Top Five: November 5, 2020

by Glasstire November 5, 2020

Brandon Zech and Christina Rees on the solo debut of a Texas transplant, a show about sanctuary cities, and a show of disappearing Austin.

“These are drawings of landmark Austin spaces that you’ve seen change over the years.”

To watch last week’s Top Five, with Christopher Blay and Christina Rees on a power nap for 2020, the creative advantage of dyslexia, and a show in Austin titled People the We, please go here.

Drew Liverman- Premember at Northern-Southern in Austin Octobe 11 2020

1. Drew Liverman: Premember 
October 11 – December 15
Northern-Southern (Austin)

A solo exhibition of drawings by Drew Liverman.

From Northern-Southern:

“Drew Liverman (b. Groton, CT 1979) is an artist in Austin, Texas. His drawing and oil painting balances the moment and its reflection, memory and form, the fast and the careful. PREMEMBER will be a series of drawings of the places of Austin still here—but for how long? N-S will release the drawings as Liverman completes them, roughly one a week. The show will conclude when he finishes the last drawing in the set”


SANCTUARY CITY PROJECT at Blue Star Contemporary in San Antonio November 6 2020

2. Sanctuary City Project
November 6 – May 9, 2021
Blue Star Contemporary (San Antonio)

An exhibition by Sergio De La Torre and Chris Treggiari.

From Blue Star Contemporary:

“Sanctuary City Project is a social practice project of artists Sergio De La Torre and Chris Treggiari that engages communities to generate conversations around the history and policies of immigration in the US. Artists De La Torre and Treggiari invite the San Antonio community to reflect on their ideas, personal experiences, and histories with migration with call and response and additional activations out in the community. The exhibition in the gallery includes screen printed posters installed and for take away, a digital timeline representing qualitative and quantitative research surrounding the sanctuary ordinances and immigration issues, a video work compiling peaceful immigration protests since President Trump’s election.”

3.A. Celia Álvarez Muñoz: Obras
September 26 – April 24, 2021
Art League Houston

From Art League Houston:

“Obras, an exhibition of work by Artist Celia Álvarez Muñoz, the ALH 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts recipient. Obras explores the dynamic range of work created by Álvarez Muñoz throughout her career, emphasizing her innovative transitions between photographic media, installations-based work, sculpture, and book art. A catalogue focusing on the artist’s career published by Art League Houston is featured in conjunction with this exhibition (design and layout by Lindsay Starr Design). The catalogue includes full color images and a critical essay by Roberto Tejada, Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished Professor, University of Houston, Houston, Texas.”

RICK LOWE- New Paintings & Drawings at Art League Houston September 26 2020

3.B. Rick Lowe: New Paintings & Drawings
September 26 – April 24, 2021
Art League Houston

Online conversation with the artist this Saturday at 2 pm.

From Art League Houston:

“New Paintings & Drawings, an exhibition of recent work by Artist Rick Lowe, the ALH 2020 Texas Artist of the Year. New Paintings & Drawings features artwork created over the course of the last few years, visualizing Lowe’s signature, vivid explorations of color and complex visualizations of compositional space. A catalogue focusing on the artist’s career published by Art League Houston is available in conjunction with this exhibition (design and layout by Teresa Bamford Southwell). The catalogue includes full color images and a critical essay by Alex Jen, a writer and curator currently based in Chicago, Illinois.”

Yasuyo Maruyama- Mind’s Eye at Ro2 Art in Dallas November 7 2020

4. Yasuyo Maruyama: Mind’s Eye
November 7 – December 5, 2020
Opening Reception, November 7, 12 – 5PM
Ro2 Art (Dallas)

From Ro2:

Yasuyo Maruyama’s first solo exhibition at Ro2 Art is a graceful depiction of existing people translated into new identities with an earnest expression of gratitude toward her subjects. Focusing on the human face, Maruyama considers the atmosphere, colors, and gestures during her everyday interactions with people to conceive her new ‘someones.’ Vibrant realms of solid color surround her subjects, contrasted by refined details drawing the gaze toward shimmering prismatic eyes. The artist describes recovering from atopic dermatitis as a teenager as spurring her affection for the human face. Along with her outside subjects’ stories, she painted in personal difficulties and ideations. However, despite her past hardships and the current events affecting our lives, Maruyama seeks to nurture a caring heart. Mind’s Eye emanates a hopeful spirit of tranquility in a benevolent act of storytelling.”


Zine Fest Houston 2020- Germination Station online only November 7 2020

5.  Zine Fest Houston 2020: Germination Station
November 7
Online Only

From Zine Fest Houston:

“This year’s festival will be fully digital, a first in the festival’s long history, and will feature six hours of broadcast-style programming including zinester interviews, a panel discussion, vendor-submitted commercials, vintage ZFH promos, creator spotlights, and an after party, all facilitated by programmatic partners Effin’ Rager. Other community partners include Doomsday Wrestling, Survival Movements, and Veggie Mijxs. In pivoting online, the festival has taken on a new theme: Germination Station: We’re Broadcasting Seeds, Baby! ZFH 2020 featured artist Rye Francisco will be in charge of visual elements for this year’s festival. To attend the festival and join in on the fun, check out ZFH’s Twitch channel here.”

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