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TX Biennial Announces Selected Artists in Slowmo

This man does not tweet.

This man does not tweet.

The folks at the 2013 Texas Biennial have announced most of their selection of this year’s participating artists. The official press release is supposed to come out today, but they began releasing the selection yesterday via Twitter— one artist at a time. Beginning mid-afternoon, they posted a name every few minutes. After releasing the names of over 60 artists, the final message was posted close to midnight: “Thank you, Twitterverse! Hoping to confirm a few more artists, but for now — GOOD NIGHT!”

So, there should be a few more names added soon, but congratulations to all listed below:


Adela Andea (Conroe)

Skye Ashbrook (Austin)

David Aylsworth (Houston)

Debra Barrera (Houston)

Michael Bise (Houston)

Michael Blair (Denton)

The Bridge Club Collaborative (Huntsville)

Matthew Bourbon (Denton)

Bernardo Cantu (Denton)

Rebecca Carter (Dallas)

Kristen Cochran (Dallas)

Joseph Cohen (Houston)

Shannon Crider (San Antonio)

Rachel Crist and Daedalus Hoffman (Austin)

Matthew Cusick (Dallas)

Gabriel Dawe (Dallas)

Claudio Dicochea (San Antonio)

Kent Dorn (Houston)

Trey Egan (Lewisville)

Cassandra Emswiler (Denison)

Miriam Ellen Ewers (Denton)

Danielle Georgiou (Dallas)

Jeff Gibbons (Arlington)

Sally Glass (Dallas)

Will Henry (Houston)

Hillerbrand + Magsamen (Houston)

Geoff Hippenstiel (Houston)

HOMECOMING! Committee (Fort Worth)

Letitia Huckaby (Fort Worth)

Tatiana Istomina (Houston)

Angela Kallus (Fort Worth)

Hiroko Kubo (Fort Worth)

Lakes Were Rivers (Austin)

Julia Barbosa Landois (San Antonio)

Dion Laurent (Houston)

Jonathan Leach (Houston)

Ysabel LeMay (Austin)

Daniel McFarlane (Spring)

Marcelyn McNeil (Houston)

Robert Melton and Robert Boland (Austin)

Abinadi Meza (Austin)

Madsen Minax (Houston)

Rahul Mitra (Pearland)

Seth Mittag (Houston)

Michael Morris (Irving)

Nancy Newberry (Dallas)

Kelly O’Connor (San Antonio)

Arthur Pena (Dallas)

Katie Rose Pipkin (Austin)

Jessica Pizaña-Roberts (El Paso)

Mark Ponder (Houston)

Anne Regan (Houston)

Liz Rodda (Austin)

Gregory Ruppe (Fort Worth)

Chris Sauter (San Antonio)

Carrie Schneider (Houston)

Prince Thomas (Houston)

Kevin Todora (Richardson)

Brad Tucker (Austin)

Giovanni Valderas (Dallas)

Sara Vanderbeek (Austin)

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13 Responses

  1. Bill Davenport

    It’s ironic that a medium designed to speed and streamline the transfer of information is being used instead to retard and withhold it- bravo to Big Medium for highlighting the coercive, exclusionary nature of social media!”

    1. kat

      heard it was blind selection. whats this sleeping stuff? haters hating? as per usual for the jealous inclined.

  2. Don Phillip

    owen hit it right on the head, a little heavy handed on the d f dub don’t you think? but it’s all who you sleep with.

    1. kat

      thats because dfdub is doing it right. haters gonna hate. keep telling yourself certain people are sleeping with certain people if it makes you sleep better with your people who can’t do much beyond sidewalk art.

    1. Joe Spurlock

      Thank the curators? Another laugh, it took forever and anyone who has been in the scene in TX could have guessed half that list. (point being, if half of it was predetermined why on earth did it take so long) All and all, who cares; The TX Biennial is as important as the Houston Art Fair(s)

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