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    Jonathan Seliger: Disappearing Fabric

    McClain Gallery

    Last Chance - September 9 through October 21, 2017

    A show of works by American artist Jonathan Seliger. The exhibition includes "large-scale works in painted canvas, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel that meticulously recreate mass-produced packages or consumer goods."

    Sterling Allen: Backdrop & Blocker

    Lawndale Art Center

    Last Chance - September 22 through October 22, 2017

    "In this solo presentation by Sterling Allen, the Austin-based artist creates a site-specific sculpture-based installation that activates sight lines, architectural relationships, hanging conventions, and spatial connections, all while celebrating pop, the handmade, function, failure and the cheap illusion."

    In Passing: Genevieve Gaignard

    Houston Center for Photography

    Last Chance - September 8 through October 22, 2017

    A show of works by Los Angeles-based artist Genevieve Gaignard. "This exhibition brings together several bodies of work made between 2015 and the present, mapping the artist’s ever-evolving performance of identity through large-format self-portraits and vernacular installations. Through an array of campy stereotypes that range from a suspicious housewife peering out a window to a Divine-esque drag queen, Gaignard interrogates her own intersectional identity as a biracial woman as well as the often murky, difficult terrain of race, class, and gender in contemporary culture."

    Learning Curve 10

    Houston Center for Photography

    Last Chance - September 8 through October 22, 2017

    A show featuring works created by HCP students. This year's exhibition is juried by Patricia Restrepo, Curatorial Associate and Business Manager at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

    Making A Mark

    Texas Children’s Hospital

    Last Chance - October 7 through 26, 2017

    An exhibition of art and creative writing by children and teens who suffer from cancer and blood disorders at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers.

    Adam Donnelly & Meggan Gould: Tangential Photography

    Flatland Gallery

    September 15 through October 27, 2017

    Adam Donnelly and Meggan Gould use as their medium the "physical and digital waste" that are left behind when creating photographic works. "Donnelly uses a protective dye on sheet film that is washed off prior to processing, called the antihalation layer, to make paintings on canvas. Gould uses a library of all her Photoshop masks, as subjects for ink drawings on tracing paper. These are layered in a way the is reminiscent of their digital structure."In light of Hurricane Harvey, Flatland Gallery will be holding a small art auction during the opening, with works donated by the featured artists and a few other Houston area artists. All funds will go to the Houston Area Women's Shelter: http://www.hawc.org.

    Untitled (How Does it Feel)

    Private Eye Gallery

    September 29 through October 27, 2017

    A show featuring works that are made to be touched. Artists include:Alex Goss Anthony Flores Andi Valentine Bradley Brown Brittney Anele Dylan Lovorn Eden Rae Jessica Ninci Jacques Gonsoulin Jamiee Shim (Baltimore) Lindsea Varisco Michelle Yue S Rodriguez El Raquel Elysia Costilla Rachel Duane Mikki Yamashiro (Los Angeles) Disha Khakheria

    The Sound of Things

    Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

    August 4 through October 28, 2017

    An exhibition featuring works by Bohyun Yoon and Alyce Santoro. The show explores the potential of sound within objects and craft materials, asking questions like: What does glass sound like? What does a sonic weaving look like?


    Texas Gallery

    September 14 through October 28, 2017

    A show of works inspired by artist David McGee's "continued investigation into the paradoxes of blackness, via the abstract notion of colorism" and his "long-term interest in Herman Melville's book "Moby Dick” , and Homer's "The Odyssey" and the aversion to transcendentalism." The works are also inspired by "the Middle Passage, Viking culture, colonization, the colors of police cars and its effect on the optic nerve, and the impulses of modernism."

    Ruth Pastine: Mirroring

    Gallery Sonja Roesch

    September 9 through October 28, 2017

    "Ruth Pastine’s minimalist works address phenomena of color perception and color relativity, and emphasize the viewer’s encounter with the painting. Pastine's paintings pulse with an emotional resonance and paradoxically draw from core structural foundations."

    Gilad Efrat: Resurface

    Inman Gallery

    September 15 through October 28, 2017

    An exhibition featuring works by Gilad Efrat. The abstract paintings in the exhibition "continue Efrat’s interest in a mapping of time and space while depicting the concept, if not the image, of “landscape.”"

    Jeffrey Dell: Future Castles

    Art Palace

    September 15 through October 28, 2017

    A show of screenprints by Jeffrey Dell. The pieces in the show "draw upon pre-digital populist art histories ranging from ukiyo-e prints to US national park posters and sci-fi novel cover art."

    Bryan and Liz Kuntz: Attachments

    Gspot Gallery

    October 7 through 29, 2017

    A show featuring works by husband and wife duo Bryan and Liz Kuntz. The artists on their work: "Our work is an investigation of the people we are and the ideas and things we become attached to and of the possibilities of becoming who we want to be."

    Cecilia Villanueva: Embraced by the Void

    Archway Gallery

    October 7 through November 2, 2017

    A show featuring works by artist Cecilia Villanueva. In her paintings, Villanueva "reflects upon open spaces using few lines and very few architectural structures, creating compositions which verge on the void."

    Focus on the 70s and 80s: Houston Foundations II

    Deborah Colton Gallery

    August 26 through November 4, 2017

    An exhibition featuring multimedia works by artists who contributed to Houston's art scene in the 70's and 80's. Artists include: John Alexander, Lee Benner, H.J. Bott, Mel Chin, Ibsen Espada, David P. Gray, Virgil Grotfeldt, Roberta Harris, Ann Harithas, Mike Hollis, Dorothy Hood, Perry House, Luis Jiminez, Lucas Johnson, Sharon Kopriva, Bert L. Long Jr., Jesse Lott, Suzanne Manns, Basilios Poulos, Forrest Prince, Don Redman, Julian Schnabel, Earl Staley, James Surls, and Dick Wray.

    Unsteady Ground

    Galveston Artist Residency

    September 9 through November 4, 2017

    Unsteady Ground is a show of moving image work that explores the precarious nature of home as a physical and psychic environment. The exhibition is curated by Kelly Sears and features works by Mounia Akl, Christina Battle, Maha Maamoun, Lydia Moyer, Adam Sekuler, and Adam Shecter.

    Jasleen Sarai: Porous-city

    College of the Mainland Art Gallery

    October 9 through November 5, 2017

    A site-specific installation by artist Jasleen Sarai. “Porous-city is an exploration of the growth of informal architecture within a “porous” city. Inspired by slums/ favela architecture from all over the world, the installation treats the gallery space as dwelling spaces would the city: it inserts and attaches itself to the medians and topography of the space provided."

    Domokos Benczedi & Ciriza: Double Action Reversible

    Civic TV Laboratories

    September 30 through November 6, 2017

    A collaborative exhibition featuring works by Domokos Benczedi and Ciriza (of the Los Angeles based collective Big Debbie). "The exhibition chronicles a year long collaboration between the two artists in print, video, sculpture, installation, and photography in which Benczedi’s riffs on goth and industrial subculture, sexual taboo, and technomorphic pattern making are juxtaposed with Ciriza’s ritualistic performances that evoke desert landscapes and summon currents of the primordial, shamanistic, and feral."

    Liver, Loner

    David Shelton Gallery

    September 22 through November 11, 2017

    A show organized by Keith J. Varadi and featuring works by Keith Boadwee & Club Paint, Jane Corrigan, Steve DiBenedetto, Peter Eide, Heather Guertin, Richard Allen Morris, Roni Shneior, Ulrich Wulff, and Keith J. Varadi.


    SEAD Gallery

    September 21 through November 11, 2017

    Intersections is an exhibition of fiber art juried by Professor Amie Adelman, coordinator of the Fibers Department of the School of Visual Art and Design at University of North Texas. The show features works by seventeen Texas-based fiber artists.

    Shannon Cannings & Corey Pickett: FREEZE!

    Anya Tish Gallery

    October 13 through November 11, 2017

    An exhibition featuring paintings and drawings by Shannon Cannings and soft sculptures by Corey Pickett. Through their works, "both artists subvert the symbol of the gun itself to question the role of guns in our society."

    Paul Kittelson: On the Line

    Devin Borden Gallery

    October 6 through November 11, 2017

    An exhibition of new works by Paul Kittelson. "Kittelson is known for wryly humorous critique and social commentary in works ranging from intimately scaled wall-based assemblages to monumental public commissions."This exhibition marks the opening of Devin Borden Gallery's new space at 3909 Main Street. The gallery was previously located at 3917 Main Street.

    Andrea Bianconi: Drawing

    Barbara Davis Gallery

    October 13 through November 11, 2017

    An exhibition featuring drawings, sculpture, and a large-scale site-specific installation of wall drawings. In the show, artist Andrea Bianconi "presents new works through the use of symbols, primarily the arrow, Bianconi constructs imaginative landscapes composed of obsessive marks that symbolize direction and movement."


    Rudolph Blume Fine Art | ArtScan Gallery

    October 14 through November 11, 2017

    An exhibition featuring works by John Atkins, Bill Davenport, Trey Duvall, Tim Glover, Justin Korver, Alex Larsen, Patrick Renner, and Ed Wilson.

    Trenton Doyle Hancock: TEXAS: 1997-2017

    Rice University Art Gallery

    September 29 through November 17, 2017

    A show of works by Trenton Doyle Hancock, Art League Houston's 2017 Texas Artist of the Year. The exhibition features a survey of works created by Hancock during past two decades the artist has lived in Texas.

    Known and Underknown Ed.2017

    Two Allen Center

    September 18 through November 17, 2017

    An group show featuring a variety of artists working in a variety of media. The work is "humorous, insightful, and intelligent" Some of the artists are well-known and some are underknown.

    Lines Drawn


    September 22 through November 18, 2017

    "Lines Drawn explores how artists reimagine, disrupt and question received notions of borders and boundaries. By addressing issues of immigration, nationalism, equity, and human rights through their work, the artists encourage us to contemplate the many barriers in our own lives as social constructions of power."Participating artists include Jorge Galvan & John Pluecker, Mariam Ghani, Margaret Griffith, Khaled Jarrar, Pedro Lasch, Just Seeds, Phillip Pyle II, Henry G. Sanchez, and workshops, performances and public programs by Keelin Burrows and Travis Smith (in collaboration with the Printing Museum), Carrie Schneider (in collaboration with Arts Take Action Houston), Sara Uribe (in collaboration with Failure to Identify), Zine Fest Houston, and the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. The exhibition also includes a curated Zine Library with selections of activist zines from across North America.

    Andres Serrano: Torture

    Station Museum of Contemporary Art

    June 3 through November 19, 2017

    For the works in Torture, artist Andres Serrano, under the guidance of military personnel, photographed more than 40 models that underwent various forms of torture. From the Station: "The models suffered humiliation and actual physical distress as they were shackled, submerged and forced into stress positions for extended periods of time. Both mental and physical techniques were used on his subjects, as Serrano chose to enter into a lineage of perverse experimentation for punishment or coercive means."

    Giovanni Valderas: Tradecraft

    Galveston Arts Center

    October 14 through November 19, 2017

    A show featuring works by Dallas-based artist Giovanni Valderas. The pieces in Giovanni Valderas: Tradecraft address "issues with gentrification in Spanish speaking communities and incorporate frayed elements of the piñata."

    Regina Agu: Sea Change

    Galveston Arts Center

    October 14 through November 19, 2017

    "Regina Agu explores representations of the physical and historical landscape in her exhibition Sea Change. Agu’s work explores narratives related to language, history, and representation, and their intersections in contemporary ideas around landscape and communities of color."

    Annabeth Rosen: Fired, Broken, Gathered, Heaped

    Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

    August 18 through November 26, 2017

    An exhibition featuring more than twenty years of ceramic works by Annabeth Rosen. From CAMH: "Exploring the temporal nature of ceramics, Rosen melds the performative into both material and process. Composing through laborious, additive techniques, she pushes the medium beyond spectacle and into conversations about endurance-based performance, feminist thought, contemporary painting, and conceptual art."

    On Repeat

    Clarke & Associates

    October 7 through December 14, 2017

    An exhibition focusing on textile artist that uses patterning and repetition. Artists in the show include Jennifer Bartlett, Heather Bause, Christopher Cascio, Catherine Colangelo, Cheryl Donegan, Jacob El Hanani, Rachel Hecker, Gabriel de la Mora, Tameka Norris, James Radcliffe, Drew Shiflett, James Siena, Michael Toskovich and Claude Viallat. The show is curated by poet and art critic Raphael Rubenstein.

    MFAH Core Program Lecture Series

    Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - MFAH

    October 19 through December 14, 2017

    A series of lectures by visiting artists and scholars. All talks are free and open to the public.

    Women Painting Women: In Earnest

    J. Wayne Stark Galleries, Texas A&M

    October 18 through December 16, 2017

    An exhibition featuring works by 30 female artists from the U.S. and Spain who "explore the complexity of being a woman today while honoring the human spirit. Instead of voyeuristic depictions of the female form, these contemporary artists created art reflecting personal narratives that involve the struggles and resilience of woman in today’s society."

    Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz: Telepathic Improvisation

    Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

    September 15, 2017 through January 7, 2018

    A show featuring a new video and two sculptures by Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz. The video, Telepathic Improvisation, "uses humans and non-humans, movement, speech, gesture, music, light, and smoke to interpret composer Pauline Oliveros’s 1974 score of the same title. While the action of the film may appear abstract, it nonetheless references specific moments of leftist protest, queer S&M club life, acts of surveillance, and fantasies of new relations between human and non-human objects in an insterstellar dimension."

    For Hire: Contemporary Sign Painting in America

    Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

    September 22, 2017 through January 7, 2018

    For Hire: Contemporary Sign Painting in America "showcases a range of contemporary sign painters who use traditional methods to create banners, sandwich boards, paper signs, murals, fictional advertisements, and more. Some pieces will be installed from the start of the show, while others will be created in the gallery, during public hours, over the course of the exhibition. Featured in the exhibition are sign painters Remy Chwae (Los Angeles, CA), Forrest Wozniak and Ira Coyne (Minneapolis, MN and Olympia, WA), Norma Jeanne Maloney (Taylor, TX), Shelby Rothenhöfer (Chicago, IL), and Sean and Kayleigh Starr (Denton, TX), among others." 

    Mickalene Thomas: Waiting on a Prime-Time Star

    Moody Center for the Arts

    September 28, 2017 through January 13, 2018

    "Mickalene Thomas: Waiting on a Prime-Time Star features paintings, photographs, collages, prints, and mixed-media works that explore the artist’s complex vision of female sexuality, identity, and power. Thomas’s portraits, landscapes, and interiors examine how women are represented in art and popular culture and confront our assumptions about what defines the female experience in the 21st century."

    re:work [repeated]

    Spring street studios

    September 29, 2017 through January 15, 2018

    A group exhibition curated by Zachary Gresham and featuring works by Spring Street Studios artists. The show highlights the "artist’s journey into making art and the memories embedded in the works" that are on view.

    Lynn Randolph: Between Worlds

    Lawndale Art Center

    October 6, 2017 through January 21, 2018

    "Between Worlds responds to Lynn Randolph's ongoing work with palliative care patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Comprised of approximately twenty drawings, these painstakingly rendered works deftly combine elements of the weird and scientific with acute psychological and metaphoric realism and builds bridges to the spiritual." The show is curated by Susie Kalil.

    Thirty Works for Thirty Years

    Menil Collection

    August 11, 2017 through January 28, 2018

    A show of thirty works selected to "tell a unique story about the Menil's history by constructing a narrative that walks visitors through the past thirty years."

    Diana Thater: The Starry Messenger

    Moody Center for the Arts

    February 24, 2017 through February 1, 2018

    Diana Thater's nine-monitor video work The Starry Messenger nods to Houston's role in space exploration. The piece, which was filmed in the Griffith Observatory Planetarium in Los Angeles, documents the changing view of the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Round 47: The Act of Doing: Preserving, Revitalizing and Protecting Third Ward

    Project Row Houses

    October 14, 2017 through February 11, 2018

    Round 47: The Act of Doing: Preserving, Revitalizing and Protecting Third Ward explores how gentrification is reshaping the social and physical landscape of Houston's Third Ward. The exhibition will feature workshops, events, and direct actions by artists, residents, and community organizers.Participating artists include Right to Stay/Right to Say (Zeinab Bakhiet, Olutomi Subulade, & Melanie Meleekah Villegas); Brian Ellison; Danielle Fanfair, Harrison Guy, Marlon Hall, & Anthony Suber; Nikita Hodge; Sofia Mekonnen; and Marc Newsome. Round 47 also features Collaboration Timeline House, designed by Adelle Main.

    Wondrous Worlds: Art & Islam Through Time & Place

    Asia Society Texas Center

    September 23, 2017 through February 25, 2018

    An exhibition highlighting the long history, geographic expanse, and diversity of works of art in the Islamic world. Works in the exhibition cover nearly all media, ranging from carpets to dress to jewelry, ceramics, glass, metal, paintings, prints, calligraphy and photographs.

    Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma

    Menil Collection

    October 13, 2017 through February 25, 2018

    A show featuring nearly 50 sculptures, installations, and works on paper by Beirut-born Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum. The exhibition focuses on the "artist’s interest in exploring themes of placelessness and the fragility of home in a turbulent world."

    The Fabiola Project

    Byzantine Fresco Chapel

    May 21, 2016 through May 13, 2018

    An exhibition of paintings, wood carvings, ceramics, jewelry, needlepoints, and more depicting 4th-century Roman Saint Fabiola. The works in the show are copied from a 19th-century depiction of the Saint by French artist Jean-Jacques Henner and were collected by Belgian artist Francis Alÿs.

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