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Feminist Art Historian Linda Nochlin, 1931-2017

Photo: ADAM HUSTED via ARTnews.

Art historian Linda Nochlin died at the age of 86, reports ARTnews.

Perhaps best known for her essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” from 1970, Nochlin changed the course of art history.

“I feel that in some sense, all my work is provisional: that is to say, while I believe in it very strongly, I still remain open to what I hear, learn, and experience,” she told Vasser Quarterly. “I see it very much as a dialectic, a cooperative experience. Feminist art history—like feminism itself—is a product of give and take, talking and listening.”

ARTnews reports that she stated that “there was no such thing as a feminist art history: like all other forms of historical discourse, it had to be constructed. New materials had to be sought out, a theoretical basis put in place, a methodology gradually developed.” Over the years, she won many fans, including art historians and many artists, who painted her portrait.

On a personal feminist Happy Halloween holiday note: My neice’s costume a few years ago as Rosie the Riveter.


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