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The New Art Fairs are Here! We’re Somebody Now!

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  1. silverman

    While reading this article, I recalled I had read from some artist discussing why not to attend a fair: comparing art fairs to watching one’s parents have sex. It sounded funny enough to be from Tony Conrad, being not sure I typed it into google and found many people tossing this statement around as their own.

    Laura, I just had a waking terror after reading your article. Rick Perry and George Bush bustled into the room. The two were bickering about which is the appropriate province: Houston or Austin or Dallas…hmmmm. Keep it weird or slutty?

    Jimmie Durham lived in Texas and had his first solo show in Austin. When I met Jimmie my colleague informed him I am from Texas, his sardonic reply was ‘I’m sorry’. With loose associations and commitment of avoiding Texas, Jimmy would make a great candidate. Even better that his work is dashing too.

  2. All great comments and funny. I am afraid I am too serious so I enjoyed them the more. Well, a fair to me is an event and a place where you go to have fun, dance, play, eat fair foods. An industrial or commercial fair is where you see what a particular commercial group is selling, a car for example, maybe one that does not work or cannot be mass manufactured or what ever, maybe ideas to be developed or ideas that can be used to promote commerce. So an art fair is… Anyone?

    Whatever it is I think it is good for the city, art and yes artists plus fun.

  3. Well, you said it, “There was a ton of appallingly bad art, but that was okay. In many ways, I am a small, petty person, and that sense of superiority and smugness is something I’m totally into.” Is this funny, Laura?

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