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Women Artists Still Talking at Blue Star

In conjunction with its current exhibition Texas Tough, Blue Start Contemporary Art Museum will present a “Women’s Artist Panel.” The panel will include San Antonio artists Missi Smith, Katie Pell, Leigh Anne Lester and Ana Fernandez, and will be moderated by Ellen Riojas Clark, Ph. D.

Amita Bhatt in Texas Tough, currently on view at Blue Star

Amita Bhatt in Texas Tough, currently on view at Blue Star

Although Blue Star does not promote Texas Tough (which features Jill Bedgood, Amita Bhatt, Sharon Kopriva, and Sherry Owens) as specifically dealing with gender issues, its exhibition description states that it is Blue Star’s first all-women exhibition since 2008. The four local artists will discuss what it means to be a female artist in San Antonio. Those who think there is nothing left to say about gender issues in the arts might want to read the readers’ comment section at the end of the recent Glasstire article “Texas Women in the Arts: When it Does and Doesn’t Matter.”

The panel discussion will take place at Blue Star on Wednesday, August 7th at 5:30 pm. Tickets are free, but RSVP to elizabeth@bluestarart.org or 210-227-6960.

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