Top Five: April 25, 2019 with Chad Plunket and Paul Allen Hunton

by Glasstire April 25, 2019

Christina Rees and guests Chad Plunket and Paul Allen Hunton on a new arts festival in Lubbock, art with pontoon boats, and what cars pair well with Post-war paintings.

CASPFEST art event and festival in Lubbock Texas

Charles Adams Studio Project (Lubbock)
April 26 – 27

An event featuring music, film, and an art exhibition juried by Glasstire’s Christina Rees. For more information on the event, go here.


René Treviño: A New Codex

2.1. René Treviño: A New Codex
Old Jail Art Center (Albany)
September 15 – August 24

“The Old Jail Art Center invited Baltimore artist René Treviño to consider the museum’s Pre-Columbian artifacts in the creation of a site-specific body of work. With this installation, A New Codex incorporates Treviño’s multi-media work alongside his personal selections from the OJAC’s permanent collection.”


Matthew Bourbon- Waiting for Now Old Jail

2.2. Matthew Bourbon: Waiting for Now
Old Jail Art Center (Albany)
February 23 – May 18

“Matthew Bourbon is curious about the diverse ‘languages’ in painting. Since 2005, his paintings have depicted descriptive or “realistic” information that derives from appropriated print material. The sometimes mundane or innocuous scenes are partially obscured by areas of colorful stripes and shapes that create abstract forms. The coexistence of the two within the framework of a painting is a source of fascination for both the artist and viewer.”


ALLIED- The Tia and OJAC Collections

2.3. ALLIED: The Tia and OJAC Collections
Old Jail Art Center (Albany)
February 23 – May 18

Allied presents works from the Tia Collection of Santa Fe, New Mexico ‘paired’ with those from the permanent collection of the Old Jail Art Center. The connections between the works range from blatant to subtle. Some groupings present artists from different cultures or eras who investigated similar themes, or that elicit similar moods through formal devices. Other times, the juxtapositions can involve artists who use traditional approaches to image creation with those who utilize unconventional mediums. Regardless of the viewer’s pictorial or thematic discoveries, an appreciation and recognition of connections from two seemingly dissimilar collections emphasize that both are generous gifts for audiences to contemplate and enjoy.”


Henry G. Sanchezs BioArt Bayou torium art project on Buffalo Bayou in Houston April 13 2019

3. The BioArt Bayou-Torium
901 North York St (across from Tony Marron Park, Houston)
April 13 – 28
Open from 10 AM – 5 PM on April 27 & 28
For more information go here.

“The BioArt Bayou-torium, created by artist Henry G. Sanchez, is a science lab and art studio housed in a shipment container overlooking Buffalo Bayou in Houston’s 2nd Ward. This socially engaged, bio-art based project invites the general public to make art by investigating nature with the aid of science tools and provides bilingual pontoon boat tours of the nature and history of the bayou. The Bayou-torium’s art studio-laboratory contains microscopes, imaging equipment, traditional art supplies and classroom sized studio space for an art making experience.”


American Dreams- Classic Cars and Postwar Paintings Mcnay museum

4. American Dreams: Classic Cars and Postwar Paintings
McNay Art Museum (San Antonio)
February 14 – May 19

“Organized by the McNay, American Dreams: Classic Cars and Postwar Paintings explores the ingenuity and innovation of postwar America. This period, known as America’s Golden Age, witnessed the explosion of Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, and Op art; the mass production of automobiles; and increased wealth and consumerism. The exhibition presents 10 classic cars as modern sculpture, alongside paintings from the McNay’s collection and select loans.”


Natalie Frank- Grimm Tales at Lora Reynolds in Austin March 28 2019

5. Natalie Frank: Grimm Tales
Lora Reynolds Gallery (Austin)
March 28 – June 8
Read our review here.

“An exhibition of drawings by Natalie Frank–the artist’s first presentation at the gallery.”

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