Funnel Tunnel Artist to be Honored

Photo: Alex Barber

Photo: Alex Barber

Houston’s Museum District Business Alliance, which promotes enterprise and the arts in the Montrose/Museum District area, will be handing out the 2013 Community Improvement Awards at its annual luncheon on Wednesday. This year’s Cultural Arts honoree will be artist Patrick Renner for his installation of the Funnel Tunnel on Montrose Boulevard across from the Art League Houston. Congratulations to Patrick!

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7 responses to “Funnel Tunnel Artist to be Honored”

  1. Congrats to one of the hardest working artists I know. Havel Ruck received that award back in 2005 for Inversion. Nice to see Patrick, and Art League get recognized for their contribution to public art in the Montrose.

  2. Honoring him?! Are you serious?!? This “art piece” is a total eye sore and is falling apart.

    *shakes head*

  3. find myself traveling… download montrose Boulevard… just to say it… one more time…..

  4. This is wonderful news. A richly deserved honor!

  5. Patrick Renner’s art touches & inspires my 3yr. Granddaughter! She recognizes his work & knows the title, “The Tunnel” & thinks it’s Beautiful! Amazing how his art speaks to the very young!

  6. Congrats to Patrick, it’s a well-deserved honor. I have to respectfully disagree with Josh Grubel. I visited the funnel tunnel yesterday and it’s not “falling apart” in the slightest. It’s a whimsical piece of art that has captivated many people of all ages and backgrounds. It was done in the spirit of true community collaboration and is a positive step forward for Houston.

  7. O.K. Josh. Get out there and propose another work to Art League and do something better in your eyes so we can all critique your work in the public realm.
    How do you think the artist could have improved it? What specifically makes it an “eyesore”. Art should not be bluntly debunked without some dialogue to clarify your views. It’s called “constructive criticism”. At least that’s what I teach my high school art students on how to approach discussing art that they like, or even better, that they don’t like.

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