Texas Zinesters: the Dallas Contemporary Wants You!

by Brandon Zech December 2, 2018
Dallas Contemporary art museum in Dallas Texas

The Dallas Contemporary

The Dallas Contemporary, a non-profit contemporary art space that showcases works by regional, national, and international artists, has announced that it is currently seeking submissions for pocket-sized zines about its upcoming winter round of exhibitions. The three solo shows, which run January 27-March 17, 2019 at the institution, feature works by Margarita Cabrera, Ian Davenport, and Jeremy Scott.

Ideally, the zine for these three shows will act both as a guide for visitors, and as a takeaway souvenir of their visit to the museum. And although zine makers have to do their own research on the shows and featured artists, the Dallas Contemporary is offering some brief information on them via three PDFs. In order to fit the “pocket-sized” requirement, the museum is asking that submitted zines be made from a single 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper, as demonstrated in the video below:

More submission requirements, via the Dallas Contemporary, are listed below. The winner of the museum’s pocket zine contest will win $300 cash, one post on the institution’s Instagram page, and “the opportunity to display their zine at Dallas Contemporary’s front desk for the duration of the exhibitions.”

Submission Requirements:

• The design can be black and white or in color. If in black and white, the zine will be printed on DC yellow paper. If the design is in color, the zine will be printed on white paper.

• Front page: 1 Dallas Contemporary logo + Zine Title + Artist names

• Three Inside Folds: One fold (two pages) for every exhibition

• We are an inquiry-based teaching institution, and ask that there be at least two artist or exhibition related
questions on each exhibition fold.

• The zine design must be appropriate for visitors of all ages. Designs with profanity or inappropriate
imagery will not be considered.

• Submissions must be sent in PDF form to [email protected].

• Please include your name somewhere on the pocket zine.

• The selected artist must be flexible and open to minor changes.

Deadline for submission is Sunday, January 13, 2019.
The winner will be notified on Friday, January 18, 2019.


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Utopia Weiner December 3, 2018 - 22:03

Luv the little zine instructional video!
Perfect tiny amuse bouche for ones final crit! I’m not prepared for this semester’s final. I intend to put on a big caftan and gesture a lot. I have found in contemporary art; Jacob’s Pillow modern dance moves with a German Expressionist mask can inspire confidence when one’s work isn’t finished.

But Next Final Critique- this teeny tiny dumpling wrapper of a zine introducing my work will be perfection.

Print is not dead December 10, 2018 - 11:44

Hmmmmmm…seems like there are a lot of rules for this zine contest (not going to get into how odd the concept of having a zine contest is right now), which really goes against what zine-making is all about…”The selected artist must be flexible and open to minor changes.” I mean, why not just hire a designer?

Thor Johnson December 10, 2018 - 21:12



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