Checking in With: Emily Peacock

by Glasstire May 27, 2020

View and bid on Emily Peacock’s piece in The Glasstire Auction here.

Christina Rees and Emily Peacock chat about Emily discovering her inner painter, how her work takes on the ideas of crisis and emergency, and how much they both miss driving.

“I just want to drive to Huntsville SO BAD.”

Emily Peacock, H.S.A.N.O. Home Security Apparatuses for Non-Desirable Outcomes, 2019. Archival inkjet print mounted to aluminum, 36 x 24 inch ovals.

To see more of Emily Peacock’s work, please go here, here, and here.

For further reading and viewing, see the links below:

I cannot stop creating things. 

Emily Peacock at Beefhaus, Dallas 

Top Five: September 15, 2016 with Emily Peacock 

Glasshouses 32: Emily Peacock 



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joel Sampson May 30, 2020 - 17:59

Good interview, nice to see Emily! I miss all my Houston artist friends. Hell, I even missed the TSG show I was in HBU.


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