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Letitia Eldredge: MYTHOS, LOGOS, PATHOS

Redbud Gallery

May 7 through 30, 2016

An exhibition by Letitia Eldredge. The artist on their work: "As in ancient mythology, everything has a sacred significance, no object or activity is profane. Thus, since nothing is neutral, universal aspects of pathos, beauty and lovable absurdity of humanity offer themselves up to the poet as an expressive framework for spirituality.  For me, these depictions bear fateful significance."

Becky Soria: Woman and Her Symbols

Jung Center

Last Chance - May 3 through 31, 2016

An exhibition by Becky Soria. Inspired by Patheolithic iconography and biological sciences, Woman and Her Symbols explores the intense emotions of love, despair, ecstasy, and other peak experiences.

Patterns of Our Past

Williams Tower Gallery

Last Chance - April 27 through May 31, 2016

An exhibition of Australian Aboriginal paintings by artists from Roebourne, a remote community in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, as well as paintings from the vast deserts to the northern coastlines.

Maria Cristina Jadick: Coming Home Leaving

Gspot Gallery

Last Chance - May 7 through June 1, 2016

An exhibition of quilt-like works by Maria Cristina Jadick. Coming Home Leaving contrasts iconic American themes with the harsh realities of war and natural disaster through combining remnants of material that reference the past and the present. 

You Are Here: Texas Photographers Respond to the Texas Landscape

Wright Gallery, TAMU College Station

Last Chance - April 21 through June 2, 2016

An enxhibition curated by Krista Steinke and featuring works by  Deborah Bay, Christa Blackwood, Neal Cox, Scott Dalton, Dornith Doherty, Becky Finley, Robin Germany, Karen Hillier, Sharon Joines, Tuba Öztekin Köymen, Dick Lane, Leigh Merrill, Adam Neese, Emily Peacock, Kristy Peet, David Politzer, Jason Reed, Bryan Schutmaat, Robert Shults, Brandon Thibodeaux, and Lupita Murillo Tinnen.

Dean Sameshima: Public Sex

She Works Flexible

Last Chance - May 5 through June 3, 2016

An exhibition of works by Dean Sameshima.  Sameshima's practice is comprised of photographing "historically active gay cruising grounds in and around Los Angeles" to address "the politics of identification under regimes of corporeal rigor, and the tension between surveillance and concealment, especially in regards to sex in public."This exhibition is curated by MFAH Core Fellow Andy Campbell, and presented in partnership with the Core Program (Glassell School of Art), She Works Flexible, and Cafe Brasil.

Jane Eifler: System and Syntax

Rudolph Blume Fine Art | ArtScan Gallery

Last Chance - April 30 through June 4, 2016

An exhibition of works by Jane Eifler. Many of the pieces in the show are "second-generation collages"—they are created as original collages, then scanned and reprinted, and then enhanced with additional collage elements. The show also features paintings, drawings and lithographs.


Lawndale Art Center

January 22 through June 11, 2016

A "performance-art-sculpture" installed on Lawndale's lawn. "The project will involve the creation of numerous small-scale structures each one timed, designed and tuned to attract, interface, or illustrate indigenous and migratory life on the site."A project by The Expanded Environment, featuring Ned Dodington, Christoph Ibele, Jon LaRocca & Haldre Rogers.


Lawndale Art Center

May 6 through June 11, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by Lawndale Artist Studio Program participants Bradly Brown, Cobra McVey and Anthony Sonnenberg.

Surface Dwellers

Lawndale Art Center

May 6 through June 11, 2016

An exhibition of works by Samantha Persons & Christopher Wallace. The two artists use hand-drawn images and patterns to create drawings that explore notions of narrative, pattern and obsession.

Alex Goss: May-Can-Will

Lawndale Art Center

May 6 through June 11, 2016

An exhibition by Alex Goss. The show aims to transform the gallery into a space referencing public restrooms, challenging the viewers to navigate unfamiliar surroundings.

{exurb}: Array

Art League Houston

May 6 through June 18, 2016

An exhibition by Houston-based artist collective {exurb}. The show is comprised of LCD video monitors hung from the ceiling that display videos that change and respond to the viewers in the space.

Alex Trimino: Totemic Lore

Art League Houston

May 6 through June 18, 2016

An exhibition of works by Miami-based artist Alex TriminoThe show features "a series of illuminated fiber-based sculptures and installations that re-contextualize the traditional use of colloquial, low-tech crafts; crochet, knittings and weavings exploring social views on civilization, technology and gender."

Johan Barrios: Intervalo

Art League Houston

May 6 through June 18, 2016

An exhibition of small works on paper by Colombian artist Johan Barrios. The pieces in the show address themes of time, movement, space, self-disclosure, and intimacy.

Joan Steinman: The Mill

Gremillion & Co. Fine Art

May 12 through June 18, 2016

An exhibition of new work by Houston-based artist Joan Steinman. In her new series of paintings, The Mill, the artist captures the complex structures, smells, and uniqueness of an old family gathering place.


d. m. allison

May 21 through June 18, 2016

An exhibition of lyrical abstraction featuring artists Jennifer Wagner, Naomi Schlinke, Bob Russell, Tonya Lee, William Cokeley, Cora Cohen, Tuyet Ong-Barr.

Round 44: Shattering the Concrete: Artists, Activists and Instigators

Project Row Houses

March 26 through June 19, 2016

An exhibition curated by Raquel de Anda and co-organized by Ryan N. Dennis of site-specific works and programs addressing language and identity, artistic equity, environmental justice, affordable housing, prison reform, and police brutality. Artists in the show include The Argus Project (Gan Golan, Ligaiya Romero and Julien Terrell), Charge (Jennie Ash and Carrie Schneider), Nuria Montiel & John Pluecker, The Natural History Museum (a project of Not An Alternative), People’s Paper Co-op (Courtney Bowles and Mark Strandquist), Storyline Media (Rachel Falcone and Michael Primo), and Verbobala (Adam Cooper-Terán and Logan Phillips).

Radiant Space

McClain Gallery

May 7 through June 25, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by Peter Alexander, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Larry Bell, Gisela Colón, Stephen Dean, Christian Eckart, Gary Lang, De Wain Valentine and Marc Vaux.

Gene Owens: Spring

Inman Gallery

May 20 through June 25, 2016

An exhibition of sculptures by artist Gene Owens. The artist welcomes chance and natural processes in his process of bronze casting used to make the works in the show.

Katy Heinlein: Cave Bacon

Art Palace

May 20 through June 25, 2016

An exhibition of sculptures by Katy Heinlein. The works are composed of wood, metal, and synthetic fabric to produce objects that "demonstrate how perceptible qualities like color and light relate to the physical forces of tension, mass, and gravity."

Sally Glass: 00 :: 00

Art Palace

May 20 through June 25, 2016

Work by Houston-based artist Sally Glass. Via the gallery: "How did we arrive in this place? Who brought us here? What were we doing then and how can the reflections of the past illuminate what's changed and what hasn't?"

Fibers of Design

Capsule Gallery

May 20 through July 2, 2016

A group exhibition of fiber art curated by Carol Cunningham and featuring works by Amada Miller, Meghan Shimek, and Delaney Smith.

Randy Twaddle: Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding

Moody Gallery

May 19 through July 2, 2016

An exhibition of recent works by Randy Twaddle. Included in the show are drawings, a hand-woven rug, and drawn-on paper plates displayed in a full-sized hutch made of corrugated cardboard.

We Chat: A Dialogue in Contemporary Chinese Art

Asia Society Texas Center

March 26 through July 3, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by Chen Wei, Guo Xi, Jin Shan, Pixy Yijun Liao, Liu Chuang, Lu Yang, Ma Qiusha, Shi Zhiying, Sun Xun, and Bo Wang. The show explores "how a new generation of artists born after the end of China's Cultural Revolution are challenging the traditional notions of Chinese identity."

Paradise Elsewhere

BOX 13 ArtSpace

May 28 through July 9, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by Daniel Bertalot, Andy Davis, and Diamond Gray. The artists use humorous installations and video works to address issues of physical bodies and land.

Laura Latimer: Dispersal

BOX 13 ArtSpace

May 28 through July 9, 2016

An exhibition of works by Laura Latimer. In her work, the artist hopes to illustrate "our capacity as innovators and responsibility as caretakers by addressing the delicate balance between construction and destruction - while opening a discussion of the world we intend to leave behind."

William N. Copley: The World According to CPLY

Menil Collection

February 19 through July 24, 2016

An exhibition surveying the career of artist William Copley. The show traces Copley's stylistic developments from the early 1950s to the 1990s. Also included in the exhibition are works formerly owned by Copley by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Meret Oppenheim, among others.

The Butterfly Project

Holocaust Museum Houston

February 11 through July 31, 2016

An exhibition commemorating the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust.The show will feature a selection of butterflies created by children from across the world.

Mark Flood: Gratest Hits

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

April 30 through August 7, 2016

"Never has an exhibition enjoyed so many moments of extreme visual beauty, cheek by jowl with crude humor and aggressive, roughly rendered texts to create a visual roller coaster ride. Gratest Hits presents the deep wisdom and humor of three decades of work while ultimately revealing the true achievement of an artist who has produced many highly praised works and had an active career despite remaining barely visible at the museum level."

Yuriko Yamaguchi

Asia Society Texas Center

April 23 through August 21, 2016

An exhibition by Yuriko Yamaguchi. In her work, Yamaguchi uses "materials such as resins, wire, and LED lights to create large-scale abstract sculptures that resonate uniquely in the spaces in which they are installed. Her spontaneous responses to architectural structures introduce a tension between the built environment and our lived experience of such spaces, emphasizing movement, color, and the play of light, which alters as the day progresses."

In Residence

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

May 27 through August 27, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by seven artists who began their residencies at HCC in 2014. Artists in the show include: Clara Hoag, Natasha Hovey, Jera Rose Petal Lodge, Sarah Mizer, Alexis Myre, Collette Spears, and Rena Wood.

A View Within

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

May 27 through September 3, 2016

An exhibition of textiles by Karen Rips and Paula Chung. The works in the show are inspired by body imaging medical technology and use images gathered from the artists’ friends, family members, and strangers.

H·O·P·E: Paintings by Samuel Bak

Holocaust Museum Houston

April 1 through September 11, 2016

An exhibition of paintings by Samuel Bak. The works in the show "do not attempt to illustrate the atrocities of the Holocaust, yet they show viewers the destruction, ruin and sadness left in its wake."

CCMH Movie Nights

Czech Center Museum

February 12 through December 9, 2016

A selection of films curated to show Czech culture and history.

Russell Etchen: About ___ Rocks

Lawndale Art Center

February 27, 2016 through January 16, 2017

Etchen says the mural "represent[s] Us, You, Me. How so many of our lives have been distilled to one box or another. How individualism is an illusion. How we're parts of a bigger whole. How we've actually become digital heads-in-a-box-The Profile Picture. An avatar on screen. Floating EYES looking at everything."

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