Comes To Light: Rolando López, ‘Dark After Art’

by Hills Snyder July 22, 2017

The Artpace Summer 2017 International Artist-In-Residence Program exhibitions opened last week in San Antonio, featuring Aguascalientes, Mexico artist Rolando López’s hidden story of invisible histories, Dark After Art; Christie Blizard’s (San Antonio, Texas) We invent nothing, a pulsating throb of cultural critique and comedy; and Kang Seung Lee’s (Los Angeles, California) graphite tableaux of dissidence, untitled (la revolución es la solución!).

But don’t read this.

At least not until after you’ve stepped into López’s Dark After Art first hand.

Choose a moment when you can enter the darkened space alone.

Part the velvet curtain that billows out of the door-sized opening.

Once you are in, don’t seek art or interpretation, just respond to the space.

It’s clear that your bodily experience is going to be something other than the way the artist frames the… .

I’m going to stop right there. Please stop reading and go.

Don’t read anything anywhere about it. Go in alone. Once inside, move steadily.

Don’t wait for your eyes to adjust, silently trust.

This piece transports if you trust its terms.

To be continued — after you’ve had time to check it out.

Next: Nemontemi, Tlaquimilolli, and how you’ll need your bodily experience of the dark when it comes time to go deep into this work. Appearing on Glasstire August 21st.

The Artpace Summer 2017 International Artist-In-Residence Program exhibitions run through September 3, San Antonio. Photo courtesy of Artpace San Antonio.


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