Emily Link: Widhewa

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Kathleen Clark: Liminality

The Duende Art Project

Last Chance - January 9 through February 9, 2016

An exhibition of recent works by Kathleen Clark. "Using the phenomenon of afterimages as a foundation, Clark seeks to show a relationship between finite and infinite through physical and spiritual lenses."

The Seven Deadly Sins & Life’s Episodes

Mariago Collective

Last Chance - January 8 through February 12, 2016

An exhibition of works by Lynet McDonald. This show is derived from the artist's experiences and includes "dark feminist pieces incorporating symbolism that recreates intense episodes in her own life."

Michael Kennaugh: Locus in Quo

Galveston Arts Center

Last Chance - January 9 through February 13, 2016

A solo exhibition by Houston artist Michael Kennaugh. "Known for his large-scale canvases filled with bold, sweeping lines, often in muted tones, his work creates a poetic sense of movement and dance."

Natasha Bowdoin: In a Word

Galveston Arts Center

Last Chance - January 9 through February 13, 2016

Works by Natasha Bowdoin. The artist creates site-specific installations that use "appropriated text and imagery, searching for the point where a word or a letter maintains a ghost of its former identity but is on the brink of becoming something else."

Not For Pleasure Alone, Objects 2007-2015 & Real Lines

Gray Contemporary

Last Chance - January 16 through February 13, 2016

Not For Pleasure Alone, Objects 2007-2015 is an exhibition of works by John Tallman. His process uses urethane casting resins to communicate themes of light and space.Real Lines is a show of works by Deb Covell that explore "the material and conceptual potential of paint."

2016-Open Your Eyes

Zoya Tommy Contemporary

Last Chance - January 23 through February 13, 2016

A show featuring "quirky sculptures by Rachel Fisher, colorful compositions by Eric Ockrassa, narrative sculptures by Margaret McMillan and provocative portraits by Angel Castelán."

Where are we now?

The Second Bedroom

Last Chance - January 23 through February 13, 2016

An exhibition featuring work by Richard Serra, Ryan McGinley, Dual, Sam Falls, and others.


Station Museum of Contemporary Art

Last Chance - October 10, 2015 through February 14, 2016

A group exhibition exploring strategies of capitalism and corporate culture. "Corpocracy is the absurd reality of our society in which corporations and their interests are allowed to have dominance over the economic and political systems. Through the subversive imagination, the artist works toward a transformation of social consciousness."The exhibition is also featuring a DJ series.

Island Time: Galveston Artist Residency - The First Four Years

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

Last Chance - November 21, 2015 through February 14, 2016

An exhibition featuring work by twenty-two artists who have exhibited at the Galveston Artist Residency. The show is curated by Eric Schnell and includes work by Nick Barbee, Josh Bernstein, Jesse Bransford, Bill Davenport and Alex Irvine, Jonah Groeneboer, Eric Heist, John Hodany, Colin Hunt, Autumn Knight, Nsenga Knight, Joe Joe Orangias, Grace Ndiritu, Zachary Podgorny, Bill Powhida and Jade Townsend, George Rush, Vicki Sambunaris, Davide Savorani, Dan Schmahl, Kelly Sears, and Hilary Wilder.

Melinda Laszczynski: Lady Palace


Last Chance - January 2 through February 14, 2016

An exhibition of works by Houston-based artist Melinda Laszcyski. Through the use of figural imagery, faux jewels, and abstraction, the artist highlights the contradictory qualities of common objects.

Of Myth or Man

San Jacinto College Central Gallery

January 19 through February 18, 2016

An exhibition of works by Texas-based artists Brad Moody and Randall Mosman. Both artists use humor to comment notions of race, gender, religion and death.

Christopher Martin: FOCUS

Laura Rathe Fine Art - Houston

January 16 through February 20, 2016

An exhibition of works by Christopher Martin. From the gallery (apparently the works are honed):After 20 years of practicing his signature reverse painting technique utilizing luster acrylic surfaces, Christopher H. Martin has shifted to lightly honing the front surface of the acrylic after the painting is completed. In the honed works featured in FOCUS, the darker areas develop a matte finish giving the color a velvety richness.  This effect creates a dramatic contrast to the pearlescent radiance of the lighter iridescent paints.   

Michael Bise: Born Again

Moody Gallery

January 16 through February 20, 2016

An exhibition of new works by Michael Bise. "In these new drawings autobiography, rich mark-making and complex composition come together in a visual language that seeks the universal in the deeply personal."

Jewelry Edition Vol. 2

Capsule Gallery

January 29 through February 20, 2016

An exhibition of jewelry by Jessica Andersen, Erica Bello, Liz Clark, Kat Cole, Emily Rogstad, Caitie Sellers, Rachel Shimpock, and Laura Wood

MicroCosmos / Details from the Carpenter Collection of Arctic Art

Menil Collection

August 29, 2015 through February 21, 2016

An exhibition objects collected by Adelaide de Menil and late anthropologist Edmund Carpente. This is the first exhibition of this body of work and includes works that vastly vary in scale. Many of the objects are made of walrus ivory and are carved to represent various scenes from daily life and mythology. MicroCosmos is curated by Sean Mooney, Curator of the Edmund Carpenter Collection.

Drawn From Nature

Asia Society Texas Center

September 19, 2015 through February 21, 2016

A group exhibition of works that are inspired by nature. The featured artists are Sopheap Pich, Mineko Grimmer, Palden Weinreb, and Seon Ghi Bahk.

Field of Light

Discovery Green

November 24, 2015 through February 21, 2016

Field of Light is back! The installation by British artist Bruce Munro was such a hit last year that is is returning to Discovery Green this winter. "Field of Light comprises 4,550 radiant, frosted glass spheres atop slender stems connected by illuminated fiber optic. The spheres and stems wait quietly until dusk and then bloom with gentle rhythms of colored light as darkness falls over the park."


Matchbox Gallery Rice University

January 21 through February 21, 2016

A three-part show at the Emergency Room, Matchbox Gallery, and Sculpture Library. Featuring works by recent USC graduates Marcello Dolce, Eve Doolin, Neidy Godinez, Jessica Hang, Anna Helm, Martin Lammert, Ian Stanton, and Brandon Jardine.


Gallery Sonja Roesch

January 9 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by Madeleine Dietz, Perla Krauze and Mario Reis. The artists come out of the tradition of Richard Long, Michael Heizer, and Robert Smithson, using natural objects as their primary medium.

Nall: Recent Work

Octavia Art Gallery

January 9 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition of works by Alabama-based artist Nall. Throughout his career, the artist has been influenced by American psychedelic art, fauvism, impressionism and Japanese wash drawings.

Randy Bolton: Flicker + Fade

Lawndale Art Center

January 22 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition of sculptural print installations by artist Randy Bolton. By distressing and reassembling objects, Bolton attempts to create a story using unrelated images.


Lawndale Art Center

January 22 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition of works by Almendra Castillo, Cinthia Gomez & Yma Luis. The show is process-based: the artists attempted "to recreate a single body of work based upon a series of letters describing each artists' sculpture." The artists essentially played "Telephone" using letters in an attempt to examine how a single sculpture changes through the eyes of different artists.  

Jorge Galván Flores: Alkanzíyya

Lawndale Art Center

January 22 through February 27, 2016

A tableau by artist Jorge Galván Flores. The piece "thinks about the connections between citizenship and sexuality, specifically how personal desire might be linked to self-preservation and survival."

Georgia Carter: Grisaille

Lawndale Art Center

January 22 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition of drawings and inkjet prints by Georgia Carter. For the works, Carter digitally alters photos of grisaille, french decorative wallpaper, and then re-draws the pixelated alteration.


Art League Houston

January 22 through February 27, 2016

An exhibition by Houston-based artists Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin. From Art League:The exhibit is structured around a historic 1843 expedition in which William Drummond Stewart, a homosexual Scottish lord-turned-fur-trader and his lover, the celebrated hunter Antoine Clement, led one hundred gay men on a 1,200 mile pleasure excursion from St. Louis to a remote lake in what is now Wyoming.

Ying Zhu: Sugar Coated

Art League Houston

January 22 through February 27, 2016

A site-specific installaiton by Nebraska-based artist Ying Zhu. The show will feature sculptural forms wrapped in cotton candy, aiming to "create a familiar yet novel environment that stimulates the searching nature within us." If you're looking for an exhibition with candy, though, you've found it!

Giovanni Valderas: A Forged Utopia

Art League Houston

January 22 through February 27, 2016

A site-specific installation on Art League's sculpture patio. This work takes on the format of a real estate sign to address the repercussions of gentrification and marginalization.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: The Infinity Machine

Byzantine Fresco Chapel

January 31, 2015 through February 28, 2016

Artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have created an audiovisual work inspired by “music of the spheres,” Pythagoras’s theory that celestial bodies move with their own harmonies. This year-long installation is the first in a series of site-specific works giving new life to the chapel space.

Payday Lenders

Cardoza Fine Art

January 29 through February 28, 2016

An exhibition celebrating Cardoza Fine Art's new location. Featuring works by Mark Flood, Paul Kremer, Alika Herreshoff, Chris Cascio, Angel Oloshove, Guillaume Gelot, Lane Hagood, Melinda Laszczynski, John Champion, Darcy Rosenberger, Dylan Roberts, Edgar Meza, Katie Mulholland, James Burns, Chris Henry, Emily Peacock, Brandon Araujo, Bret Shirley, Michael Abramowitz, and Dual.


Sicardi Gallery

January 21 through February 28, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by Antonio Asis, Carlos Cruz-Diez, León Ferrari, Iole de Freitas, Francisco Sobrino, and Luis Tomasello. The pieces in the show aim to engage the viewer through their "dynamic relationships to light, line, color, reflection, and space."

56th Annual Faculty Exhibition

Gaddis Geeslin Gallery

January 25 through March 3, 2016

An exhibition featuring work by SHSU professors Martin Amorous, Chris Cascio, Melissa Glasscock, Ronald Hollinshead, Pat Lawler, Daniel McFarlane, Tudor Mitroi, Edward Morin, Valerie Powell, and Edie Wells.

Rosine Kouamen

Gspot Gallery

February 6 through March 3, 2016

"Rosine Kouamen is a visual artist working in various media.  Her artistic practice endeavors to capture the transformation of humanity through visual narratives, with underlying themes of gender, urbanism and the African identity."

Fine Art by Aurelia Nascu

Russian Cultural Center Our Texas, CaviArt Gallery

December 4, 2015 through March 4, 2016

The artist on her work: “My works include portraiture, landscape, still life, and compositions in the avant-garde style. As a third generation artist in my family, I was introduced to the world of art at a very young age. I became inspired by artists such as Chagall, Derain, and Bonnard. I am interested in the continuous development of new techniques in painting.”

Chuy Benitez: Taquerías Southmost


January 19 through March 4, 2016

An exhibition of photographs by artist Chuy Benitez. The works in the show explore themes of "celebration, entrepreneurship, politics and policy, history, family, tradition, and the handmade."

Dimpled, Twisted, and Buried

Fresh Arts

January 29 through March 4, 2016

An exhibition of works that address the complexities and awkwardness of the human situation. Artists include Jade Abner, Iva Kinnaird, Evelyn Pustka, and Emily Whittemore. The show is curated by Kelly Johnson.

Nall: Florals

Octavia Art Gallery

February 5 through March 5, 2016

An exhibition by Nall. "For his mixed media works, Nall often starts with a drawing or print and constructs an elaborate framework for each image out of driftwood, mosaic, and found objects, making the frame an integral component to the overall piece."

Emily Link: Widhewa

College of the Mainland Art Gallery

February 8 through March 9, 2016

An installation by Emily Link exploring themes of separation and loss. The works examine ideas of capital punishment and draw on imagery of trophy heads.


Art Car Museum

January 16 through March 12, 2016

An exhibition featuring abstract works by Veronica Dyer, Sylvia Ellis, Rosanne Hudson, Sue Burke Harrington and Michelle O'Michael.

Geri Forkner: Daily Weavings

BOX 13 ArtSpace

January 30 through March 12, 2016

An exhibition by Tennessee-based artist Geri Forkner. In her creation of daily weavings, Forkner comments on habits and rituals of daily life.

AnnieLaurie Erickson: Data Shadows

BOX 13 ArtSpace

January 30 through March 12, 2016

An exhibition of works by AnnieLaurie Erickson that comment on the prevalence of internet surveillance in contemporary society. The main piece in this show is an "interactive installation that uses eye tracking technology to create a computational artwork that is "aware" of the viewer's presence and gaze."

Lucinda Cobley: matrix

O'Kane Gallery (UH-Downtown)

February 4 through March 12, 2016

A site-specific installation by Lucinda Cobley. "Inspired by the symbology of nautical charts matrix embodies elements or markers such as broken lines or dashes to signify plotted movements or trajectories through space."

What Shall We Do Next?


January 15 through March 19, 2016

An exhibition exploring how technology and advertising impact our relationships, bodies, and everyday lives. The show features work by Danielle Dean, Kristin Lucas, Julien Prévieux, and the artist collective Versace Versace Versace (Loriel Beltran, Domingo Castillo, Aramis Gutierrez, and Jonathan Gonzalez).

Slavs and Tatars: Mirrors for Princes

Blaffer Art Museum

January 16 through March 19, 2016

An exhibition of sculpture and installation by the artist collective Slavs and Tatars. The collective operates between the "area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China" and creates work that is highly political, commenting on religion, sovereignty, and economics.

Vera Lutter: Inverted Worlds

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - MFAH

November 21, 2015 through March 20, 2016

An exhibition of 12 large-scale photographs by New York-based artist Vera Lutter. These works are created inside large, specially constructed rooms-turned pinhole cameras.

Dreaming of You

610 Gallery

February 6 through March 20, 2016

An exhibition featuring work by Zoe Berg and Sable Mirelez. Some things this show will include (via the gallery):- Video projected onto a custom screen made of old lady tablecloth fabric interacting with sculptures in the yard. - A collection of cat toy fertility goddesses - Drawings of keepsakes left by a recently passed father - A series of paintings and videos arranged on and around "furniture" - Painted tapestries depicting the women from ABBA, as well as - '90s pop culture references like the Spice Girls and Selena - Quilts (Thinking of Keeping Y’all Warm)

Los Trompos

Discovery Green

November 14, 2015 through March 22, 2016

A temporary interactive art installation by Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena.

The Fence

Mid Main (3600-3700 Block of Main Street)

December 6, 2015 through March 31, 2016

An annual exhibition of works from artists across the world. Featuring work by:Andrew Avian Garn Claire Rosen Dianne Yudelson Marcus DeSieno Pat Swain Traer Scott Johan Bävman Mary Beth Meehan Michelle Siu Q. Sakamaki Sian Davey Timothy Bouldry Bill Yates Erin Trieb Julia Gunther Lynn Johnson Muhammed Muheisen Oded Balilty Toni Greaves Adrien Broom Anna Boyiazis Daniella Zalcman Diana Alhindawi Edoardo Delille & Gabriele Galimberti Inge Hondebrink Ole Marius Joergensen Anylú Hinojosa-Peña Christopher Herwig Gregg Segal Mark Lyon Natan Dvir Steven Edson Travis Huggett Alejandro Duran Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman Christine Holtz & Lauren S. Zadikow Meike Nixdorf Palani Mohan Reuben Wu Scott Hoyle

The Precarious

Menil Collection

December 16, 2015 through May 1, 2016

An exhibition that highlights collages and works inspired by collage in the Menil Collection. The show contains works by Gene Charlton, Sari Dienes, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Tuttle, and Danh Vo and is curated by David Breslin, Chief Curator of the Menil Drawing Institute.


Lawndale Art Center

January 22 through June 11, 2016

A "performance-art-sculpture" installed on Lawndale's lawn. "The project will involve the creation of numerous small-scale structures each one timed, designed and tuned to attract, interface, or illustrate indigenous and migratory life on the site."A project by The Expanded Environment, featuring Ned Dodington, Christoph Ibele, Jon LaRocca & Haldre Rogers.

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