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Daniela Koontz & Taylor Waldt: The Origin of Fruit

BOX 13 ArtSpace

Last Chance - September 17 through October 29, 2016

An exhibition of works by Houston artists and Box 13 residents Daniela Koontz and Taylor Waldt. The floral works in the show attempt to "provide a little space for euphoric emotions in our increasingly chaotic world."

Table for 3

Red and White Gallery

Last Chance - September 10 through October 29, 2016

An exhibition featuring Pat Johnson’s allegorical ceramic sculptures, Kathleen McShane’s collaged, minimalist drawings, and Amy Newland’s representational-abstractive paintings referencing the natural world.

Bryan Keith Gardner: Bugs

BOX 13 ArtSpace

Last Chance - September 17 through October 29, 2016

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Bryan Keith Gardner. From Box 13:In 2016 it seems that we exist to share cat photos and well-framed selfies. As cities grow we see how they begin to imitate brainwaves, galaxies, and ant hills. Are human beings the unique individuals that they have always assumed they are or are we cosmic bugs hurtling through space on a giant rock with no real explanation of the cosmos and our purpose? We continue to share our lives and thoughts on the internet and spend more and more time staring at screens. How will this influence our future offspring and the evolution of our species?

Dirk Rathke: Foldings

Gallery Sonja Roesch

Last Chance - September 10 through October 29, 2016

An exhibition of works by Berlin-based artist Dirk Rathke. In his painted metal works, Rathke explores the relationship between line, area, space and movement.

Selections from the John Stone Collection of Texas Art

William Reaves Fine Art

Last Chance - September 30 through October 29, 2016

A show of works from the collection of Dallas collector John Stone. Featuring art by Adele Brunet, L.O. Griffith, Eloise Polk-Magill, Clara Pancoast, Porfirio Salinas, Rolla Taylor, Robert Wood, Ed Bearden, Otis Dozier, William Elliott, DeForrest Judd, William Lester, Emily Rutland, Randy Bacon, Jon Flaming, Robert Harrison, Natalie Irwin, Roger Iker, Noe Perez, Bob Stuth-Wade and others

The Rørpost Collaboration Project

Art Car Museum

Last Chance - September 10 through October 30, 2016

For The Rørpost Collaboration Project, twenty-one artists from Esbjerg, Denmark created collaborative works with twenty-one Houston artists. The show features collaborative works created by:Becky Soria + Marianne Skjølstrup; Damon Thomas + Johny Wilslew; Carol McKee + Alf Pedersen; Kay Kemp + Tina Asmussen; Donna E. Perkins + Astrid Hygum; Lisa Marie Hunter + Connie Borgen + Kamila Szczesna; Nicola Parente + Lars Henning Andersen; Tami Merrick + Flemming Rendbo; Brenda Bunten Schloesser + Jette Dümke; Jan Jbeili + Jytte Jespersen; Renata Lucia + Erik Brøndberg; Raymond Saucillo + Per Lenholdt; Andis Applewhite + Lene Hassig Vilslev; Jennifer Madeley Dunn + Birgit Juhl; Kay Sarver + Niels Kongsbak; Joe Aker + Gustav Iwinski; Barbara Tennant + Rich. Dethlefsen; Karine Parker Lemoyne + Lotte Lambæk; John Bernhard + Gitte Hadrup; Tracey Meyer + Sue Reeves; Trudy Askew + Søren Morns

Luis Moro: Animal Cartography

Redbud Gallery

Last Chance - October 1 through 30, 2016

An exhibition of works by Luis Moro. The pieces in the show draw on themes of animal migratory patterns, climate change, and the displacement of animals by humans.

Pablo Siquier: Hostile

Sicardi Gallery

Last Chance - September 15 through November 3, 2016

An exhibition of works by Argentinian artist Pablo Siquier. The show is comprised of graphite drawings that are inspired by the ornamentation and design in both European and Latin American cultures.

Unnatural by Cara Romero & Feral by Nicole Waszak

Apama Mackey Gallery

October 1 through November 4, 2016

Unnatural, a show of photographs by New Mexico-based artist Cara Romero, "deals with the issue of climate change and the direct impact on indigenous people who are being subject to extreme weather patterns which attribute to the rising water levels."Feral is an exhibition of paintings by California-based artist Nicole Waszak. The works draw from fables and Waszak's own experiences.

Obstructed Views

Scott Charmin Gallery

September 30 through November 4, 2016

An exhibition of works that involve the act of layering and filtering of images. Featuring works by Christina Barrera, Sam Branden, Roberto Jamora, Ben Quinn, Jamie Felton, Edgar Meza, Eric Sick, Zach Krall, and Michael Bhichitkul.

David Snyder: Knock-off Oracle, Undecider's Anthem... And a Disaster, After

Galveston Artist Residency

August 27 through November 5, 2016

A site-specific installation and video piece by David Snyder. The show is curated by GAR in collaboration with Joshua Fischer of Rice Gallery in Houston. Via the gallery:For Me TV, for the Hammer Museum's "Made in LA" (2012), Snyder created a home's façade caught in state of mid-collapse. Inside the home, a chaotic plywood scaffolding housed Snyder's cacophonous, homemade videos that parodied mass media. For his recent installation Porous, Poor us, Por us (2016), Snyder took objects found in the streets of Los Angeles and displayed them in a network of stucco shelves that snaked through the gallery as recordings from art auctions played. His installation at GAR will take on the "kludge" of our current political climate.

Tribute: Women Artists of the African Diaspora

Deborah Colton Gallery

September 17 through November 5, 2016

An exhibition of works by established African and African American women artists working in painting, sculpture, works on paper, video, photography and installation from the 1970's to the present. Artists include: Ann Johnson, Jean Lacy, Annette Lawrence, Delita Pinchback Martin, Sondra Perry, Alison Saar, Kaneem Smith, Renee Stout, Colette Veasey-Cullors and Erika Walker.

2016 Día de los Muertos

Lawndale Art Center

October 27 through November 5, 2016

An event featuring works by approximately 150 Houston-area artists.

Earl Staley: Desire in the Garden

Zoya Tommy Contemporary

October 15 through November 12, 2016

After learning that the Houston Grand Opera will stage Faust as part of its 2016-2017 season, using sets designed by Earl Staley in 1985, the artist was inspired to create a new series of paintings that incorporate some of the opera’s themes. This is a show of those works.

Matt Duffin

Koelsch Gallery

October 12 through November 12, 2016

An exhibition of works by Matt Duffin. To create his paintings, Duffin coats illustration boards in black encaustic and then draws into them.

Shayne Murphy: Fluorescent Gray

Anya Tish Gallery

October 14 through November 12, 2016

A show of paintings and works on paper by Houston artist Shayne Murphy. "Teetering between reality and reverie, Murphy’s work forces speculation of what we see, what we imagine, and whether these concepts are mutually exclusive."

guerrero-projects Grand Opening Show


October 14 through November 12, 2016

"Houston’s guerrero-projects, founded by Galeria Enrique Guerrero from Mexico City, opens its doors as a part of its vision and efforts in promoting the diversity among emerging contemporary artists in Latin America and abroad." Featuring works by Franco Arocha, Yui Kugimiya, Miguel Angel Madrigal, Mauro Piva, Carolina Ponte, Pedro Varela, Richard Stipl and Beatriz Zamora.

Sight Lines: Looking at Guns & Learning Curve 9

Houston Center for Photography

September 16 through November 13, 2016

Sight Lines: Looking at Guns is an exhibition of works that explore the cultural implications of guns. The show features photographs by An-Sofie Kesteleyn, Christopher Colville, Garrett Hansen, Kathy Shorr, Sabine Pearlman, and Shelley Calton.Learning Curve 9 highlights the various educational programs that HCP offers in its Learning Center through the work of its students. The exhibition was juried by Jason Dibley, Collections Manager, Prints, Drawings, and Photographs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Pablo Helguera: The Fable is to be Retold


September 17 through November 19, 2016

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Pablo Helguera. For this show, Helguera "uses fables to examine forms of visual and linguistic communication (or miscommunication) and understanding." The exhibition will feature new installation and video work, conceptual sculpture, and collages.

Artist in Action: Jesse Lott

Art League Houston

September 30 through November 19, 2016

A show of works by 2016 ALH Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts winner Jesse Lott. The show will consist "of over thirty works in sculpture, drawing and collage, which focuses on highlighting the three key materials in Lott’s work – paper, wire and wood." Also on view will be works by Lott's longtime collaborators: Patrick Davis, Kimberly Lakes, Angelbert Metoyer, Rhonda Rhodes, and Kari Steele. An exhibition catalog will be available featuring an essay by Patricia Johnson, and texts by Mel Chin, Pete Gershon, James Harithas and Rick Lowe.

Sculpture Month Houston

The Silos on Sawyer

October 15 through November 19, 2016

Sculpture Month Houston is here! The main show will feature an installation of works in the grain silos on sawyer. Featuring art by: Adela Andea, Joanne Brigham, Dylan Conner, Kurt Dyrhaug, Jo Ann Fleischhauer, Jeff Forster, Wei Hong, Michael Kennaugh, Paul Kittelson, Sharon Kopriva, Jessica Kreutter, Mat Kubo, Jonathan Leach, Jesse Lott, Joe Mancuso, David Medina, Kyle Olson, Mari Omori, Chris Sauter, Jay Shinn, Troy Stanley, Ed Wilson and Ben Woitena.

Ed Wilson: Soaring in the Clouds

Moody Gallery

October 22 through November 19, 2016

An exhibition of works by Houston sculptor Ed Wilson. This exhibition is concurrent with the unveiling of Wilson's public sculpture commission at the George R. Brown Convention Center which was awarded by the Houston Arts Alliance.

Ann Sandberg: Children in Print

Galveston Arts Center

October 8 through November 20, 2016

From the gallery: "Sculpting life-sized figures of children, Sandburg uses newsprint to create the metaphoric skin and bones of her subjects just as children today are the products of the world around them."

Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak: Discourse

Galveston Arts Center

October 8 through November 20, 2016

A show of paintings by Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak. "Using carefully collected information related to the continued political turmoil of her ancestral homeland, Bodnar-Balahutrak collages printed text, images, and various information from documentary sources overlaid with mixed media."

Not Like the Other

Performance Art Houston's Instagram

October 10 through November 20, 2016

An online, Instagram performance art exhibition presented by Performance Art Houston. The show is curated by Brandon Zech and features works by Lauren Moya Ford, Iva Kinnaird, Pierre Krause, Evan L. McCarley, Megan Solis, and Eric Thayer. To see the show, go here.

Growing Wild

Total Plaza

September 19 through November 21, 2016

An installation by Natasha Bowdoin and with porcelain creations by Anthony Sonnenberg. This show is presented by Arts Brookfield.

Trace Echo

Gaddis Geeslin Gallery

October 24 through November 22, 2016

An exhibition curated by Melissa L. Mednicov and featuring works by Helen Altman, Rabéa Ballin, and Brad Tucker. From the gallery: "Trace Echo includes work that relates to the traces or echoes of popular and mass culture, particularly music, within our lives. These artists explore such echoes through both their subject matter and their work’s materiality."

Jessica Kreutter: A Firefly Was Once a Passing Shadow

BLUEorange Contemporary

October 22 through November 23, 2016

A show of works by Houston artist Jessica Kreutter. The porcelain sculptures in the show are meant to reference the body and the home: "Clusters of plants invade and grow through cracks, fragile broken structures threaten to fall, fleshy blobs pile together on tabletops, molded fragments from domestic objects become piles of debris and images in light are projected through clay."

Right Here, Right Now: Houston, Volume 2

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

August 20 through November 27, 2016

Right Here, Right Now features three exhibitions by Houston-based artists:Amy Blakemore: People, Cars & Buildings, Sculptures, Flowers, and Junk, curated by Dean Daderko.Thedra Cullar-Ledford: Lady Part Follies, curated by Bill Arning.Susie Rosmarin: Lines and Grids: The Lost Decade and Beyond, curated by Valerie Cassel Oliver.To read more about the three individual shows, go here.


Sicardi Gallery

October 20 through November 29, 2016

A group exhibition featuring works by  Antonio Asis, Sérvulo Esmeraldo, Magdalena Fernández, León Ferrari, Gego, Thomas Glassford Marco Maggi, Gabriel de la Mora, Marie Oresanz, Miguel Angel Ríos. This exhibition is in collaboration with Sculpture Month Houston.

Jonathan Schipper: Cubicle

Rice University Art Gallery

October 6 through December 4, 2016

An exhibition by Jonathan Schipper. Known for his large-scale time-based installations, Schipper will create an installation resembling an office space that will slowly shift and change over the course of the exhibition.

CCMH Movie Nights

Czech Center Museum

February 12 through December 9, 2016

A selection of films curated to show Czech culture and history.

ART21 Season 8 Screening

Lawndale Art Center

September 22 through December 15, 2016

Lawndale hosts a free screening of Season 8 of Art in the Twenty-First Century. Season 8 features sixteen artists from four cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Vancouver.

Mark Schatz: True Believers

Wright Gallery, TAMU College Station

October 24 through December 15, 2016

A show of works by Ohio-based artist Mark Schatz. In his work, Schatz is inspired by utopian communities, geological forms, insect behaviors, folded maps, and chance occurrences and explores "our desire to create order, and even wonder, out of chaos."

Stephanie Sala: My Geology

Bank of America Center

August 19 through December 16, 2016

An exhibition of works by Mission, Texas-based artist Stephanie Sala. Sala creates sculptures, paintings, and digitally manipulated photographs that explore “artistic interpretations of geological concepts such as time, fragmentation, fracturing, compression and topography.”

The Butterfly Project

Holocaust Museum Houston

February 11 through December 31, 2016

An exhibition commemorating the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust.The show will feature a selection of butterflies created by children from across the world.

GENOCIDE: Man’s Inhumanity to Humankind

Holocaust Museum Houston

September 30 through December 31, 2016

A juried exhibition of works that explore the theme of genocide. The show is organized by the Holocaust Museum Houston’s changing exhibitions committee, including Gus Kopriva, owner of the Redbud Gallery in Houston, and Clint Willour, curator for the Galveston Arts Center.

Helen Levitt: In the Street

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - MFAH

September 13, 2016 through January 2, 2017

An exhibition of works by photographer Helen Levitt (1913–2009). Throughout her live, Levitt photographed the people and places in New York City, capturing simple activities that were a result of daily life. The show features photographs created from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Picasso: The Line

Menil Collection

September 16, 2016 through January 8, 2017

An exhibition examining the line drawings of Cubist artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso The Line is curated by Carmen Giménez, guest curator, who was founding director of the Museo Picasso Málaga, and coordinated by David Breslin, John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation Chief Curator, Menil Drawing Institute, and Menil Associate Curator Clare Elliott.

Andy Warhol: Sunset

Menil Collection

August 19, 2016 through January 8, 2017

An screening featuring Sunset, an unfinished film by Andy Warhol. "Warhol began making the film in 1964 when the Menil Collection founders John and Dominique de Menil commissioned the artist to create a new film, one with spiritual significance. Warhol shot sunsets in San Francisco, East Hampton, and New York City, but never completed the project, stating, “I filmed so many sunsets for that project, but I never got one that satisfied me.”The film will be screened daily at 6 p.m.

Degas: A New Vision

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - MFAH

October 16, 2016 through January 8, 2017

A survey of works by Impressionist artist Edgar Degas. The show is co-organized by the MFAH and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia and explores the many facets of Degas' work—from his ballet dancers, to his bathers, to jockey imagery and more.

CraftTexas 2016

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

September 23, 2016 through January 8, 2017

A biennial juried exhibition featuring 53 works by 38 artists. This year's show was juried by Paul Sacaridiz, Executive Director of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts; Nicole Burisch, Core Fellow Critic-in-Residence at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Glassell School of Art; and HCCC Texas Master, Sandie Zilker, Department Chair of Jewelry and Enamel and Three-Dimensional Design at the MFAH Glassell School of Art.

Beyond Bindings: The Book as Art

Galveston Arts Center

October 8, 2016 through January 8, 2017

A pop-up show featuring six artists and their interpretations on what it means to make a book. Artists include: Candace Hicks, Michelle Wilson, Dorothy Yule, Susan Porteous, Bonnie O’Connell, and Jennifer Khoshbin.

Prints and Plates

1600 Smith St.

September 21, 2016 through January 12, 2017

An exhibition featuring a selection of prints from Austin's Flatbed Press. Featuring works by Terry Allen, Dan Allison, Jeff Bernstein, John Robert Craft, Charles Criner, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Luis Jimenez, Jules Buck Jones, Sharon Kopriva, R.W. Kubach, Mary McCleary, Dan Rizzie, Armando Rodriguez, Camila Ruiz, Elizabeth Montgomery Shelton, Julie Speed, James Surls, Frank X Tolbert 2, Liz Ward and David J. Webb.


Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

September 2, 2016 through January 15, 2017

An exhibition exploring the intersection of craft and food in contemporary culture. The show features works by Celia Butler, Kazuki Guzmán, Joshua Kosker, Aurélie Mathigot, Yuka Otani, and Rachel Shimpock and is organized by HCCC Curatorial Fellow, Sarah Darro.

A Traveling Show

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

October 8, 2016 through January 15, 2017

An exhibition exploring language, linguistics, and personal communication. The show came out of a continuing mail art exchange between artists Matt Keegan and Kay Rosen.

Russell Etchen: About ___ Rocks

Lawndale Art Center

February 27, 2016 through January 16, 2017

Etchen says the mural "represent[s] Us, You, Me. How so many of our lives have been distilled to one box or another. How individualism is an illusion. How we're parts of a bigger whole. How we've actually become digital heads-in-a-box-The Profile Picture. An avatar on screen. Floating EYES looking at everything."

Round 45: Local Impact

Project Row Houses

October 22, 2016 through February 12, 2017

An exhibition highlighting seven artists that are deeply rooted in the Houston art community. Participating artists include Regina Agu, JooYoung Choi, Sally Glass, Jesse Lott + Ann Harithas, Tierney Malone, Harold Mendez, and Patrick Renner.

3DPRK: North Korean Portraits by Matjaž Tančič

Asia Society Texas Center

September 3, 2016 through February 26, 2017

An exhibition of photographs taken by Slovenian photographer Matjaž Tančič of citizens of Pyongyang. For the images in the show, Tančič used a 3D stereoscopic photographic technique that required each subject to stand motionless for minutes while multiple photographs captured different perspectives of his sitter.

Analia Saban

Blaffer Art Museum

September 24, 2016 through March 18, 2017

An exhibition of works by Argentinian artist Analia Saban. Inspired by art history, Saban creates paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs that look at new ways of interpreting the past.

Blake Rayne: Cabin of the Accused

Blaffer Art Museum

October 21, 2016 through March 18, 2017

A show of works by New York artist Blake Rayne. The show "highlights Rayne’s career from 2003 to the present, displaying a range of work in various media including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and installation."

Core Program Lecture Series

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - MFAH

September 29, 2016 through April 27, 2017

The 2016-2017 MFAH Core Program lecture series.

Jesse Lott

Mystic Lyon

October 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017

An exhibition of works by Houston artist Jesse Lott. Lott is influenced by the aesthetic of “Urban Frontier Art,” which involves the recycling of discarded material into art. This is Mystic Lyon's first show and will be presented in the space's window.

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