Art Dirt: The Weirdest Things About the Art World

by Glasstire July 19, 2020
ARCIS art storage facility

The ARCIS facility in New York. Image: via artnet / courtesy of ARCIS ©2018

Christina Rees and Brandon Zech discuss all of the weirdness we love (and hate) about the art world.

“When you hear about stolen artwork you may as well grieve the death of that work because you may never see it anywhere again.”

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SanjaySharma July 19, 2020 - 16:47

Love the discussion about painting and sculpture values. As an artist mostly making sculpture, I think it is definitely more difficult for most people to relate to. And I appreciate Brandon Zech’s comment that most people don’t know how much work goes into making a sculpture. People know what painting is and how it’s done. Most people don’t realize the scope of the phsyical effort of building and engineering. Painting on the other hand, has some accepted bases for people to start from. The generally know how painting is done. They are familiar with art being an object that goes on a wall, with a place from which to view. They know how to display it in their house.
I was a little surprised to hear that sculpture that there isn’t a recognition of the physical/spritual hand of the artist for sculpture. For me at least, making sculptures is my workout. I fantasize some days that I was a painter so I wouldn’t have to expend so much energy 🙂 . Also interesting that seeing the artist’s hand is important (and I agree), given how many well known contemporary artists have teams of employees who do the actual work.
Really enjoyed this one

Joachim West July 20, 2020 - 15:19

good podcast

Charles Mary Kubricht July 23, 2020 - 14:33

This podcast should be required listening for all art students. Amazingly, both of you are not cynical as you journey into some treacherous territory. Thanks for your truthful and clear description of the art world.

Julie Speed July 27, 2020 - 10:20

At the end of the podcast Brandon said to Christina, “You and I ……. we could keep going on all day. ”
My comment is: ” Yes yes yes……Please do.”
There were at least 6 subjects you touched on that I’d like to hear about in more detail from you guys.


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