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Mirror Mirror #7: HOMECOMING! Committee

So I’m bringing back my series Mirror Mirror to Glasstire which was named in honor of its first posting and dedicated to all the multitasking, […]

Mirror Mirror #7: HOMECOMING! Committee

Dallas Wrap Up: Live Large, Think Big.

A crazy whirlwind of art and reunions in Dallas this past weekend. It was really hopping and I am exhausted. I’ll be moving back this […]

Dallas b

Similar but Different #28: Like Us

This Thursday April 12th will be the last of 2012’s Viewpoints lecture series at the University of Texas here in Austin. Invitees Sina Najafi and […]

Harry Pointer's 1870 photo of coaxed kitties.

Art on the Green at Laguna Gloria

Art on the Green is an outdoor art installation brought to life by curator Andrea Mellard at AMOA-Arthouse’s Laguna Gloria. Austin artists, architects, and landscape […]

OKAY Mountain- detail. 2012.

Similar but Different #27: Glitter!

“In a world where proving yourself is everything”… I present Similar but Different #27: Glitter! Mariah Carey Oliver Herring “After its scheduled run, Meulensteen (formerly […]

The Constant State of Desire.1987

Katie Paterson: Focus in Fort Worth

Existing somewhere between visual poetry, scientific investigation and environmental loss is the work of Katie Paterson. It is quiet and blue (sometimes in color and […]

Light Bulb to Simulate Moonlight (2008).

Los Angeles Wrap Up: Ming Wong at REDCAT

One of the best things I saw while in Los Angeles was Ming Wong’s Making Chinatown at REDCAT. The Singapore-born, Berlin-based artist turned the gallery […]

Ming Wong, study for "Making Chinatown," 2011. Coutesy the artist.

Los Angeles Wrap Up: Part One

I flew down to LA last week in honor of CAA, The College Art Association. While the majority of my peers went to panels, school […]

The Hotel Bonadventure in LA.

Similar but Different #26: Teeth

A few months back while at Artpace I saw the work of Scottish artist Graham Fagen and connected with his installation. Teeth have been a […]

A Diamond In The Rough- Jessica Sea

Trickle Down Inspiration

Like many artists, I make the majority of my living teaching art. But not, mind you, in some fancy full time tenured sort of way. […]

Trickle Down Inspiration

Out and About or So it Begins…

How I wish I could be in 2 places at once this weekend- DFW and Austin/San Antonio. My apologies to the rest of Texas but […]

Out and About or So it Begins…

Similar but Different #25: Legs

Finding this image: Made me think of this: Which reminded me of another book cover: Which made me think of Austin’s own: A family needs […]

Similar but Different #25: Legs
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