Five-Minute Tours: Vincent Falsetta at Conduit Gallery, Dallas

by Glasstire January 29, 2021

Note: the following is part of Glasstire’s series of short videos, Five-Minute Tours, for which commercial galleries, museums, nonprofits and artist-run spaces across the state of Texas send us video walk-throughs of their current exhibitions. This will continue while the coronavirus situation hinders public access to exhibitions. Let’s get your show in front of an audience.

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Vincent Falsetta: New Paintings at Conduit Gallery, Dallas. Dates: January 9 – February 13, 2021.

Via Conduit Gallery:

“True to his oeuvre, Vincent Falsetta’s new paintings are equally object and illusion, deliberately planned and spontaneously improvised. Each of the seven oil on canvas paintings in the exhibition were painted in 2020. Notes Falsetta, ‘Although I was not directly referencing the effects of the pandemic on my artwork, I believe it did influence my work. I feel that the compositions in my paintings have gotten more dense than previous work. I am attempting to keep my visual journey to show survivability and perhaps beauty in an era that forefronts our vulnerabilities.'”

“His paintings, distinctly abstract, tend to suggest waves of sound, light or seismic activity. He elegantly weaves color into each piece using idiosyncratic techniques, applying paint and making the work feel painterly and at the same time meticulously rendered.”

“Falsetta is interested in the actual physical properties of the paint, the plasticity of the medium and painting as an object. He brushes on, blends, and drags thick oil paint in wet-on-wet technique using various hand pressures, rhythms and speeds. He produces pulsing multi-hued abstractions from a single unified paint film. Although carefully planned in regard to palette and process, his work forms an unexpected blend between the appearance of spontaneity and the appearance of control.”

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