Art Dirt 7: McMansion Hell, Dressing Up Like Frida Kahlo, Piss Christ Protest

by Glasstire July 9, 2017

In our latest Art Dirt podcast, Christina Rees and Rainey Knudson discuss the week’s art news.



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LOLI Fernández-Andrade Kolber July 9, 2017 - 11:28

The smoke flag is a great image, and American flag? A flag for America? The state of the world? Makes me think of another dreary flag. Great anyway .

Dressing up like Frida Kahlo: Is tacky, latino or not, and define latino please, I’m always confused about this adjective. Specially when it comes to Mexico. And finally, Frida, a builder of images for a broken country and for her broken self, now this?

Cross: It is art when it is art regardless. Now, being catholic does not make it more ok to trample over other’s believes. I am also catholic and, catholic or not, I am sick of the pseudo intellectual postures against the church. Yes there were, there are and there will be abuses, everywhere and in every religion and church. It is human nature and this are human institutions. These postures on the Catholic are based on bias and ignorance, yes even Serrano’s. Ignorance of the total history. However does an artist feel like speaking about this? Sure, it is his opinion. Go ahead, this is a free country, I think, and we do not kill people for desecrating our images. Plus two abuses don’t make a right.

I add, life is hard, very, very hard and painful, some people have nothing to go on but this believe anchored on an image, don’t destroy the only piece of wood from the shipwreck of their life that they have to keep from drowning .

Thank you Rainey and Christina.

Hannah July 10, 2017 - 07:30

Maybe the smoke flag prototype should be done in west Texas. Who needs blowers on cherry pockets when you’ve got constant wind?

Hannah July 10, 2017 - 07:31

Pickers. Stupid autocorrect.

Gwynn April 7, 2018 - 11:54

I believe their title “Piss Christ” indicates ignorance of Christ, His life, His teachings, and His objectives.

Blaming Christ for the shortcomings of the Church and for the hypocrisy and abuse by many who profess to be Christians reveals that the artists have no understanding of their subject. They have misplaced the blame.

The shortcomings of Christianity have nothing to do with Christ. The flaws in Christianity and in many world religions are the concoctions of men who have recreated our religions in their own image and who redefine them to gain power and to support their own selfish desires.


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