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YES (the river knows)

The first FL!GHT Gallery opened in 2002 in Silo 15, once used by Big Tex Grain Co., on a then-unloved stretch of the San Antonio […]

YES (the river knows)

Chupacabrona, California. (One.)

Hey y’all.   This morning, I went to an intro to meditation workshop held at Shambhala Center Los Angeles. I woke up early to go! To […]

Welcome to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio: Wolverton and Guy Hundere

  That’s Wolverton! They’re a San Antonio art-rock band made up of Caralyn Snyder (vocals), Kate Terrell (vocals, keyboards), Jeremiah Teutsch (vocals, electric bass, fiddle, banjo), Hills […]

From L to R: Kate Terrell, Jeremiah Teutsch, Hills Snyder and Caralyn Snyder. Photo by Justin Parr, taken at Hot Wells.

Show and Tell: Chupacabrona (semi-) undocumented

There’s been a grave interruption in my tour reporting, I realize. Rigoberto Gonzalez Facebooked me thusly the other day: WTF? (I’m paraphrasing). Here’s what happened: from […]

A dirt road near San Benito, Freddy Fender's hometown. There's a water tower there with a portrait of him.  Hidalgo County.

Art Narc: Vildelife

My former landlord in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—a sphinx-like Teutonic manchild who sublet me one of the ad-hoc drywall sleeping lofts in the colossal warehouse he leased […]

Art Narc: Vildelife

Gisha, Emileigh, Juanito

  This is Guillermina “Gisha” Zabala, an artist and filmmaker from Argentina who makes her home in San Antonio with her Uruguayan husband Enrique Lopetegui, […]

Their fundraising deadline is January 9. Highly recommended.

Texas Contemporary Peeves and Qualms

So, the Texas Contemporary Art Fair is over. (Which gives me an excuse to post the above image. This particular Rachel Hecker piece is impactful […]

Texas Contemporary Peeves and Qualms
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