Celebrate Michael Galbreth’s Life This Saturday in Houston

by Glasstire January 20, 2020


The public is invited to join in the celebration of the life and art of Michael Galbreth in Houston this Saturday, January 25, from 2-6 pm. Galbreth passed away in Houston on October 19, 2019, from complications following emergency surgery for an aortic dissection, and is survived by his wife, Rainey Knudson, the founder of Glasstire, and their son, Tennessee. 

The event, which is free and open to the public, takes place at the Art Guys’ studio in north Houston.

Visitors are encouraged to share their memories of Galbreth and The Art Guys in a video booth, and enjoy a specially-curated selection (by Galbreth’s Art Guys partner Jack Massing) of the duo’s work related to death. (“Fun and topical!”)

There will be brief remarks by some special guests at 3 pm.

In an obituary by Glasstire’s Editor-in-Chief Christina Rees, she recounts Galbreth for his work and his life:

“Mr. Galbreth’s influence on and contributions to the growth of Houston’s robust art scene cannot be overstated. The creative career of this multidisciplinary artist, organizer, collaborator, provocateur, and teacher evolved in tandem and intertwined with the evolution of contemporary art in Houston since the 1980s.”

Publisher Brandon Zech also offered this in his op-ed Pay Attention: What I Learned from Michael Galbreth:

I feel that to fully pay attention is to appreciate life. I owe to Michael a lion’s share of this enhanced model for living; through his art and life, Michael encouraged me to revel in the contradictions, the humor, and the blunders that I encounter daily. And I know I’m not alone in learning this from Michael. Many of us, consciously or not, picked up this way of going about life from him, which is why his death sent shockwaves throughout our community.

What we can do now, collectively, to remember and honor him, is to pay attention. And laugh. It’s what he’d have done.

This celebration is also an invitation to see The Art Guys’ studio for the last time. Food and beverages will be on offer. You are invited to come and raise a glass to Michael and his legacy.

Celebrating Michael Galbreth:
Saturday, January 25
2-6 pm
5757 Knox St, Houston, TX 77091

For more, please go here.

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