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Outdoor Sculpture Takes Off at UT Arlington

Photo by Kristin Schwartz-Lauster

Photo by Kristin Schwartz-Lauster

The University of Texas at Arlington is busy installing its first outdoor public sculpture, designed by assistant professor of art Darryl Lauster. The 20-foot sculpture, Reach, is based on Helical Aerial Screw, Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th-century sketch for a gyroscopic flying machine. Lauster, who says he was hired specifically because of the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary education, referenced the ultimate interdisciplinary artist/educator in order to celebrate the students and their pursuit of knowledge. “As a young art student, Leonardo da Vinci is a total inspiration,” says Lauster. “Then you kind of forget about him for 25 years.”
Lauster worked closely with the outgoing university president, who hopes to leave an artistic legacy at UTA by kick-starting a vigorous public arts program. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 28.

also by Paula Newton
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