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Space Garden

Rudolph Blume Fine Art | ArtScan Gallery

Last Chance - December 10, 2016 through January 21, 2017

An exhibition highlighting sculptors who address the theme of space exploration. Featuring works by Susan Budge, Larry Graeber, Abby Sherrill, Anthony Suber, Ben Woitena, and Jo Zider.

Kathleen McShane: Malingerer

Optical Project

Last Chance - January 13 through 22, 2017

A show of works by artist Kathleen McShane. From the artist: "Drawings, paintings and painted objects act together in odd configurations which often include corner and floor pieces; the gallery becomes a strange tableau containing small ceramic, abject grid-forms; irregular-shaped frames; and paintings and drawings of distant, abstracted landscapes."

David Lackey: Witnesses

Devin Borden Gallery

December 10, 2016 through January 28, 2017

A show of assemblages by David Lackey. Via the gallery: "The impassive stares of Lackey’s subjects are imbued with a sense of silent isolation, heightened by interloping animal and insect images.  Surreal distortions are simultaneously humorous and discomfiting."

Transient Views: The Places of our Lives

William Reaves Fine Art

January 6 through 28, 2017

An exhibition of works by three Houston artists "whose works reflect places and moments of consequence which they have encountered in their own lives, and whose aesthetic expression places firm hold on these most transient of moments, freezing and perpetuating the view for themselves and all who follow." Featuring works by Ken Mazzu, Richard Stout, and Jim Culberson.


Art Car Museum

November 19, 2016 through January 29, 2017

The Art Car Museum's 1th Open Call exhibition. The show will feature works by 100 artists.

Andrew Martin: observer effect

Redbud Gallery

January 7 through 29, 2017

An exhibition of works by Andrew Martin. The landscapes in the show depict communication towers and are executed on small pieces of plywood that resemble smart phones, tablets, and computer screens.

Aki Neumann: Paradise

Joybird Houston

December 3, 2016 through January 31, 2017

A show of works by Aki Neumann. "Neumann’s paintings on paper tell a narrative of idyllism and suspicion through stark forms and muted tones. Surreal landscapes and interiors ranging from white to tan to black, present a suspended and floating world."

Jeff & Bryan Wheeler: Solipsistic Delusions

Gspot Gallery

January 7 through 31, 2017

A show individual works and collaborations by Jeff and Bryan Wheeler. "These works exemplify the familiar force of Jeff’s collage-drawings on paper and Bryan’s panel paintings and embody on-going imagistic monologues that, in the collaborations, plunge into negative feedback loops, ultimately resolving in a dynamic equilibrium."

Scott Gilbert: True Artist Tales

Galveston Artist Residency

November 26, 2016 through February 4, 2017

An exhibition of comics by artist Scott Gilbert. True Artist Tales began as a comic strip during the artist's MFA studies at the University of Houston in 1988. The comic initially was set among the artists in Houston, but then became increasingly personal and political throughout its twelve-year run. This show is curated by Robert Boyd.

Catherine Colangelo: Talismanic

Cindy Lisica Gallery

January 6 through February 4, 2017

A show of works by artist Catherine Colangelo. In her paintings, Colangelo uses imagery from illuminated manuscripts, textiles, and Indian and Islamic miniatures to create intricate images that take on the role of talismans or charms used to ward off evil.

Adela Andea: Glacial Parallax

Anya Tish Gallery

January 6 through February 4, 2017

An exhibition of new works and installations by Houston artist Adela Andea. The pieces in the show are inspired by Andea's recent trip to Alaska where she witnessed the rapid melting of glaciers.

Jules Buck Jones: Hand Me My Head

David Shelton Gallery

January 6 through February 4, 2017

A show of works by Austin artist Jules Buck Jones. "Through the use of aggressive mark making, dense patterns, saturated color and the use of collage, Jones depicts scenes that are new and old, as well as natural and supernatural. Using his personal mythology, Jones paints nature in all its beauty, cruelty and mystery."

Martin Durazo: The Adventurers

Barbara Davis Gallery

January 6 through February 4, 2017

A show of works by Los Angeles-based artist Martin Durazo. The exhibition presents "new paintings that explore concepts of travel, searching and the eventual spirituality of experiencing the uncharted."

Friendly Fire

Station Museum of Contemporary Art

November 5, 2016 through February 5, 2017

"Friendly Fire consists of spatial constructs and interior interventions by artists drawn from this community." Featuring works by: Regina Agu, Noah Edmundson, Robert Hodge, Jesse Lott, Gabriel Martinez, Lovie Olivia, Forrest Prince, and Kaneem Smith.

Laura Splan: Material Expressions

Capsule Gallery

January 12 through February 11, 2017

An exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Laura Splan. The works in the show are inspired by experimentation with materials and processes and attempt to "examine the material manifestations of our cultural ambivalence towards the human body."

Round 45: Local Impact

Project Row Houses

October 22, 2016 through February 12, 2017

An exhibition highlighting seven artists that are deeply rooted in the Houston art community. Participating artists include Regina Agu, JooYoung Choi, Sally Glass, Jesse Lott + Ann Harithas, Tierney Malone, Harold Mendez, and Patrick Renner.

Amy C. Evans: My Houston II

Koelsch Gallery

January 12 through February 15, 2017

An exhibition of works by Amy C. Evans. The show explores the ever-changing landscape of Houston through a "surrealist / graphic style of painting."


Gray Contemporary

January 14 through February 18, 2017

A group exhibition in celebration of the gallery's second anniversary. Featuring works by Theresa Anderson, Udona Boerema, Mary Bucci McCoy, Amber Cobb, Deb Covell, Robert Dunne, Matt Feyld, Otis Jones, Emma Langridge, Erin Lawlor, Jai Llewellyn, Shawn Stipling, Aimée Terburg, Linne Urbye, Cecilia Vissers, and Douglas Witmer.

Dan Sutherland: peat

Moody Gallery

January 14 through February 18, 2017

A show of new paintings and drawings by artist Dan Sutherland. The composition of the works in the show are inspired by geometric and mid-20th century abstraction, and their color palette is taken from Pop Art, commercial design, and Op-Art.

50 States: Colorado

Houston Community College: Central Art Gallery

January 17 through February 21, 2017

An exhibition in Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin's ongoing 50 States series. This show honors the life of Charles “Frenchy” Vosbaugh, a transgender man who lived in Trinidad, Colorado in the 1880s.

R. Eric McMaster: A Routine in Parts

Lawndale Art Center

January 13 through February 25, 2017

A show of works by Austin-based artist R. Eric McMaster. Central to this exhibition is a video by the artist documenting dancers executing a two-person routine without their partner. "The documented circumstance results in a routine robbed of its grace; an act filled with awkward or humorous moments that will never fulfill the potential in becoming whole."

Play It as It Lays

Lawndale Art Center

January 13 through February 25, 2017

An exhibition curated by José Guadalupe Garza and featuring works by Margaux Crump, Marie Bannerot McInerney, and Gillian Tobin. The artists in the show address themes of nihilism, fatalism, sexual desire, and longing.

Irene Reece: Mon Frère

Lawndale Art Center

January 13 through February 25, 2017

In Mon Frère, Houston artist Irene Reece explores the way the world sees her brother, a man with special needs, and the people who care for him.

3DPRK: North Korean Portraits by Matjaž Tančič

Asia Society Texas Center

September 3, 2016 through February 26, 2017

An exhibition of photographs taken by Slovenian photographer Matjaž Tančič of citizens of Pyongyang. For the images in the show, Tančič used a 3D stereoscopic photographic technique that required each subject to stand motionless for minutes while multiple photographs captured different perspectives of his sitter.

Jonathan Leach: Guts and Bone

Galveston Arts Center

January 14 through February 26, 2017

"Inspired by city and suburban landscapes, Jonathan Leach’s paintings and sculptures explore how architecture, advertising, and icons interact with one another, using line and color to create movement and tension."

Emily Joyce: The Masks

Inman Gallery

January 13 through March 4, 2017

An exhibition of works by Los Angeles-based artist Emily Joyce. The pieces in the show draw from art history, universal symbols, and 16th century Italian theater and combine together within the show to create a sort of landscape.

Tomory Dodge

Inman Gallery

January 13 through March 4, 2017

An exhibition of paintings and collages by artist Tomory Dodge. The pieces in the show "reveal how paint and surface can straddle metaphysical spaces through an exuberant balance of noise and silence."

Trey Duvall: Loschmidt’s Column (The Reversibility Paradox)

Art League Houston

December 2, 2016 through March 11, 2017

A durational sculpture by Houston artist Trey Duvall. "The project explores the passage and blending of material states subjected to the manipulations and processes of entropic time. Comprised of a porcelain and steel sculptural intervention, the project focuses on irreversible material change and exchange based on specific conditions of a particular space in forward moving time."

Holy Barbarians: Beat Culture on the West Coast

Menil Collection

November 18, 2016 through March 12, 2017

Via the Menil's website: "This exhibition brings together a selection of California artists who emerged following the Second World War and took advantage of the region’s permissive atmosphere to help create a thriving new art scene. Artists like John Altoon, Wallace Berman, Bruce Conner, Jay DeFeo, George Herms, and Edward Kienholz were part of a “Beat” generation, whose social critiques would eventually be incorporated into the counterculture and social protest movements that shaped the second half of the 20th century."

Analia Saban

Blaffer Art Museum

September 24, 2016 through March 18, 2017

An exhibition of works by Argentinian artist Analia Saban. Inspired by art history, Saban creates paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs that look at new ways of interpreting the past.

Blake Rayne: Cabin of the Accused

Blaffer Art Museum

October 21, 2016 through March 18, 2017

A show of works by New York artist Blake Rayne. The show "highlights Rayne’s career from 2003 to the present, displaying a range of work in various media including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and installation."

Jesse Lott

Mystic Lyon

October 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017

An exhibition of works by Houston artist Jesse Lott. Lott is influenced by the aesthetic of “Urban Frontier Art,” which involves the recycling of discarded material into art. This is Mystic Lyon's first show and will be presented in the space's window.

Barbara Hines: A Celebration of Survival

Holocaust Museum Houston

January 16 through May 20, 2017

An exhibition of works by artist Barbara Hines. The exhibition attempts to focus on "what could be" rather than examining the horrors of the past. The show includes installation elements, voice recordings, sculptures, and more.

Rain: Magdalena Fernández at the Houston Cistern

Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern

December 10, 2016 through June 4, 2017

A site-specific installation featuring artist Magdalena Fernández's video and audio work 2iPM009. "For the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, Fernández adapted 2iPM009 to project the video onto the columns so that its imagery is reflected in the shallow pool of water on the Cistern floor."

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