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Psychographic Consumer Profiling

A while back I bought some fancy sunscreen in Rice Village and then went to the nearby Starbucks for an iced tea. My credit card […]

Psychographic Consumer Profiling

Not a Big Fan of Clifford Owens

“Do something to me that you will regret but you won’t apologize for!” These were instructions delivered by Clifford Owens from a score written by Steffani Jemison as […]

after Clifford Owen's performance at Contemporary Art Museum Houston

Maker Faire Preview

What are you doing this Saturday? Come with me to Houston’s first Mini Maker Faire. I first heard about Maker Faire from Aisen Caro Chacin, […]

Action Figure Labs

Artist Profile: Aisen Caro Chacin

Sensory Substitution, Devices, Perception, Alternative Displays, Bone Conduction Hearing, Parametric Sound, Tactile Visual Displays, HipHop, Gastronomy, Echolocation, Accessibility, Hardware, Physiology, Bionics, Tongue Display Unit, Electrode […]

Play-a-grill, Echolocation Headphones, and PopMatrix

Main Street Projects

The windows at 3700 Main Street in Houston have been getting interesting. I live above this building and have grown increasingly curious about the project […]

Main Street Projects

M’Kina Tapscott’s New Soil

M’Kina Tapscott’s installation New Soil: Tessellations of Dark Matter is part of STACKS, a group show at Art League Houston curated by Robert Pruitt. Tapscott’s […]

M’Kina Tapscott’s New Soil

Nathaniel Donnett: ZZzzzzzz

ZZzzzzzz by Nathaniel Donnett was the result of his one-week residency at Art League Houston as part of the group show/mini residency STACKS, curated by Robert Pruitt. […]

Nathaniel Donnett: ZZzzzzzz

The Ten List: Walk as Art

“Walking, in particular drifting, or strolling, is already – with the speed culture of our time – a kind of resistance…a very immediate method for unfolding […]

Tightrope Walking

houston school of art

This letter appeared in Raid the Archive: The de Menil Years at Rice. I was told it would make me cry with disappointment at what could have been. […]

houston school of art

Cinema Arts Festival

I had an eyeball exhausting fun-filled weekend at this year’s Cinema Arts Festival.  Because there was so much of it, and because I don’t have […]

Medusa Smack by Vanessa Renwick. Photo by Mark Stein.

Stir at Gallery M Squared

Stir is a visually cohesive, materially investigative group show at M Squared Gallery as part of Print Matters. Rabéa Ballin, Lovie Olivia, Delita Martin and […]

Stir at Gallery M Squared

Stephen Kwok: Walled Garden

I’ve never met Stephen Kwok, but I was drawn into the work on his site enough to go visit his solo show, “Walled Garden” at […]

Daydream 11

“It’s a Phase” at Russ Pitman Park

It’s a Phase, curated by Divya Murthy, features work by Lina Dib, Ned Dodington, Tobias Fike, Allison Hunter, Barna Kantor, Gabriel Martinez, Abinadi Meza, Emily […]

It’s a Phase

Artist Profile: Jorge Galvan

Three years ago when I returned to Houston from art school, I went to a talk for Project Row Houses’ Summer Studios. While there, I […]

Jorge Galvan, "This Land Was Made"

Tidy Cat Jack-o’-Lanterns in Montrose

The new permanent installation at Montrose’s busiest intersection, Montrose and Westheimer, is a laudable example of public art that truly reflects the ethos of its […]

Tidy Cat Jack-o’-Lanterns in Montrose
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