Zine Fest Houston Returns for 30th Anniversary on November 18

by Glasstire November 10, 2023

Zine Fest Houston (ZFH), an annual festival that provides low-cost table space to regional and national DIY publishers, is returning to Houston for the 30th year on Saturday, November 18. The one-day festival will occur from 12-6 p.m. at The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art (2334 Gulf Terminal Drive). 

A designed graphic promoting Zine Fest Houston, featuring a tree filled with zines.

Zine Fest Houston

There is a full schedule of events, beginning with a tour of the Orange Show at 12:30 p.m. At 1 p.m. is a zine launch for The Houston Artist Speaks Through Grids (THASTG), which includes a reading and discussion organized by Reyes Ramirez with panelists Claudia Corletto, Farrah Fang, Yeiry Guevara, Sebastian Boncy, and Sebastian Gomez De La Torre. THASTG, a project developed by Ramirez, is described on its website as “a desire to counter the oppressive structure of grids with declarations of control in the hands of POC…. something that can be seized to build another foundation that can facilitate another vision.” There will be a THASTG zine giveaway and signing at 2 p.m. Concurrently, Saved by the Zine!, a talk about mental health and zine making with cartoonist and ZFH organizer Ruslan Kalitin will occur in the Orange Show’s office.

A second Orange Show tour is scheduled for 2:30. Then at 3 p.m. is the Hot Potato Collage Zine Workshop with Anastasia Kirages, who is a collage artist and a longtime organizer of ZFH. Finally, at 4:00 p.m. there will be a “Special Birthday Surprise,” according to a post on the ZFH Instagram. There will be an after party at Bohemeo’s, a restaurant and cofeeshop, beginning at 7 p.m. See a full list of the 132 participating vendors below.

Admission to ZFH is free, and the festival is suitable for all ages. A safe space policy displayed on the festival’s website explains:

Zine Fest Houston is FREE TO ALL, but please be aware that the festival has a zero tolerance policy for sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, or any other forms of discrimination and abuse taken against members of our community such as theft of money or property, physical, verbal, or mental abuse, sexual harassment, inappropriate/unwelcome comments and behaviors, disruptive or disrespectful behavior, and causing a participant or attendee to feel distressed or unsafe.

Accordingly, all vendors and participants are expected to help uphold these values. This policy dovetails with ZFH’s mission statement, which states a dedication to “Economic and Creative Liberation Through Self-publishing” and a desire “to empower independent artists, lift up marginalized voices in the creative sphere, and promote equitable conditions for its creative community to thrive.”

The festival website does not currently list specific details for the event, so for more information, check the ZFH Instagram and Facebook accounts.

2023 Zine Fest Houston Vendors
Aiga Houston; Alabama Song; Amber Padilla; Angélique Jamail/Sonic; Chihuahua; Art Hoes; Beanpolice; Becca; Bestu Friendo Co.; Big Dipper Creative; former Glasstire editor Bill Davenport; Block by Block; Bored Human HTX; Born To Hate Magazine; Brett Hollis; Buburuza Productions, LLC; C.J. McWillis; Carlos Aguilar; Chanchannel; Chelsea Akpan; Chris Kill; Christopher Cascio; CICR; Claudia Kramer; Daddy Issues Zine; Deeds Not Words; Derelict Ink; Diary Of A Sista Grrrl; Dormalou Project; Dwayne Carter; E.K. Weaver; Eddie & Friends; EKD Art; Eric Liga; Eric Tobar “The Pour Over”; F Magazine; Fangurley; Feral Editions; Fine Print Press; Flats; French Fry; Gabriel Dieter; Ganzeer; Ghostgirl Studio; Grace Allison Perkins; Grace Sydney Pham; Grayson Michael Harper; Houston Democratic Socialists of America; Houston Hong Kongers X Kalmari; Houston Tenants Union; I&R Zines; Ian Gerson; Indigo Dewdrop; Intravenous Writings; Ioannis Argiris; Isabel Jaimes/Tattered; Memories (Artist & Writer); Isaiah Broussard; Jadajdoodles; Jason Dibley; Jimmy Ferry; Jims Alluring Serenity; Joe Mathlete; John from Ranban; Jomo Corp; Josh Ryan; Junghan; Kaitlyn Tostado; Kallias “DA12THKIND” Dornan; KB Brookins & Friends; Kevin Prince/Dab Troll Creations; Kill My TV; KTRU; L. Fury/Bastard Comics; Lauren Ibañez; Little Red Box Grocery; Lucy Isadora; Maddie Inman Art!; Mara Gervais; Mark Wise Art; Mellows.Studio; Mirchek Comics; Miss Megan’s Make Room; Monicatdesigns; Morriss & Friends; MPMP; Mystic Multiples; Nate Wendt Art; Nitness/Janine Pastran; Paper Autumn; Peach Fuzz Magazine; Pen and Pink; Play Nice Press; Punk Rock Hoops; Rachel Reynolds Dreamscapes; Rene Cruz; Richy Vegas; Rising Tide Projects; Riso Riso; Root Bradford; Rubberneck; Ry Cayari; Sasha Blaschka; Sebleem; Shea B; Simmer Projects; Smilynn Art; Soft Spot Press; Sophie Dwyer; Space City Anarchist Organization; Spit!; Stop TXDOT I-45; Studionyo; Superpresent; Surely! Press; Sybil Press; Temp Tats Magazine; The Eye Baller; The Great God King Is Dead; THASTG by Reyes Ramirez, The Odessa Collective; These Modern Words; Toonzday – Milqtoast Comics; Tuesday Ibert; Urethra Burns; Vidya Giri; West 23rd Street Productions; Wild Is My Favorite Color; Writespace; Xicana Vegan; Y2A (Amy & Alondra); Yvonne Weng; Zines4Queers.

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