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TX Contemporary Spawns First Spin-Off: Pan Art Fair Set for Embassy Suites in Downtown Houston – Book Now!

Lane Hagood, Bad Art Book

Houston art blogger Robert Boyd of The Great God Pan is Dead is organizing  his own art fair to coincide with the Texas Contemporary Art Fair on the weekend of Oct 18-21. The Pan Art Fair will be held in a suite at the Embassy Suites in downtown Houston,  a hop skip and a jump across Discovery Green Park from the official fair. Only two individual artists (Lane Hagood and Emily Peacock), and two galleries, (Front Gallery and Cardoza Fine Art), will be exhibiting at Boyd’s bedrooms, but he’s calling others to rally around his nascent alterna-fair, pointing out that four artists could rent their own suite for the run of the fair for $250 apiece.

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6 Responses

  1. Looking forward to The Pan Art Fair. Boyd is having fun with this, thus adding a dimension that is too often missed at art fairs because of the economic pressures upon the exhibiting galleries. I love art fairs. They reflect the commercialization that most artists face with mixed emotions. Reality speaks at art fairs. The plurality of “taste” is exciting to experience. The Pan Art Fair will also help draw forth more personal identity comments about the various galleries and the comparisons of the two fairs in Houston as well as the vitriolic dispirited nay sayers.

  2. Bill Davenport

    I don’t think you can be vitriolic and dispirited at the same time. I think you will need segregated bars for the different naysayer communities, or there may be trouble.

  3. Bill, at this moment I am dispirited about the President’s performance but my feelings about what the fact-checkers found, following the debate, I’m in a very agitated state of vitriolic verbal stewing. But back to the subject of this thread. Glasstire has one writer that is very dispirited about Art Fairs and choses to be quite vitriolic about such. Maybe the Pan Art Fair will throw a new twist for this contributor’s musings.

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