Pepe Mar: Parco dei Mostri


Last Chance - September 5 through October 25, 2014

DiverseWorks has comissioned a large-scale, immersive installation from Miami artist Pepe Mar, who creates brightly-colored shadow boxes populated by handmade figurines cobbled from thrift store finds and glossy fashion magazines. Mar will collaborate with schoolchildren on a series of live events that fuse Mexican folk traditions with contemporary urban life.

Eric Schnell: The Book of Pure Science

Devin Borden Gallery

Last Chance - September 5 through October 25, 2014

A delicate, tentative, room-sized installation of spindly twiggy things pasted together with scraps of watercolor drawings, augmented with more drawings, odds, ends and rocks. It's all about slowing down and thinking things over.

Jorge Pardo

Front Gallery

Last Chance - September 27 through October 25, 2014

A site specific installation by the Los Angeles furniture-and-decor as art artist at Front Gallery, a converted living room space, begs a lot of questions about the many functions of art and art-like objects.


Redbud Gallery

Last Chance - October 4 through 26, 2014

Featuring a selection of drawings by Houston-based artist Juan Aaron Castillo, whose artist statement about the show includes sentences such as this: “These sources converge intuitively toward graphic Debordian spectacle where all elements vie for meaning, context and relevance within a steam-hazed ectopic social narrative.”

Jim Roche: The Basic Rules

Art Guys World Headquarters

Last Chance - October 18 through 26, 2014

Before Jeff Koons and Matthew Barney, there was Jim Roche. Since his 1974 show at the Whitney, he's been steadily cranking it out. Described as "the artist as hippie dandy" and a "troublemaker," Roche will be exhibiting audio work, video work, and a brand new suite of drawings.  

Abinadi Meza: Air, Condition

Blaffer Museum's Window Into Houston

August 8 through October 29, 2014

A sound and video installation composed of field recordings collected throughout Houston. "Paired with a video looking towards the Houston sky, Air, Condition explores the uncontainable sources and receptors of this soundscape as political matter, for even the air is not neutral." Golly.

Peter Lucas and Camilo Gonzalez: One Small Step

Matchbox Gallery Rice University

October 15 through 30, 2014

On the 45th anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon and the 25th anniversary of the acclaimed documentary film For All Mankind, Lucas and Gonzalez have creatively transformed that film’s restored footage of the Apollo Moon missions, astronaut interviews, and ambient music soundtrack into an engaging, impressionistic, audiovisual installation triptych.

Josh Hagler: My Name is Nobody

Avis Frank Gallery

October 11 through 31, 2014

Known mainly for his large-scale semi-figurative canvases, Josh Hagler’s work has followed a natural evolution in the artists’s personal exploration and anxiety around religious thought and its history. In 2012, his animated video projection “The Evangelists” was based on interviews with four middle-aged men dealing with psychological trauma and included Hagler’s former neighbor who burned down their mutual San Francisco apartment building in 2007.


d. m. allison

October 11 through 31, 2014

We'll have to wait to analyze the evidence, but there are some interesting suspects in this group exhibition: Rick Lowe, Jesse Lott, Tracy Hicks, Noah Edmundson, Kelly Moran, Ken Little, Bob Schneider, Dr. Rockit, William Cokeley, Elizabeth Fox, Inka-Maaria Jurvanen, Ann Harithas, and Meredith Jack.

Women Who Wood Fire

18 Hands Gallery

October 18 through 31, 2014

The exhibition title says it all—five nationally-recognized women artists who use the process of wood-firing: Linda Christianson, Tara Wilson, Joy Tanner, JoAnne Dekeuster, and local artist Michelle Matthews

Billy Hassell: Welcome Home!

William Reaves Fine Art

October 17 through November 1, 2014

Billy Hassell has been painting grand scenes of Texas flora and fauna with his signature pulsating color for more than thirty years. This show includes twenty works from 1981 to present day.


Carol Piper Rugs

October 8 through November 5, 2014

Please join us for this, our LAST auction fundraiser! We have elegant, funny, handsome works by 16 artists, and they are looking for a good home! Special thanks to the artists and galleries who have participated the past couple of years, and please help us go out with a bang as we raise funds for the participating artists and Glasstire's writers. We're the biggest employer of arts writers in Texas, and we need your support!

James Buss: Outside the Phantastikon

Hello Project

October 10 through November 8, 2014

James Buss came from a school of thought that touted painting's demise and denounced the medium. In this exhibition, Buss defiantly asserts the value of the painting process without adhering to its familiar constraints. The exhibition consists of a series of works created from experimental procedures including photography, sculpture, books, drawing, and film.

Fusion: Steffani Frideres

Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts

October 2 through November 8, 2014

Frideres’ cuurent work features encaustic silver gelatin prints produced through a labor-intensive process of multiple layers of wax, damar varnish, and oil pigments. The artist calls them, “a slightly fogged or soft focus memory reminiscent of another time and place, forgotten yet uncovered.”

27th Annual Día de los Muertos

Lawndale Art Center

October 20 through November 8, 2014

Almost three decades ago, Lawndale started handing out small 8 x 10” tins and inviting artists to create small works inspired by the traditional Latin American devotional art form of the same name. Always a fun show including amateurs to big names, with proceeds going towards Lawndale programming.

Danny Rolph: Paradiso

Barbara Davis Gallery

October 10 through November 15, 2014

London-based artist Danny Rolph populates his work with Pop Art references and gestural marks located in sunsets inspired by the skies of West Texas and Baroque Venetian painting.

HJ Bott: Scribble Morphings

Anya Tish Gallery

October 10 through November 15, 2014

In his 67th year of exhibitions, Bott presents a collection of works expanding on what is known as the “24 Basic Scribbles,” the inherent, fundamental marks that are consistently found in the drawings of children—the building blocks that ultimately make up all written and visual languages across every culture.

Joanna Pousette-Dart: New Paintings

Texas Gallery

October 16 through November 22, 2014

Pousette-Dart has been making paintings since the early 70s and, in her new work, continues to be committed to abstract painting but with a strong emphasis on both color and line to make form, creating a vibrant painting style.

Yusuke Asai: yamatane

Rice University Art Gallery

October 2 through November 23, 2014

Rice University Art Gallery has commissioned Japanese artist Yusuke Asai to create an installation in conjunction with The Menil’s exhibition Experiments with Truth: Gandhi and Images of Nonviolence. In his immersive murals, Asai paints with different types of mud, dust, soil, and other natural materials he finds locally. For his first U.S. exhibition, Asai will transform Houston's swampy soil found in its bayous and surrounding areas into a stylized, fantastical landscape.

Creature Worlds

Rice University Art Gallery

October 2 through November 23, 2014

In the six short videos presented in Rice's RG Cubicle video space, animators create imaginative mini-universes full of animals, humans, and characters in between the two. Using stop-motion animation and other techniques, these creatures often playfully shift and morph to tell stories of larger cycles of life and evolution.

Vernon Fisher: Dissent of Man

Hiram Butler Gallery

October 4 through November 29, 2014

More meticulously crafted, deadpan goofy works from Fort Worth’s own Vernon Fisher. Internationally celebrated for well over three decades, he just stays in Texas and keeps making stuff.

Right Here, Right Now: Houston

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

August 23 through November 30, 2014

The first of "an occasional and ongoing series through which the museum will investigate localized artistic practices." (Read: we'll do shows of local artists from time to time, but don't hold us to any kind of schedule!) The CAMH's Bill Arning, Valerie Cassell Oliver and Dean Daderko each chose a Houston artist to feature: Debra Barrera, Nathaniel Donnett, and Carrie Marie Schneider, respectively.

Transported + Renewed

September 1 through November 30, 2014

A massive three-month project involving parades, visual arts installations, performances, outdoor concerts, and much more—all in celebration of the centennial of the Houston Ship Channel. We'll be selectively posting some of the individual events as they occur, but click here for the full, hefty listing of this ambitious project.

Buildering: Misbehaving the City

Blaffer Art Museum

September 21 through December 6, 2014

A traveling group exhibition exploring the creative misuse of built structures, suggesting the possibility of alternative forms of engagement, both physical and psychological— “parkour turned into art.” Organized by Steven Matijcio for the Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati.

Dario Robleto: The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed

Menil Collection

August 15, 2014 through January 4, 2015

This exhibit is the perfect union of cabinet of curiosity artist and cabinet of curiosity. Robleto has been researching NASA heartbeat recordings as well as the recent medical breakthrough of the beatless artificial heart, for "the largely unexplored history of the human heartbeat."

Robert Hodge: Destroy and Rebuild

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - CAMH

October 3, 2014 through January 4, 2015

The first  solo museum show for Houston musician and visual artist, Robert Hodge. Though his practice has expanded to include site-specific sculpture and hip hop recording, Destroy and Rebuild will features fifteen paintings and an off-site presentation of The Beauty Box, a second iteration of hodge's 2013 site-specific sculpture, this time in Houston's Fifth Ward at 3705 Lyons Street.

The People's Plate with Otabenga Jones & Associates: Lawndale 2014 mural

Lawndale Art Center

February 28, 2014 through January 10, 2015

The 2014 mural at Lawndale Art Center will feature Otabenga Jones & Associates. This project will be the fourth mural at Lawndale Art Center. In addition to the mural at Lawndale there will be a series of adjacent programs, kicking off a year-long commitment to health education. Programs will include cooking classes, a foraging workshop, an urban gardening workshop and a line of mass produced lunchboxes that will be made available to the public.

How the Light Gets In: Recent Work by Former Core Fellows

Glassell School of Art

October 10, 2014 through January 11, 2015

In homage to the building that has been the MFAH’s Core program's home since its inception, Mary Leclère and Lily Cox-Richard have organized a show of seven former Core fellows. Featuring works by Mequitta Ahuja, Vasco Araújo, Nick Barbee, Steffani Jemison, Karyn Olivier, Fraser Stables, and Jeff Williams. After this show, the Glassell will host the spring 2015 Core Exhibition and then THAT’S IT for this iconic building.

Stories of a Workforce: Celebrating the Centennial of the Houston Ship Channel

Houston Public Library’s Julia Ideson Building

September 2, 2014 through January 31, 2015

Houston wouldn't be Houston without the Ship Channel, and this show will explore the "lore of work" associated with the city's port — and there is nothing not to love about their press image of the heavily tattooed young man suggestively wrangling two big ropes. Dockworkers of the world, UNITE! In conjunction with Transported + Renewed.

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