Landeros Surrenders!

landerosAlleged Menil Picasso vandal Uriel Landeros surrendered himself to federal marshals at the at the international bridge near McAllen, Texas on the US/Mexico border. His lawyer, Emily DeToto, brokered the surrender, which she sai was prompted by urgings from Landeros family. He is expected to be brought to Harris county in a few days to face charges of criminal mischief and felony graffiti.

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12 responses to “Landeros Surrenders!”

  1. Can’t hide from the Federal Marshals!

  2. I predict he pleads out in exchange for probation and a fine. No jail time except for the time between turning himself in and when he makes bail.

  3. artist in residence at texas department of corrections

  4. He has to personally apologize to the painting.

  5. He has to personally apologize to Pablo Picasso.

  6. I say give him at least 10 years, otherwise it just opens the door for more bad artists acting out in the same way.

    1. People get less than ten years for murder
      Vandalizing property is one thing but as for the criminality of bad art, let he who is without sin among us cast the first stone. Undergrad work and that stuff in back of the studio closet will be entered into evidence.

  7. It must be routine for the courts aside from the object, location and activist intent. How many vandals are picked up in a week in Houston? I think community service and a reasonable fine would be proportional. Most important for equal protection is keeping ‘Picasso’ and ‘Menil’ off of the scales, perhaps.

    1. He should also have to pay for the damage, no? And that’s going to be different in this case than in the case of someone tagging a mailbox.

      1. Yes, I forgot damages. I don’t imagine it is very much. An hour or two of a conservator’s time? The Menil couldn’t hope for a more ineffectual vandal.

  8. Supposedly, his stencil removed some of the actual oil paint. So the damage is permanent – that changes things.
    And like I said before, a light punishment seriously opens the door for more of the same.

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