Ed Cooper, Friend to Artists, Has Died

cooper dollEd Cooper died unexpectedly early this week after an accidental fall in his home. He was 61. A wealth manager with LPL Financial by day, Cooper was an enthusiastic and much-loved supporter of the local Houston art scene, as a collector and as a boardmember for many smaller Houston nonprofits, including Glasstire, Box 13, Diverseworks, Lawndale Art Center, and the Houston Center for Photography. Cooper was a friend to artists; he officiated at the Art Guys’ controversial tree wedding, and was one of the original subscribers to Bill Davenport’s Houston Artletter in the 1990s. A fixture at Houston art events for decades, Cooper was the model for artist Seth Mittag’s animated character, pictured.

UPDATE: A service for Ed will be held Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013, at Bradshaw-Carter in Houston. Visitation will be from 3-6 pm, with a 30-minute service at 4 pm. Refreshments will be served after the service.

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31 responses to “Ed Cooper, Friend to Artists, Has Died”

  1. a world without ed just sucks.

    1. So true. My heart is broken.

    2. We had some great memories… lots of laughter. Let’s continue to celebrate his life since he touched so many of ours. I see him smiling at us now. xo

  2. So saddened by this news. Ed was super human love! He will be deeply missed by all his friends.

  3. I can’t imagine an opening without Ed’s smile and laughter. Very saddened to read this.

  4. Agreed.
    Missing him already.

  5. Ed was funny and nice, and I could tell he was very in love with the art world and the Houston art scene. Sounds cliche, but I mean it – he was definitely one-of-a-kind!! We’ll miss you Ed Cooper!! I know now you’re a big part of that art festival in the sky!!

  6. Friends, I am collecting photos of Ed to share at his service. If you have one, please email it to rainey@glasstire.com.

    RIP Coop. We’re going to miss you.

    1. As information becomes available regarding any services ~ please post. Kim O’Grady is interested in trying to be here (from L.A.). I will be out of the country til 11/26 but we both would like to pay our respects. Thanks.

      1. UPDATE: A service for Ed will be held Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013, at Bradshaw-Carter in Houston. Visitation will be from 3-6 pm, with a 30-minute service at 4 pm. Refreshments will be served after the service.

  7. He was so genuinely generous and a joy to be around and his absence will leave a huge void in our community. Please keep us posted regarding a memorial service.

  8. So very sorry to hear this news. He will be missed.

  9. RIP. Ed was such a good friend. I’m stunned to hear this.

  10. I left Houston eight years ago. Quite often, when I’ve described why I loved it so much there, I’ve ended up talking about Ed, who introduced himself to me at an opening and then felt like an instant but true friend to both me and all the best things humans care about and do. This is very sad news.

  11. Just saw him a week ago. Shocked to hear this! He was such a wonderful soul. Will be missed.

  12. Love you Ed.

  13. I miss you so much already and I am afraid that I always will. Love you.

  14. I’m shocked and terribly saddened to hear this. Ed was such a wonderful and giving person. He will be greatly missed.

  15. Goddammit, Ed.

    1. Indeed.

  16. I still can’t believe this. Ed was a true sweetheart of a man who always, ALWAYS left me happier after our conversations than I was when we started them. He will be missed by so many. Rest In peace, Big Red.

  17. I don’t think this is going to feel real for a while. I just cannot fathom that I will never see Ed again. There are few people as genuine and full of love as Ed. Still so unreal. :-/

  18. This is Ed’s sister. I don’t know any of you but thank you all so much for loving my brother and being such a huge part of his life. I can’t imagine my life without him, we were the only 2 people left in our family, now it’s just me.
    I don’t want Christmas to come this year because without Ed it will never be the same. Thank you all again and I hope to see you on Saturday. Sincerely, Fran Cowen

  19. Ed, this is totally unacceptable. You are not allowed to leave us. We forbid you. We are going to miss you too damn much.

  20. Another friend and supporter of the Houston arts community gone too soon! Rest in Peace, Ed. We will sincerely miss you!

  21. It’s been years since I left Houston, but when I had met Ed through the Core program he was amazingly supportive and generous, it meant so much having moved half-way across the country and to have this kind of support and interest made my new city seem like one of the kindest, warmest places on the planet.
    Such sad news, he’ll be truly missed.

  22. When Ed told me of Ed’s sad demise, I literally dropped my teeth. A true gentle giant of a friend to so many and the Houston art community – his heART will be missed.

  23. Well, my world has become a little smaller and duller, Ed. We will miss you as we slog on to our own ends.

  24. I’m very, very sad to hear that we’ve lost Ed, a good friend and lion-hearted arts supporter. Christina, thank you for letting me know.

  25. What a great guy and what a wonderful service for him the other day. Funny and irreverent and full of life. Those photos said so much. Ed was just always there – always a pleasure, always fun, always helpful – such a good guy. The world has lost energy and intelligence and much much more.

  26. I can’t add very much to what everyone else has said here. Except maybe that suddenly I need a very stiff drink. Ed was a sweetheart of a man.

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