Top Five: August 3, 2023

by Glasstire August 3, 2023

Glasstire counts down the top five art events in Texas.

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A designed poster promoting the exhibition "Carlos Donjuan: Dream Dream Dream."

“Carlos Donjuan: Dream Dream Dream” at Kirk Hopper Fine Art.

1. Carlos Donjuan: Dream Dream Dream
Kirk Hopper Fine Art (Dallas)
June 24 – August 12, 2023

From Kirk Hopper Fine Art:

Dream Dream Dream features works by Carlos Donjuan. A graffiti artist for the past decade, Donjuan has been creating art since he was old enough to wield a pencil. His art is powerful, yet playful, and often depicts sub-cultures that the artist is interested in or involved with. His graffiti reflects his interest in street fashion, underground music, and the diverse and always changing culture he hails from, while his portraiture is more classic, mixing old and current ideas to create a statement about his surroundings that is fresh and new. Donjuan’s main goal is to showcase both the influences from his origins and his training in academia.”

A text work by Michael Corris & Tino Ward featuring a conversation in white text on a red background.

Michael Corris & Tino Ward: “Move along, there’s nothing to see here” A Thought Experiment, Illustrated

2. Michael Corris & Tino Ward: “Move along, there’s nothing to see here”: A Thought Experiment, Illustrated
Liliana Bloch Gallery (Dallas)
May 27 – August 19, 2023
See our video tour here.

From Liliana Bloch Gallery:

“This collaborative project by Michael Corris and Tino Ward conjoins two enthusiasms of the artists: exploring the intersection of art and philosophy, and the art of papermaking. In this new project, nine red monochromes made of handmade paper are accompanied by nine panels of text printed in inkjet of PVC. Each paper monochrome is paired with a text panel that is a transcription of a Q&A between the artists and the Artificial Intelligence program, CHATGPT-4.

The initial question posed to the AI program asks it to explain, in simple terms, Arthur Danto’s famous thought experiment involving an exhibition of nine identical red monochromes. In Danto’s original account of the thought experiment, which may be found in his book The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of Art (1981), each of the nine red monochromes is paired with a title. It should be noted that Danto’s titles (used to title Ward’s monochromes) differ completely from the titles that CHATGPT-4 generated for Corris’ panels.”

A promotional poster for the exhibition "Grounded" at Texas State University.

GROUNDED at Texas State University

3. Grounded
Texas State Galleries FLEX Space (San Marcos)
June 20 – August 4, 2023

From the organizers:

“Grounded features recent prints, paintings, drawings, and a new series of collaborative ceramic works by Austin-based artists Annie May Johnston, Annie Miller, and Lauren Moya Ford. The artists’ collaboration is informed by a shared interest in the female experience, motherhood, nature, and the body. To that end, their ceramic pieces are inspired by the sensory intensity and tension in Clearing the Thickets (Kusamura), Yūko Tsushima’s 1976 short story about a pregnant woman who considers her unborn baby and troubled past while cutting grass under a feverish sun. The title of the exhibition points to clay as a material that comes from the earth, but also references the feeling of being centered within oneself, as well as a sense of play and mischief.

The exhibited work is created both individually and collectively. Separately, the artists have prepared wall pieces within their preferred media — printmaking, painting, and drawing respectively — while the collaborative ceramic vessels document the artists’ determination to build intimacy, vulnerability, and trust with each other, and to relinquish control over predictable outcomes.”

A mixed media work by Terry Allen featuring a drawing of a dead bird across two pages of paper with small text on each page.

Terry Allen, “The Burn Couple (MemWars),” 2018 – 2019, mixed media on paper, 30 x 22 inches each.

4. Terry Allen
Amarillo Museum of Art
May 20 – August 27, 2023

From the Amarillo Museum of Art:

“Terry Allen is a visual artist and songwriter. This exhibition will include prints, drawings, and other works on paper spanning more than 40 years of creative output. Also included in the exhibition is a mixed media sculptural installation on loan from Ree and Jun Kaneko, title Metronome (“Dugout” Stage III) from 2001.”

A work by Clare Romano featuring a view of a desert landscape.

Clare Romano, “Desert View,” on view at the Jean Walters Collection exhibition at K Space Contemporary.

5. Jean Walters Collection: 70 years of collecting
K Space Contemporary (Corpus Christi)
July 7 – August 18, 2023

From K Space Contemporary:

“K Space Contemporary is pleased to present an exclusive exhibition of the Jean Walters Art Collection. Over a period spanning seven decades, Jean Walters developed a keen eye for fine art and craft and amassed an eclectic collection of paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, ceramics, furniture and fine craft pieces. While the majority of her collection is in Modern American styles, other styles and cultures (African, Asian, Native American, etc.) are represented. An exceptional feature of this exhibition is the large selection of serigraphs by renowned New York artist Will Barnet.”

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