Occupy LMFA: Artist Puts Himself on Display in Month-Long Live-In Exhibition in Longview

Artist Charles Arnoldlmfa window will move into and occupy the front window of the Longview Museum of Fine Arts for the entire month of March. According to the stunt’s Facebook page, Arnold is looking forward to his 31-day sentence: “a small army of artists creating t-shirts for me to wear (> 1 a day). I have a handful of food sponsors, as well… both personal and business based. I have a few commissions lined up for projects, and a boatload of hopes, dreams and ideas for activities… Let me know what you see in all of this, and I will consider that, too. Thanks, again everyone. I am thoroughly looking forward to this……..”

The event is part of an ongoing renaissance at LMFA, which has a new space, is planning a new sculpture garden, and has recently hired region-positive  provocateur Andy Don Emmons as its adult education director, and has already energized support in a community not known for contemporary performance art, mostly in the form of coffee, donuts, vegan meals, and media coverage.occupy lmfa logo

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