Top Five: June 10, 2021

by Glasstire June 10, 2021
Top Five: June 10, 2021

Glasstire counts down the top five art events in Texas this week. For last week’s picks, please go here.

The Bartlett Project in Bartlett, Texas June 12 2021

1. The Bartlett Project
June 12 – August 21, 2021
Public opening: Saturday, June 12.
221 East Clark Street (Bartlett)

Info via the organizers and Glasstire:

“The Bartlett Project, an arts and culture-centered revitalization project and exhibition sponsored by Austin’s ICOSA Collective in the town of Bartlett, Texas will open to the public on Saturday, June 12th at 1:00 PM with events and programming. The small town, an hour northeast of Austin, was a thriving industrial hub for cotton until the 1930s. The history and current life of Bartlett can be read about in Bartlett Project curator Leslie Moody Castro’s Glasstire essays on the initiative. The main exhibition will be followed by a series of events, including a tour of the town, an architecture tour, and an outdoor movie screening.

“The Bartlett Project exhibition will be housed at 221 E. Clark Street, a massive semi-abandoned department store building, and will run through August 21st, 2021. Artists/collaborators for the Bartlett Project include Aimée Everett, Emmy Laursen, Jade Walker, and Mark Menjivar.”


Violette Bule- Rethinking Your Neighborhood- A Collaborative Experience at Irvington Park in Houston June 12 2021

2. Violette Bule: Rethinking Your Neighborhood: A Collaborative Experience
June 12, 2021
Irvington Park (Houston)

From Art League Houston and Insta11ations:

“Artist Violette Bule is creating an interactive work for her project in Houston’s District H, located in Irvington Park. Bule hopes to create a public art project that invites the community around Irvington Park to collaborate in redefining their community’s public spaces, their relationships to them, and their sense of agency. Using an interactive installation rooted in deep listening, data gathering, and collective action, Bule will create an environment where neighborhood residents can play, meet, and engage in a collective dialogue amongst themselves, and in turn advocate for their needs.”


Nasher Public- Family Dollar in Dallas June 11 2021

3. Nasher Public: Family Dollar
NOTE: The start date has been postponed from June 11 to June 18. Through August 8, 2021
323 West Main Street (Dallas)

From Nasher Sculpture Center:

“The Nasher Sculpture Center announces its first offsite Nasher Public project, Family Dollar, presented in partnership with Artstillery, an experimental performance nonprofit that empowers marginalized communities. For five years, Artstillery has been working with the residents of West Main Street, a tiny neighborhood with a long history in West Dallas, documenting their stories and working to save important structures that are quickly disappearing due to rapid gentrification in the area. Family Dollar (2016–2021), is an extensive archiving effort that includes documentary film; architectural preservation; and live, immersive, oral history-based performances that are also recorded for on-demand digital and VR experiences.

“We are an organization that adapts to help bring to light the stories that go unheard, that are threatened to be lost, or that need a platform,” says Ilkur Ozgur, Artstillery’s founder, on behalf of her whole team. “When art starts with the truth of experience, we believe it can heal and elevate.”



FACTORY SETTINGS at the Power Station in Dallas June 12 2021

June 12 – August 21, 2021
The Power Station (Dallas)

From the Power Station:

“Virtual communities, including many Asian American creatives have been compressing their physical works for distribution across virtual platforms for decades. For those historically marginalized, democratized zones situated outside of institutional hierarchy have allowed for the cultivation of community driven networks and archives.

Factory Settings extracts the digital works of fifteen Asian American artists and renders them tangible objects through the means of Risograph prints. The viewer comes in physical contact with open file folders in search of flattened images stored in filing cabinets.”


Augustine Chavez Hombres De Fiero, 48 x 72

Augustine Chavez “Hombres De Fiero, 48 x 72”.

5. Augustine Chavez: Undocumented Kinetic Energy
June 14 – 25, 2021
Art Bldg, UTSA Circle (UTSA Main art gallery)

Show statement from Augustine Chavez:

“In this part of my life, as an artist, I am interested in making work that researches political issues. An issue that I find a great deal of importance is, the undocumented workers. This has become somewhat of a personal topic for me as well. It is interesting to me how our political leaders want to deport people who have crossed our boarders in search for work. Our political leaders say they are murders and thieves, but they are the ones who are doing the work to expand our societies. In my work I explore the void of contradiction that is within our societies by making art of the people, doing the job that is needed in order for our societies to thrive. The undocumented workers are the contributors to our societies.”

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