An exhibition of fashion, accessories, furniture and industrial design by artists working in Texas. The works in the show vary greatly in style and in their functionality within the home. This show is co-organized by Chris Goins and Garrett Hunter.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: The Infinity Machine

Byzantine Fresco Chapel

January 31 through December 31, 2015

Artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have created an audiovisual work inspired by “music of the spheres,” Pythagoras’s theory that celestial bodies move with their own harmonies. This year-long installation is the first in a series of site-specific works giving new life to the chapel space.

Jonathan Leach: Ghost Grid

Lawndale Art Center

March 13, 2015 through January 9, 2016

Houston artist Jonathan Leach has transformed Lawndale Art Center‘s large, north-facing wall with his brand of bright colors and geometric lines and angles.

Arts of Islamic Lands

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

January 31, 2015 through January 30, 2016

A special exhibition featuring hundreds of Islamic masterworks from the renowned al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait. In conjunction, the MFAH has also installed a number of related artworks from its own collection in two galleries.

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