Across Texas: Panoramic Film Photographs from Glasstire Road Trips

by Jessica Fuentes July 25, 2023

I’ve always loved a good road trip. There is something freeing about getting in a car and driving across the open roads of Texas with nothing but the highway and sky ahead of you. So, when I joined the Glasstire team in December 2021, the expectation of regular travels was the icing on top of an already exciting opportunity. In my first year, my travels included trips to Houston, Austin, the Texas Panhandle, East Texas, and Marfa, with unofficial trips to Nice, France and Washington, D.C.

As an active photographer for 25 years, anytime I travel I have a camera with me. For the entirety of my photographic practice, that camera has been a Minolta X-370. Over the years, it has come to be an extension of myself. I do have other cameras that I love, including a plastic Holga and an Ondu wooden pinhole camera, both of which use 120 film. But, earlier this year when I was picking up film from my local lab, a Hasselblad XPan caught my eye — a 35mm film camera with all the controls of my Minolta, but the beautiful cinematic panoramic capabilities of my other beloved cameras. I didn’t know that it was missing from my life until it was right in front of me. 

I rented the camera for a day to test it out and immediately went back to make the official purchase. The XPan has come with me on all of my Glasstire road trips this year, including visits to South Texas, San Antonio, El Paso, Marfa, Houston, and Galveston. Looking through the XPan’s viewfinder has been an exciting way to experience the various regions of our massive state, where the landscapes are as unique as the people I’ve met and the artworks I’ve seen along the way. 

Here are a dozen of my favorite shots so far.

A photograph of a concrete wall.

Jessica Fuentes, “Fort Worth Texas Barrier,” 2023.

A black and white photograph of shadows on a wall.

Jessica Fuentes, “Laredo wall,” 2023.

A photograph of shadowy palm trees in front of a deep blue sky.

Jessica Fuentes, “McAllen palms,” 2023.

A photograph of Space X in the distance.

Jessica Fuentes, “Space X,” 2023.

A photograph of the Gulf of Mexico obscured by fog.

Jessica Fuentes, “Corpus Christi fog,” 2023.

A black and white photograph of a snow covered mountain.

Jessica Fuentes, “Between Marfa and Alpine,” 2023.

A photograph of clouds in a blue sky.

Jessica Fuentes, “Texas sky,” 2023.

A photograph of the front facade of a house.

Jessica Fuentes, “Sala Diaz Compound House,” 2023.

A photograph of performance artist Christian Cruz standing next to a piñata.

Jessica Fuentes, “Christian Cruz before ‘The Piñata Dance,'” 2023.

A photograph of a foggy sunset.

Jessica Fuentes, “Foggy Galveston sunset,” 2023.

A photograph of the ocean and sky.

Jessica Fuentes, “Galveston,” 2023.


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Barbara Purcell July 27, 2023 - 12:08

Jessica, the XPan has served you well on your travels. Love the shots, especially Galveston at sunset and Far West Texas in snow.

Nick Bontrager July 30, 2023 - 12:28

I’m very jealous, I’ve been wanting to shoot with an Xpan for a while now!


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