Top Five August 27, 2015

This week, Rainey Knudson and Christina Rees take on Vanity Fair cartoonists, Texas designers and the great outdoors.


Miguel Covarrubias moma sama

1. Miguel Covarrubias: Culture and Caricature
San Antonio Museum of Art
July 18 – October 18

An exhibition of over 140 works by Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias. Working as a painter, caricaturist, writer, cartographer, and illustrator, Covarrubias was awarded two Guggenheim Fellowships to produce ethnographical works. This exhibition brings together pieces from the museum’s collection, the Library of Congress, the Harry Ransom Center, and Yale University.


texas design now camh

2. Texas Design Now
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
August 22 – November 29

An exhibition of fashion, accessories, furniture and industrial design by artists working in Texas. The works in the show vary greatly in style and in their functionality within the home. This show is co-organized by Chris Goins and Garrett Hunter.


frank reaugh ransom center

3. Frank Reaugh: Landscapes of Texas and the American West
Harry Ransom Center (Austin)
August 4 – November 29

An exhibition of works by Frank Reaugh, an artist who interpreted unsettled, Southwest America through the lens of American Impressionism. Reaugh rode with cowboys and ranchers in an attempt to accurately document locations throughout Texas.


ted kincaid talley dunn

4. Ted Kincaid: Monday’s Romance Is Tuesday’s Sad Affair
Talley Dunn Gallery (Dallas)
August 29 – October 24
Opens August 29,  5–8PM

An exhibition of new work by Dallas-based artist Ted Kincaid. Recalling classic landscape painters, these paintings by Kincaid blur forms and deconstruct the possibility of narrative in an attempt to emphasize the tension between dream and reality.


janet prichard ttu

5. Collecting Yellowstone, vol. 2 in the Yellowstone Dreams – An American Love Story Trilogy
Texas Tech University SRO Photo Gallery (Lubbock)
August 19 – September 13

An exhibition of works by Janet Pritchard that focus on the intersection of cultural history and the American landscape of Yellowstone.


Top Five August 20, 2015

This week, Brandon Zech and Christina Rees see out the summer with shows in Austin, Houston, and Dallas, and somewhere along the way, Dungeons & Dragons comes up.


summer school colab

Co-Lab Projects at the Canopy Complex (Austin)
August 8 – 29

A three-part pop-up exhibition: “Labile Affect” (Natalie Bradford, Whitney Hill, Tsz Kam, and Kate Wilson); “Peels” (Kayla Jones and Lillian Byrd); and “You Are When You Sleep” (Brittany Reeber with collaborators Lucy Kerr, Jen Rachid, Carmen Hilbert, Aaron Berecka, and Matt Sledge).


central trak calarts

2. It Came From CalArts
CentralTrak (Dallas)
August 22 – September 19
Opens August 22, 8-10PM

An exhibition comprised of nine Texas artists who are CalArts alumni. Curated by Robin Myrick, a writer and artist based in Dallas, this exhibition brings together artists in different mediums and cities to examine how they are navigating the Texas landscape. Artists include Justin Boyd, Elaine Bradford, Danielle Dean, Adrian Esparza, Robin Myrick, Denise Prince, Peter Bo Rappmund, Ariane Roesch, and David Stout.


mass hotbox residency

3. 2015 Hotbox Residency
Mass Gallery (Austin)
August 10 – September 7
Various events August 26 – September 4

A summer residency program where the gallery is turned into a working studio space. The two artists, Josh House and Rachel Simone Weil, are both Austin-based and will be able to engage with the Austin community throughout the residency.



4. Estranged Space
August 23 – September 30
Opens August 23, 11AM-2PM

In this exhibition, artist Alyssa Hawkins presents a series of subtle interventions that question our perceptions of home and domestic space. For this show, Hawkins has placed personal objects throughout an individual’s family home. This brings up questions of aesthetics and care, as well as the relationship between those who continuously inhabit a space and those who temporarily visit.


prh summer studios 2015

5. Summer Studios 2015
Project Row Houses (Houston)
August 22 – September 27
Artist talk August 20, 6:30-8PM
Opening August 22, 4-7PM

An exhibition of PRH’s 2015 Summer Studio artists. These students have been creating community-based projects under the guidance of William Cordova and Ryan Dennis. Participating artists include Sula Bermudez-Silverman, Guadalupe Hernandez, Jennifer Mendez, Kingsley Onyeiwu, Shaun Parker, and Kandise Ponce. Summer Studios 2015 will also feature an installation by William Cordova.

Top Five August 13, 2015

This week, Christina and Rainey get sidetracked on a conversation about how artists need to get out of school and stay out of school.


henning early awnings

1. Henning Bohl with Sergei Tcherepnin: Early Awnings
Blaffer Art Museum (Houston)
May 29 – September 5

An exhibition featuring an immersive installation of sculptures, drawings, and sounds by German artist Henning Bohl and American artist Sergei Tcherepnin.


homo arigato trecartin

2. Homo Arigato: SIBLING TOPICS (Ryan Trecartin)
Alamo Drafthouse @ the Ritz (Austin)
August 19, 2015 | 6:45–8 pm

A film by video artist Ryan Trecartin. In Sibling Topics (2009), four sisters (played by Trecartin) go through various stories that include romance, personal history, and spontaneous encounters. These events ultimately lead to the destruction of their family unit.


christie blizard mcnay

3. Artists Looking at Art: Christie Blizard
McNay Art Museum (San Antonio)
August 13 – September 30
Artist Talk: August 13, 6:30–7:30PM

An exhibition/lecture by Christie Blizard, a San Antonio-based artist. Blizard’s recent work has focused on popular culture, specifically, pop-up guerrilla performances where she and others hold up paintings in the crowd of the Today show and Good Morning America. These gestures aim to disrupt the typical flow of televised entertainment.


only knowledge worth possessing grayduck

4. The Only Knowledge Worth Possessing
grayDUCK Gallery (Austin)
August 14 – September 13
Opens August 14, 7–10PM

An exhibition with works by nine artists who participated in The Contemporary Austin’s Crit Group 2015 program. This show includes work in all media and explores the notions of authorship, the surveillance of bodies, and the politics of digital processes.


torres clear lake

5. Bernadette Esperanza Torres: Blooming Dreams and Fading Memories
University of Houston, Clear Lake Art Gallery
August 14 – October 22
Reception August 13, 5–7PM

An exhibition of ceramic sculptures that serve as autobiographical narratives of the artist.

Video: Discovery Zones

Houston artist Iva Kinnaird captured the crowed at the Discovery Zones evening of performance at Transco Dance Club on July 25th, 2015.


Top Five August 6, 2015

Brandon Zech and Rainey Knudson count ’em down, with a special bonus appearance by veteran Houston gallerist Barbara Davis at the end!

real show old jail

1. The Real Show
Old Jail Art Center (Albany)
June 6 – September 6

A group exhibition exploring unique depicted realities beyond “realistic” rendering. Includes works by Seth Alverson, Daniel Blagg, Dennis Blagg, Julie Bozzi, Jason Cytacki, Ann Ekstrom, Patrick Faulhaber, Pat Gabriel, Marshall K. Harris, John Hartley, Kirk Hayes, Rachel Hecker, Tim Liddy, Kim Cadmus Owens, Ryder Richards, Erick Swenson, and Sarah Williams.


donald lipski whisky

2. Donald Lipski: Whiskey River
Barbara Davis Gallery (Houston)
June 19 – August 15

An exhibition featuring a series of new Scotch filled glass creations made over the last year by artist Donald Lipski with glass artisans at The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA; Wheaton Arts in Millville, NJ; and at his Red Hook, Brooklyn studio.


tsuchigama project

3. Archaeology and Art: Tsuchigama Project
Fort Worth Contemporary Arts
August 8, 9 AM – 5 PM

A free, one-day symposium on ancient Japanese ceramic arts and the collaborative project of Japanese sculptor Tadashi Hirakawa and a team of archaeologists whom have uncovered ancient tsuchigamas (dirt kilns) and have been working for several years to recreate the ancient kiln type.


third coast national 2015

4. Third Coast National
K Space Contemporary (Corpus Christi)
August 7 – September 18,
Opens August 7, 5:30–9PM

The 8th annual, juried Third Coast National exhibition features 46 works by 35 artists from around the country–including photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture.


ryann slauson ambition

5. Ryann Slauson: Ambition
Scott Charmin Gallery (Houston)
July 11 – August 16

An exhibition of works images and objects by artist Ryann Slauson representing personal memories, family mythologies, and scraps of popular culture.

Top Five July 30, 2015

This week, Rainey Knudson and Christina Rees tackle ocean trenches, CHAOS, and an exhibition they know nothing about.



1. Seditious Industrial Complex™ Licensing Office
Sala Diaz (San Antonio)
July 31 – August 30, 2015
Opens July 31, 6–9 pm

An exhibition by the Seditious Industrial Complex (SIC), a multinational entity specializing in the methodical organization and repackaging of complex seditions into bite-size chunks. Their licensing experts will be offering intensive presentations on July 31st and August 7th (6-9PM). “If you’ve made a decision…can you really afford not to have intellectual property law on your side?


whispering bayou

2. Whispering Bayou
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
July 31 – November 1, 2015
Opens July 31, 6:30–9 pm

An multi-media installation reflecting Houston through an ever-evolving, interactive assemblage of audiovisual impressions. The show is a collaboration of Houston filmmaker and community activist Carroll Parrott Blue, French composer and multimedia artist Jean-Baptiste Barrière, and New York composer and computer interactive artist George Lewis, along with a number of local contributors.


choaos ro2

3. CHAOS!!! 2015
Ro2 Art Downtown (Dallas)
August 1 – September 12, 2015
Opens August 1,  7–10 pm

A group exhibition featuring small works by over 100 artists.


daniel johnson and jeff f wheeler redbud

4. Daniel Johnston & Jeff F. Wheeler: On Their Way to Heaven or Hell
Redbud Gallery (Houston)
August 1 – 30, 2015
Opens August 1, 6–9 pm

An exhibition of individual drawings and recent collaborations between two iconic Texas artists, Daniel Johnston and Jeff F. Wheeler.



5. Shawn Camp: Aphotic Zone
Northern-Southern LLC (Austin)
July 31 – September 5, 2015
Opens July 31, 6:30–10 pm

An exhibition of artist Shawn Camp’s backlit paintings in a black gallery with light cycling from dim to total darkness. The title refers to the depth of the ocean at which sunlight is no longer visible.

Top Five July 23, 2015

This week we are back with a video and are introducing our new Assistant Editor, Brandon Zech!



1. QFest
Multiple venues throughout Houston
July 23 – July 27

The 19th iteration of Houston’s Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – a non-profit dedicated to promoting the media arts as a powerful tool for communication and cooperation among diverse communities by presenting films, videos, and programs by, about, or of interest to the LGBT community.


zapata mcnay

2. Viva Zapata!
McNay Art Museum
May 20 – August 16

An exhibition drawn from the McNay’s collection of Mexican modernist prints, exploring various artist’s depictions of the controversial revolutionary figure, Emiliano Zapata.



3. The Games We Play
William Campbell Contemporary Art
June 25 – August 1
Margarita Happy Hour Thursday, July 23, 5-7 pm

An exhibition of paintings, painted sculptures, and mixed media works by artists Tim Liddy, Fred Stonehouse, and Charles Waller, who employ pop culture references to communicate their perceptions of the human condition.



4. Joomi Chung: SwarmJessica Battes: NucleotideNyssa Juneau: Three Sides to Every Story
BOX 13 ArtSpace
July 25 – September 5
Opens July 25, 7-9PM

In the Downstairs Front BOX, Joomi Chung presents abstracting thoughts and sensation into a expanding web of manually woven and painted lines, in Swarm. Nyssa Juneau  investigates Platonic solids, inparticular the icosahedron a 20-sided regular polygon in her exhibition Three Sides to Every Story, in the Downstair Back BOX. Nucleotide, presented by Jessica Battes explores concepts and phases in genetics and human cells in the Window BOX.



5. Wrong Gallery
Works by Gerardo Arellano
Opens July 25, 3-5PM

An opening with works by Mexican artist and musician Gerardo Arellano. There is a $5 cover that will go to Grand Companions, a Fort Davis animal shelter. The opening features music by Gerardo and DJ Robotica.

Top Five July 9, 2015

It’s summertime! Cool beer. Hot art. Go see it all, and come by the Big Show opening at Lawndale Friday night, where we’ll be shooting video and handing out koozies. (you know you want one)



1. The Big Show 2015
Lawndale Art Center
July 10 – August 8, 2015
Opens July 10, 6:30–8:30 pm

An annual open-call, juried exhibition, this year featuring works by 62 artists selected by juror George Scheer, co-founder of Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC.




2. Kira Lynn Harris: Glittering Dystopias
Women & Their Work
July 11 – August 29, 2015
Opens July 11, 7–9 pm

An exhibition of new, site specific drawings and installations by New York-based artist Kira Lynn Harris examining visual representations of the city in contemporary culture.




July 9 – August 29, 2015
Opens July 9, 6–8 pm

An exhibition about representation, sexual orientation, gender identity expression, and society featuring photographic works focused on LGBTQ communities by nine international artists Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst, Sunil Gupta, Lindsay Morris, Frédéric Nauczyciel, Irina Popova, Anna Charlotte Schmid, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, and Charan Singh.




4. William Wegman: Good Dogs on Nice Furniture
Texas Gallery
July 9 – August 15, 2015
Opens July 9, 6–8 pm

An exhibition of photographs in which Wegman’s good doggies pose on fancy furniture by Herman Miller, Charles and Ray Eames, and George Nelson. **We’re bringing Wegman to Houston for a talk in the spring of 2016 as part of OFF ROAD, our new speaker series!!**

OK, the link Rainey mentioned isn’t online but here’s a great early video by Wegman from the 1970s.




5. Dallas Gallery Day!
Various Venues
Saturday, July 11, 2015 | 12–8 pm

Sweatin’ in Big D!! This year’s participating spaces can be found here.

Top Five July 2, 2015 with special guest star Michael Bise!

This week Michael Bise struggles to suspend his disbelief as he counts down our list of Themed Summer Group Shows! See the outtakes from the video HERE.



1. Patent Pending
Charles Adams Studio Project
One night only! July 3, 2015 | 6–9 pm

A group invitational exhibition of dozens of artists, all responding to an original book of U.S. Patents from 1961 – 1965. [HERE is a podcast from KTTZ with the show’s organizer, Jon Whitfill.]



2. Nature on the Edge: Mutation and Hybridity in 21st Century Art
Bihl Haus Arts
Through July 25, 2015

Lecture: July 11, 2015 | 2–3 pm
“Denature by Design: A Sociological Exploration of Disasters,” a gallery talk on the human response to disasters exacerbated by climate change by Lisa Zottarelli, PhD (Director, Social Sciences and Humanities, San Antonio College)

Special event: July 18, 2015 | 2–3 pm
“Nature on the Edge” poetry reading organized by poet Mobi Warren, founder of

A group show of 17 established and up-and-coming San Antonio artists on the theme of the environment. Curated by David Rubin.



3. irrational.City
Bath House Cultural Center
July 3 – August 1, 2015
Opens Friday, July 3, 7–9 pm

A group exhibition focusing on constructions of identity amid an imagined post-apocalyptic cultural landscape, including works by artist Dwayne Carter, Mona Kasra, Randall Garrett, Michael A. Morris, Colette Copeland, Thor Johnson, Patrick Murphy, Mitch Gellar, Ren Rowland, Patrick Patterson-Carroll, and Jeff Parrott, included are French artists Quintin Rivera-Toro, Clorinde Durand, Le Gentil Garcon, Eric Dizambourg, Philippe Astorg.




4. The Art of Gaman
Holocaust Museum Houston
Through September 20, 2015

It’s title referring to the Japanese concept of gaman, “to endure the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity,” this exhibition features more than 120 creative artifacts made by Japanese Americans while incarcerated in internment camps during World War II.



5. Redefining Print: Contemporary Prints from Women of The African Diaspora
The Community Artists’ Collective
Through August 28, 2015

An exhibition featuring unconventional print works examining identity, race, gender and social issues affecting women of the African diaspora. Features work by artists Rabéa Ballin, Ann “Sole Sister” Johnson, Delita Martin, Lovie Olivia, Jessica Gatlin, Abigail Lucien, Althea Murphy-Price, and Sukenya Best.



Top Five: June 25, 2015 with Special Guest Star Heyd Fontenot!

Our special guest star this week is Heyd Fontenot, beloved empresario of Centraltrak, the residency in Dallas!!



1. Phyllida Barlow: Tryst
Nasher Sculpture Center
Through August 30, 2015

An exhibition of new large-scale assemblage works by British sculptor Phyllida Barlow.




2. The Mother Art
Through July 18, 2015

Artist talk: June 27, 4–5 pm
“Impact Proof” artist talk & mini-workshop with Calder Kamin

Lecture: July 11, 4–5 pm
“Animal Architects” talk with ecologist and Art.Science.Gallery director Dr. Hayley Gillespie

Closing: July 18, 6–8 pm
Potluck Dinner

A group exhibition in which six artists explore the structures of a diversity of animal architects including birds, spiders, corals, ants and mollusks. Features work by Calder Kamin, Monica Kortsha, Annell Livingston, Marjorie Moore, Courtney Mattison, and Walter Tschinkel.




3. Jesse J. Griffith: Hyperfocus
Closes June 27, 2015

An MFA exhibition including a variety of video installation works by artist and CentralTrak resident Jesse J. Griffith that capture moments of personal solace.




4. PrintHouston 2015
Through September 6, 2015

PrintHouston is the annual summertime festival of printmaking. Visit the complete listings HERE.




5. And They Papered The Room
Liliana Bloch Gallery
June 27 – August 1, 2015
Opens June 27, 6–9 pm

A group exhibition featuring a variety of paper works, including art by Mayra Barraza, Tim Best, Kristen Cochran, Michael Corris, Ann Glazer, Lynne Harlow, Letitia Huckaby, Vince Jones, Kathy Lovas, Shawn Mayer, Leigh Merrill, Mi-Hee Nahm and Sally Warren.

Top Five: June 18, 2015 with Special Guest Star Jennie Ash!

Our special guest star this week is Jennie Ash, Visual Arts Director at Art League Houston!! Like everything else, the Top Five is always better in a British accent. Jennie joined Rainey Knudson on a wet day at Project Row Houses to count down this week’s list!



1. Not That But This Website Launch Party
Project Row Houses
Saturday, June 20, 7–9 pm

A celebration for the Houston-based webzine showcasing contemporary art and culture created by people of color. Meet contributing writers and enjoy music provided by DJ Flash Gordon Parks.




2. Round 42: The One and the Many (A Self-Portrait in Seven Parts)
Project Row Houses
Closes June 21!

Project Row Houses’ Round 42 exhibitions are guest curated by former PRH/Core fellow Sally Frater and feature the work of artists from Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States. Participating artists include Alexandre Arrechea, Erika DeFreitas, Delio Delgado, Nathaniel Donnett, Kenya Evans, Ayanna Mccloud, and Nicole Miller.




3. Jazz On Film
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The Cool World (1964): June 19, 7–8:45 pm

Jack Johnson (1970): June 20, 7–8:30 pm

A screening series exploring intersections of jazz and cinema with classic and rare performance films, documentaries, and narrative movies with jazz scores. Full schedule HERE.




4. Esther Pearl Watson: Pasture Cows Crossing Indian Creek…
Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Through May 30, 2016

A long-term atrium exhibition of a mural-size painting by Texas artist Esther Pearl Watson capturing her childhood memories of Comanche, TX. The piece is titled Pasture Cows Crossing Indian Creek, Comanche, Texas, Looking for the old Civilian Fort of 1851, North of Gustine and a mile west of Baggett Creek Church.

See Esther’s work also at Webb Gallery in the group show “Mother Popcorn,” through August 2!




5. Mash-Up Lecture Series
McNay Art Museum

“Furniture & Fashion” with Andrew Wit (International Practitioner in Residence, Ball State University) and fashion designer Angelina Mata.
Lecture: July 2, 2015 | 6:30–7:30 pm

“Signs & Scrap Metal” with Norma Jeanne Maloney (Owner of Red Rider Paint & Sign Studio) and Jordan Vexler (COO, Monterrey Iron and Metal)
Lecture: July 16, 2015 | 6:30–7:30 pm

A series of unconventional, interactive lectures in which two accomplished professionals present unrelated topics and invite participants to make connections.

Top Five: June 11, 2015

And here it is! We got hard-hitting Latinos, clever women and a late-blooming name changer:


1. Luis Jimenez: Prints, Drawings, and Sculptures

Moody Gallery
Through July 2, 2015

An exhibition of work by Luis Jimenez made between1968 and his death in 2006. Held in conjunction with PrintHouston.


2. José Torres-Tama: Aliens, Immigrants & Other Evildoers
The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center
Performances: June 19 & 20, 8–9 pm
Lecture: June 21, 2–3 pm

A series of workshops, performances, and a live hybrid lecture by Ecuadorian-born performance artist José Torres-Tama, held during his week-long residency. His “Aliens, Immigrants & Other Evildoers” is a sci-fi Latino noir one-man show that satirizes the status of immigrants as “extraterrestrials” and exposes the hypocrisies of a system that vilifies the same people whose labor it exploits.


3. Carolyn Sortor: Infrathin 29.401248 x -98.485324
Epitome Institute
June 13 – July 11, 2015
Opens June 13, 6–9 pm

An exhibition of work by Carolyn Sortor based on the “infrathin” conceived of by Marcel Duchamp and adapted by Kenneth Goldsmith for exploring location, national and other boundaries, and the distinctions among various dimensions.


4. Sara Frantz: The Pleasure Seekers
David Shelton Gallery
Through July 4, 2015

An exhibition of the latest gouache and graphite landscapes by artist Sara Frantz.


5. Zeke Williams: Heat Check
Erin Cluley Gallery
June 13 – July 11, 2015
Opens June 13, 6–8 pm

An exhibition featuring a series of large-scale paintings by Dallas-based artist Zeke Williams inspired by the intersections of contemporary fashion, the female form, and technology.

Top 5: June 4, 2015

This week: a show that shrinks itself, a show that freezes things, and couple of shows that give us that fuzzy TBT feeling.

1. Holly Johnson. Back & Forth: Celebrating 10 Years

Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas
April 4 – June 20, 2015

“A group exhibition commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Holly Johnson Gallery and featuring work by several of the gallery’s artists.”


2. Michael Jones McKean: A hundred twenty six billion acres

Inman Gallery, Houston
May 29-July 4

“An exhibition of new work by Michael Jones McKean–assembled sculptures and wall-works in unexpected configurations.”


3. Texas Modernists

Grace Museum, Abeline
May 28 – October 24

“Five exhibitions celebrating important Texas modern artists and midcentury fashion and design–Seymour Fogel: On The Wall & BeyondThe Abstract Impulse; Ray & Charles Eames: Masters of the 20th Century Design; Fabulous Fifties Fashion & Design.”


4. Jon Revett: The Glacier Project

The Safe Room at Texas Theater, Dallas
June 4 – 18, 2015
Opens June 5, from 6–9 p.m.

“An evolving installation by Amarillo-based artist Jon Revett’s about transformation and cultural synthesis, featuring old records in various formations, their covers screen printed with Islamic tessellations.”

Link to Revett’s essay mentioned in the video, My Life With Amarillo Ramp, here.


5. Extremely Shorts Film Festival 18

Aurora Picture Show, Houston
June 5 and 6
Screening: June 5, 7-10 p.m.
Screening: June 6, 7:30-8:30 p.m. with awards afterward.

“This festival program features 20-25 adventurous mini-masterpieces (each under three minutes long), this year juried by Jolene Pinder, Executive Director of the New Orleans Film Festival. Audience Choice cash awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the Sunday screening.”


Top 5: May 28, 2015


This week: creepy Internet addiction, ye goode olde dayes of buffalo slaughter, and–finally being screened for the first time–a Christian Marclay video about a terrible event in Texas’ past: the horrific murder of James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper in 1998.


1. Christian Marclay: Guitar Drag
May 28 – August 30, 2015
Opens May 28, 6–9 pm

“During his 1999 Artpace residency Marclay created Guitar Drag, a 14-minute video depicting a pickup truck dragging an amplified, electric guitar tied by a rope across a Texas roadway to its aggressive destruction. This performance piece was created partly in response to the 1998 murder of 49-year-old James Byrd, Jr. of Jasper, TX by three white supremacists. Sixteen years after its initial making, Artpace will proudly present the completed version of Marclay’s film.”




2. Mirror Stage—Visualizing the Self After the Internet
Dallas Museum of Art
Through December 6, 2015

CREEPY INTERNET ADDICTION, and other ways we use the web. Or as the DMA puts it, “an exhibition featuring videos by eight artists examining the changing understanding and representation of the self via digital technology and the Internet.” A different artist’s work on view each month. #2 is Jon Rafman, up until June 7 and well worth a watch.




3. Box 13 Openings: Chris Sauter, Tom Orr + Arthur Peña, Diana-Sophia Estrada, Emily Fleisher: Dove-otionals
BOX 13 ArtSpace
May 30 – July 4, 2015
Opens May 30, 7–9 pm

A good-looking group of shows at Houston’s biggest artist-run space. (Below: Chris Sauter)




4. Oak Cliff Visual Speed Bump Tour 2015
Various Venues
May 30, 2015 | 12–6 pm

A free-admission art tour featuring a diversity of work by maverick artists in 15 open studios and venues in the heart of the Oak Cliff. Maps available at Mighty Fine Arts. More info HERE




5. George Catlin’s American Buffalo
Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
May 29 – August 30, 2015
Opens May 29, 5:30–7:30 pm

A touring exhibition of 40 paintings by artist George Catlin (1796–1872) showing the crucial role of the buffalo in Plains Indian culture. These historic works from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collection.



Go see some art.


Top 5: May 21, 2015

GOURDS!! And punk’s not dead. Here’s the lineup:



1. Jules Buck Jones
Conduit Gallery, Dallas
Through June 20, 2015

Three new exhibitions: Jules Buck Jones’ “Portraits of an Invisible Predator”; Matt Clark’s “Serendipity”; and Scott Daniel Ellison’s “Short Stories.”


 (The photo of Jules Buck Jones in the video is by Rodney Rogers.)


2. Reading: Richard Hell
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH)
May 23 | 2–3 pm

A reading by Richard Hell, the author of I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp, is held in conjunction with Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty.




3. Natasha Bowdoin: HEX∆M
Old Jail Art Center, Albany
Through May 24, 2015

Intricately layered collages by artist Natasha Bowdoin, taking some inspiration from the initials HEX∆M carved into the limestone blocks that form the OJAC’s 1877 jail. This show is part of the Cell Series of exhibitions.




4. Shape Zines Pop-Up
The Reading Room, Dallas
May 23, 2015 | 12–7 pm

Zines! Zines! Organized by Randy Guthmiller: Sally Glass, Brooke Granowski, Larry Carey, Evan Henry, Travis LaMothe, Shelby Meier, Patrick Romeo, Lauren Smart, Zeke Williams.




5. Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show
Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, Kerrville
May 21 – June 28, 2015
Special event: May 23, 2015 | 1–3 pm

A juried exhibition featuring over 150 pieces of gourd art by artists from around the country using every technique and style imaginable on the natural pods.


Top 5: May 14, 2015

Rainey and Christina count down this week’s list!



1. Kevin Beasley: Black Rocker
Dallas Museum of Art
May 15, 2015 | 6 pm – 12 am
Artist talk: May 14, 2015 | 7–8 pm

The debut of a new work by New York-based artist Kevin Beasley–a sound performance piece with interactive sculptural components including the rocking chair referred to in the title. The museum’s atrium will be activated between 6pm and midnight, with timed performances by Beasley throughout the evening




2. Michelle Devereux and Christa Palazzolo: Natural Future Museum
Mass Gallery
May 15 – June 13, 2015
Opens May 15, 7–11 pm

A show of drawing, painting, and installation work by artists Michelle Devereux and Christa Palazzolo speculating on what a natural history museum of the future would look like, and how our current culture might be interpreted.




3. Will Johnson: Chalked Lines/Stolen Signs
Yard Dog Gallery
Through May 31, 2015

A show of work by Austin artist and musician Will Johnson exploring the history of baseball in a series of player portraits.




4. Yoshua Okón: Pulpo (Octopus)
El Paso Museum of Art
Through June 14, 2015

Mexico City artist Yoshua Okón’s video piece Pulpo (Octopus) offers an alternative presentation of the Guatemalan Civil War–enacted in a Los Angeles Home Depot parking lot by people who actually fought in the war and are now day laborers in the US.




5. Devon Nowlin: Casual Luxury Complex
Artspace 111, Fort Worth
May 15 – June 20, 2015
Opens May 15, 5–8:30 pm

For this exhibition of new paintings, photographs and small sculptures by Fort Worth artist Devon Nowlin that speak to ideas of marketing, personal image, and the drive to curate “casual luxury” lifestyle.

Top 5: May 7, 2015

Christina and Rainey are heavy on the sci-fi and naked ladies this week. Here’s the list:



1. Feature: Marjorie Schwarz
May 7 – 31, 2015
Opening: May 7 | 6–8 pm
The Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas

New paintings by Dallas-based artist Marjorie Schwarz.



2. Bobby Scheidemann: Together at Sunset
May 8 – 23, 2015
Opening: May 8, 2015 | 7–9 pm
ATM Gallery/Studio

An exhibition photographic works–ranging from portraits to sculptural interactions–by Austin-based Bobby Scheidemann created while taking walks along Interstate 35 during rush hour.




3. 5th Annual CineMarfa Film Festival
May 7 – 10, 2015
Crowley Theater, Marfa

The annual CineMarfa festival emphasizes experiments and intersections in cinema, this year with a focus on science fiction and outer space. Full schedule HERE




4. Liz Rodda: Total Body
May 8 – June 13, 2015
Opening: May 8, 2015 | 6–8:30 pm
Lawndale Art Center, Houston

An exhibition of work by artist Liz Rodda incorporating a sea of collected video clips from TV, music videos, and vlogs, with spoken text by Roman philosopher and poet Lucretius.




5. Justyna Gorowska: FWJG
Through May 8, 2015

An exhibition by Polish performance artist Justyna Gorowska–her first international exhibition. The artist reorients our fascination with the late Francesca Woodman’s sensibilities, using Gilles Deleuze’s concept of desire as a catalyst.



Go see some art.


Bill’s Sayonara Top Five: April 30, 2015

Rainey visits Bill’s Junk for Bill’s sayonara performance on Glasstire’s weekly Top Five video, but they are interrupted by a space battle.



1. Annabel Livermore: Unseen Works
Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas
April 18 through May 23, 2015

Rarely seen oil paintings and watercolors by El Paso artist Annabel Livermore, the alter-ego of West Texas guru James Magee. Full of portent and dream-like narrative.


dorn figures
2. Kent Dorn: Into the Night
The Safe Room at the Texas Theater, Dallas
Apr 25- May 30

Dorn’s nightscapes parody the pathos of 19th Century American landscape paintings with contemporary characters. add some earler works, and it’s a great introduction to the Houston painter for Dallasites.

BONUS: Avengers: Age of Ultron preview screening  on tonite, Thursday, April 30, at 10pm!


3. Jesse Amado: 30 Day Rx
Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio
April 30 – June 6
Opening: April 30,  6–8 pm
Artist talk: May 9,  1–2 pm

New works by San Antonio artist Jesse Amado informed by his recent personal experience with illness and prescription drugs, and felt.



4. Paintings by Rich Cali & Dan Phillips
Webb Gallery, Waxahachie
April 12- May 31

Philips, the great Dallas furniture maker’s paintings on paper reflect a folksy early American sensibiliy. Paired with symbolic graphics by Rich Cali.


star wars
5. War’Hous 4th Annual Star Wars Art Festival
2500 Summer Street, Houston
Saturday May 2 & Sunday, May 3, 12-6pm

Would you rather have a good painting of Chewbacca or a kitchy, wonderfully terrible painting of Chewbacca? We choose the latter. $5 (exact change!) at the door. Kids under 12 are FREE!

Top Five: April 16, 2015

Glasstire’s Christina Rees and Bill Davenport talk over the week’s best art events in Texas, do some amateur climate modeling and a pratfall.
1. Alejandro Diaz: It Takes a Village
Linda Pace Foundation, San Antonio
April 18 – September 12
Opening: April 17, 6–8 pm
Artist talk: April 18, 2–3 pm

An exhibition of sculptures, paintings, hand-woven tapestry, and a new site-specific installation by New York-based artist Alejandro Diaz. Having grown up in San Antonio, much of Diaz’ work is influenced by elements of Mexican/Texan cultures.


2. Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
April 18 – August 2
Opening: April 17, 6:30–9 pm
Artist talk: April 18, 2–3 pm

An exhibition surveying artist Marilyn Minter’s explorations of our culture’s deepest impulses, compulsions, and fantasies, as well as the complex and contradictory ideas of the feminine body. The show includes paintings made between 1976 and 2013, video works, and photographs.


3. Joseph Phillips: Come On, Son, Let Me Tell You A Lie
Sala Diaz, San Antonio
April 17 – May 17
Opening: April 17, 6–9 pm

An exhibition of new works by Austin-based artist Joseph Phillips exploring the idea of frontiers and his roles as artist, husband, and father.


4. Sara Condo & Lindsay Hutchens

Permanent.Collection, 3501 Gonzales St., Austin
April 19 – May 10
Opening: April 19, 3–6 pm
Closing reception and yard sale: May 10, 3–6 pm

An exhibition of photographs, film, and participatory installation by Chicago-based photographer/filmmaker Sara Condo and Austin-based photographer Lindsay Hutchens exploring, and diminishing, the symbolic powers of mundane objects seeped in narrative.


5. Menilfest / Gulf Coast Indie Book Fair / Zine Fest
Menil Collection, Houston
April 18, 11am – 6 pm

The combined Menilfest, Gulf Coast Indie Book Fair, and  Zine Fest present a day filled with art, books, performances, films, and food. The Omni Brass Band pays tribute to Michael Heizer’s hazrdous lawn sculptures as 70 literary journals, local booksellers, small presses, and authors vend their wares. Full schedule here.

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