Dog Days of Summer: Artists & Their Pets

by Caleb Bell August 29, 2022

As a dog owner myself, I can attest to the fact that a canine’s companionship is unparalleled. With loyalty and affection that just won’t quit, there is a reason they are considered man’s best friend. 

These same characteristics seem to make them ideal “studio assistants.” Over the years, I have visited a number of studios and discovered that many are hangout spots for artists’ furry friends.

Here is a look at some artists and their dogs from around the state.

Artist Jeffie Brewer with his two dogs in front of his colorful animal shaped sculptures

Odie and Olive with sculptor Jeffie Brewer

Both mixed-breed dogs that were abandoned in the country, Odie and Olive made their way to the studio of Nacogdoches based sculptor Jeffie Brewer. 

A jack russell terrier in lying amidst plastic water guns

Rocket, a Jack Russell-mix, in the studio of Shannon Cannings

Lubbock-based Shannon Cannings often shares her studio space (and toys) with Rocket, a Jack Russell-mix.

Photo of a brown and black dog sitting in an artists studio

Franny in Huntsville-based Michael Henderson’s studio

Franny, a mixed-breed rescue, spends a lot of downtime in Huntsville-based Michael Henderson’s studio.

A white and light brown dog sitting on packing material

Ed in Dallas-based Leigh Merrill’s studio

Ed, Dallas-based Leigh Merrill’s Labrador/Pit bull rescue, sometimes assists with the packing of her photographs.

Artist Emily Peacock with her two dogs behind her asleep on an orange couch

Waffles and Teddie with Houston-based Emily Peacock.

Waffles, a Terrier-mix, and Teddie, a Goldendoodle, keep Houston-based Emily Peacock company while she works.

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