Art Dirt: Is Philip Guston Right for Now?

by Glasstire November 8, 2020
Philip Guston The studio painting

Philip Guston, The Studio, 1969, Oil on canvas. Image © The Estate of Philip Guston

Christopher Blay, Christina Rees, and Brandon Zech talk about what the recent postponement of a show of works by Philip Guston says about museums and culture today.

“If museums continue their history of being traditionally white spaces, then when you put a painting of the KKK in them, it will be reinforcing that white space. If you have the diversity of a great multitude of art and artists in those spaces, then they become true places for dialogue and learning.” 

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John Pomara November 8, 2020 - 14:35

Great podcast! Articulate dialogue and meaningful!!!

Julie Speed November 9, 2020 - 09:43

What Christopher said ….that there IS just some stuff that you HAVE to make. I can’t remember his exact words ….but the gist was that once artists start trying to shape their work to fit the school/public/critics whatever then it’s not art anymore. Great discussion and thanks for the reading list too!


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