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Joe Peña: Lineage

College of the Mainland Art Gallery

Last Chance - January 23 through February 22, 2017

The artist on his work: “My work explores issues of ethnic identity, including aspects of cultural, familial and social traditions, relating to my Mexican heritage. The subject matter, portrayed through various elements of still life, portraiture and urban landscapes, are a further reference and exploration into deep-rooted traditional Mexican customs."

Executive Order: Assemble


Last Chance - February 1 through 22, 2017

Group exhibition at Notsuoh in Houston with work by Felipe Contreras, Mel Dewees, Wayne Gilbert, Casey Arguelles Gregory, Tommy Gregory, Ken Little, Gissette Padilla, Ariane Roesch, and George Zupp.

R. Eric McMaster: A Routine in Parts

Lawndale Art Center

Last Chance - January 13 through February 25, 2017

A show of works by Austin-based artist R. Eric McMaster. Central to this exhibition is a video by the artist documenting dancers executing a two-person routine without their partner. "The documented circumstance results in a routine robbed of its grace; an act filled with awkward or humorous moments that will never fulfill the potential in becoming whole."

Play It as It Lays

Lawndale Art Center

Last Chance - January 13 through February 25, 2017

An exhibition curated by José Guadalupe Garza and featuring works by Margaux Crump, Marie Bannerot McInerney, and Gillian Tobin. The artists in the show address themes of nihilism, fatalism, sexual desire, and longing.

Irene Reece: Mon Frère

Lawndale Art Center

Last Chance - January 13 through February 25, 2017

In Mon Frère, Houston artist Irene Reece explores the way the world sees her brother, a man with special needs, and the people who care for him.

Valyntina Grenier

Gspot Gallery

Last Chance - February 4 through 25, 2017

A show of works by Valyntina Grenier. From the artist: "These paintings, installations, and encaustics convey a colorful world seemingly untouched by the upheavals of ruin, bigotry, evil, violence, and fear, but are, in fact, a penetrating and personal view of this moment in our American life. They assert that, even at this time, the ideals of tenderness and compassion serve as the foundation of a prosperous society."

3DPRK: North Korean Portraits by Matjaž Tančič

Asia Society Texas Center

Last Chance - September 3, 2016 through February 26, 2017

An exhibition of photographs taken by Slovenian photographer Matjaž Tančič of citizens of Pyongyang. For the images in the show, Tančič used a 3D stereoscopic photographic technique that required each subject to stand motionless for minutes while multiple photographs captured different perspectives of his sitter.

Jonathan Leach: Guts and Bone

Galveston Arts Center

Last Chance - January 14 through February 26, 2017

"Inspired by city and suburban landscapes, Jonathan Leach’s paintings and sculptures explore how architecture, advertising, and icons interact with one another, using line and color to create movement and tension."

Andrew Martin: observer effect

Redbud Gallery

Last Chance - January 7 through February 26, 2017

An exhibition of works by Andrew Martin. The landscapes in the show depict communication towers and are executed on small pieces of plywood that resemble smart phones, tablets, and computer screens.

Patrick Renner: Upland

Capitol Street Gallery

Last Chance - January 21 through February 26, 2017

A new installation by Houston artist Patrick Renner. Taking aspects from the facade of the artist's house, this work explores "the relationship of the body to architecture; aspects of time and memory, and the cyclical nature of being."

Jane Ewen and Sandy Ewen: In A New Light

Archway Gallery

February 4 through March 2, 2017

A show of collaborative works by Jane Ewen and Sandy Ewen. "Their collaborative installation at Archway will meld Jane’s large format abstracts with Sandy’s projections of micro-collages. The combined product synthesizes its own unique structure, color, and movement while creating an ethereal and enveloping experience of color."

Jessica Simorte: PINE

BLUEorange Contemporary

January 28 through March 3, 2017

A show of paintings, drawings, and installation works by Jessica Simorte. In their work, Simorte aims to explore how art making can serve as a mode of place making.


Gaddis Geeslin Gallery

January 30 through March 3, 2017

This year's SHSU faculty show includes work by Jack Barnosky, Kate Borcherding, Chuck Drumm, Rebecca Finley, Michael Henderson, Taehee Kim, Cynthia Reid, Cesar Rivera, Tony Shipp, Mica Smith, and Anthony Watkins.

Perry House: "The Pete Paintings" and Musings

Zoya Tommy Contemporary

January 13 through March 4, 2017

An exhibition of works by Houston artist Perry House. The show is comprised of two bodies of work: The Pete Paintings depict House's alter ego "Pete," and Musings are paintings that allude to House's past works.

Emily Joyce: The Masks

Inman Gallery

January 13 through March 4, 2017

An exhibition of works by Los Angeles-based artist Emily Joyce. The pieces in the show draw from art history, universal symbols, and 16th century Italian theater and combine together within the show to create a sort of landscape.

Tomory Dodge

Inman Gallery

January 13 through March 4, 2017

An exhibition of paintings and collages by artist Tomory Dodge. The pieces in the show "reveal how paint and surface can straddle metaphysical spaces through an exuberant balance of noise and silence."

I Love America and America Loves Me

BOX 13 ArtSpace

January 28 through March 4, 2017

An exhibition of works by members of The Front, an artist collective and non-profit gallery in New Orleans. Artists include: Alex Podesta, Brooke Pickett, Claire Rau, Cristina Molina, Cynthia Scott, Jamie Solock, Jessie Vogel, John Isiah Walton, Jonathan Traviesa, Kelly Mueller, Kevin Baer, Lee Deigaard, Madeleine Wieand, Patch Somerville, Patrick Coll, Robyn Leroy-Evans, Ryn Wilson, and Vanessa Centeno.

Lilly Lerner: Voices and Purses

Front Gallery

February 11 through March 4, 2017

A show of ceramic works by artist Lilly Lerner. Each piece in the show is tied to a memory from Lerner childhood growing up in a small immigrant Jewish community.

Friendly Fire

Station Museum of Contemporary Art

November 5, 2016 through March 5, 2017

"Friendly Fire consists of spatial constructs and interior interventions by artists drawn from this community." Featuring works by: Regina Agu, Noah Edmundson, Robert Hodge, Jesse Lott, Gabriel Martinez, Lovie Olivia, Forrest Prince, and Kaneem Smith.

The Love Show

The Studio @ Splendora Gardens

February 11 through March 6, 2017

An exhibition exploring the complexities and intricacies of what love means to us as humans. The opening night will feature musical and written performances and a dance party!

Trey Duvall: Loschmidt’s Column (The Reversibility Paradox)

Art League Houston

December 2, 2016 through March 11, 2017

A durational sculpture by Houston artist Trey Duvall. "The project explores the passage and blending of material states subjected to the manipulations and processes of entropic time. Comprised of a porcelain and steel sculptural intervention, the project focuses on irreversible material change and exchange based on specific conditions of a particular space in forward moving time."

Iva Kinnaird: Art Show!

Art League Houston

January 27 through March 11, 2017

A show of small-scale paintings and sculptures by Houston artist Iva Kinnaird. The pieces in the show use humor and autobiographical elements in an attempt to draw the viewer in.

Myke Venable: TIMELINES

Gallery Sonja Roesch

January 21 through March 11, 2017

An exhibition of works by Houston artist Myke Venable. The pieces in the show attempt to "explore the simplicity of shape, form, and color through the use of Universal Geometry, wood, and line."

Lyle Carbajal: Romancing Banality

Art League Houston

January 27 through March 11, 2017

A show of works by nomadic artist Lyle Carbajal. "The exhibition features a mash-up of anti-artistry, folk, and contemporary themes, which pull from art history, cultural, economic, geographic and personal references, creating an immersive installation of densely layered mixed-media paintings, and sculptural compositions that combines everyday materials and aesthetic traditions."


Cindy Lisica Gallery

February 10 through March 11, 2017

A show of works by Honolulu-based artist Deborah G. Nehmad. Using a broad range of mark-making techniques including printmaking, drawing, and needlepoint, Nehmad aims to draw attention to political issues in the US.

Sara Bichão: Coastal

Barbara Davis Gallery

February 10 through March 11, 2017

A show of works by Lisbon, Portugal-based artist Sara Bichão. The works in the show are inspired by the artist's recent travels and memories of her childhood.

La Marcha de los Gatitos Apachurrados


February 10 through March 11, 2017

A show of works by México City-based artist Tony Solis. In this work, Solis departs from his career as a fashion photographer to "focus on a more melancholic, new-age style of portraying youth."

Holy Barbarians: Beat Culture on the West Coast

Menil Collection

November 18, 2016 through March 12, 2017

Via the Menil's website: "This exhibition brings together a selection of California artists who emerged following the Second World War and took advantage of the region’s permissive atmosphere to help create a thriving new art scene. Artists like John Altoon, Wallace Berman, Bruce Conner, Jay DeFeo, George Herms, and Edward Kienholz were part of a “Beat” generation, whose social critiques would eventually be incorporated into the counterculture and social protest movements that shaped the second half of the 20th century."

Analia Saban

Blaffer Art Museum

September 24, 2016 through March 18, 2017

An exhibition of works by Argentinian artist Analia Saban. Inspired by art history, Saban creates paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs that look at new ways of interpreting the past.

Blake Rayne: Cabin of the Accused

Blaffer Art Museum

October 21, 2016 through March 18, 2017

A show of works by New York artist Blake Rayne. The show "highlights Rayne’s career from 2003 to the present, displaying a range of work in various media including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and installation."



January 19 through March 18, 2017

An exhibition of works by artists from six different countries. Featuring artists from:Brazil: Ilana Bar, Fábio Del Re, Tuany Lima, Eustáquio NevesChina: Dai Xiang, Qian Jin, Zhang KechunCuba: Renè PeñaKorea: Jung A. Kim, Hyunmoo LeeMexico: Paola Dávila, Marcel RiusUSA: Tad Beck

St. Valentine

Zoya Tommy Contemporary

February 17 through March 18, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Lisa Krannichfeld, Clara Hoag, and Forrest Prince. The show "focuses on the timeless subject of women and love, harmoniously juxtaposed with religious artwork that explores love in the spiritual realm."

Kate Gilmore & Heather Rowe: Only in Your Way


January 20 through March 19, 2017

An exhibition of newly commissioned site-specific sculptures, installations, and a live performance by New York-based artists Kate Gilmore and Heather Rowe. The pieces in the show explore ideas of sculpture and architecture in relation to the female body.

Ammar Alobaidi: A Tale of the City

O'Kane Gallery (UH-Downtown)

February 9 through March 25, 2017

A show of paintings and sculptures by Ammar Alobaidi. Alobaidi studied art and began exhibiting his work in Jordan after he fled Iraq as a refugee. His work uses abstraction and bright color in an attempt to "counteract the loss and sorrow of displacement."

Fadi Yazigi: Still Life….Still Alive…Still a Life

Deborah Colton Gallery

February 18 through March 25, 2017

An exhibition of works by Syrian artist Fadi Yazigi. From the gallery: "Yazigi uses his thoughts and findings as the starting point for a new, landmark, mixed-media installation of works that juxtapose still life, or figures in black ink, reflecting the artist’s documented observation that there are times when we are all motionless, be it planned or a random act, yet we are still breathing, thinking, living and even creating art."

15 of 58 Print all In new window William Sarradet's Virtual Conference 2017

Various Venues

February 1 through April 1, 2017

A new media happening. For more details: http://18007892228.com/Call: 800 789 2228 to access virtual convenings on three different singularities:Press 1 for Hydrology Press 2 for Material Press 3 for FinanceTo return to the main menu, press #Virtual Conference 2017 by William Sarradet An informal speculation conference on the future of hydrology, material and finance. in association with the society of something.The Virtual Conference will conclude with a private presentation on the subject of SaaS products and their role in New Media art. An invitational event set for Spring is forthcoming.Speakers: -Morehshin Allahyhari and Sam Robinson with Patrick Romeo -Carolyn Sortor and Marcos Yturri -Peter Fend

Liz Hickok & Shiyuan Xu: Experiments in Form & Fiction

Capsule Gallery

February 17 through April 1, 2017

A show of works by San Francisco-based photographer Liz Hickok and Houston-based ceramicist Shiyuan Xu. "The two and three dimensional pieces in the exhibition invite viewers to imagine the infinite possibilities and outcomes these works could have taken and asks us to carefully consider the seemingly random patterns and forms present in the world around us, seen and unseen."

Self Love

The Community Artists' Collective

January 20 through April 29, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by Latonia Allen, Rebecca Baffour, Bert Bertonaschi, Ellie Cox, Lauren Cross, Monica Kennedy, Melba Lee, Samiria Percival, Irene Reece and Fulden Sara-Wissinger.

Jesse Lott

Mystic Lyon

October 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017

An exhibition of works by Houston artist Jesse Lott. Lott is influenced by the aesthetic of “Urban Frontier Art,” which involves the recycling of discarded material into art. This is Mystic Lyon's first show and will be presented in the space's window.

Barbara Hines: A Celebration of Survival

Holocaust Museum Houston

January 16 through May 20, 2017

An exhibition of works by artist Barbara Hines. The exhibition attempts to focus on "what could be" rather than examining the horrors of the past. The show includes installation elements, voice recordings, sculptures, and more.

Conversations @ The Center

Galveston Arts Center

January 26 through May 25, 2017

A lecture series featuring speakers discussing art, science, and technology.

United by Hand: Work and Service by Drew Cameron, Alicia Deitz and Ehren Tool

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

February 3 through May 28, 2017

An exhibition featuring works by Drew Cameron, Alicia Deitz and Ehren Tool. All three artists in the show use their craft as part of their personal healing. "United by Hand pays tribute to U.S. veterans and aims to create neutral ground, raising critical awareness about the history and current state of war culture in the United States."

Rain: Magdalena Fernández at the Houston Cistern

Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern

December 10, 2016 through June 4, 2017

A site-specific installation featuring artist Magdalena Fernández's video and audio work 2iPM009. "For the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, Fernández adapted 2iPM009 to project the video onto the columns so that its imagery is reflected in the shallow pool of water on the Cistern floor."

ReCollecting Dogon

Menil Collection

February 3 through July 9, 2017

An exhibition exploring the life and objects created by the Dogon peoples. From the Menil Collection: " the sculptures, masks, necklaces, and other works by “unknown” artists not only suggest the significance of art to daily life among Dogon peoples, they evoke formidable legacies of colonialism and the limitations of representing Dogon peoples through objects collected by and for foreigners."

Modern Twist: Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art

Asia Society Texas Center

January 27 through July 30, 2017

An exhibition celebrating artists who have helped redefine the traditional craft of Japanese bamboo art. Artists include Katsushiro Sōhō, Fujinuma Noboru, Matsumoto Hafū, Honma Hideaki, Ueno Masao, Uematsu Chikuyū, Nagakura Ken’ichi, Tanabe Chikuunsai III, Tanabe Yōta, Tanabe Shōchiku III, Tanioka Shigeo, Tanioka Aiko, Mimura Chikuhō, Nakatomi Hajime, Sugiura Noriyoshi, and Yonezawa Jirō. Image credit: Uematsu Chikuyu, "Moon Rise on Autumn Fields," 2007, bamboo (nemagaridake), rattan, lacquer, Japanese washi paper, hemp, photo © Susan Einstein.

The Fabiola Project

Byzantine Fresco Chapel

May 21, 2016 through May 13, 2018

An exhibition of paintings, wood carvings, ceramics, jewelry, needlepoints, and more depicting 4th-century Roman Saint Fabiola. The works in the show are copied from a 19th-century depiction of the Saint by French artist Jean-Jacques Henner and were collected by Belgian artist Francis Alÿs.

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