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GCACThe Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC) announced that it has withdrawin as the host for San Antonio’s CAM (Contemporary Art Month) 2016 Perennial. Here is the statement released by Executive Director Jerry Ruiz:

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center will be withdrawing as the host for the CAM 2016 Perennial. While the GCAC recognizes the talents and merits of the artists in this year’s Perennial, we have determined that CAM is simply not a mission-fit at this juncture. The Guadalupe remains firmly committed to the values of inclusion and access to the arts. The lack of diversity in this year’s group of artists, specifically the lack of representation of Latina artists in this year’s edition of the perennial, has forced the organization to make this difficult decision after much deliberation and dialogue with CAM’s leaders.

The statement is similar to the #OscarSoWhite movement against the Academy Awards (for two years in a row), but we will wait to see if any big name artists boycott the exhibition.

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6 Responses

  1. Elle

    What does this do? This devalues art by artist who are not of the cultural background of the Guadalupe.

    The Guadalupe dropping CAM is actually probably good, because Contemporary Art Month shouldn’t have rules placed on it in the first place, rule that state that you HAVE to be this or that. Plus, CAM has always included art based on the curator’s choice, right? Not based on their race, creed, gender… etc. It’s CURATOR’S CHOICE.

    This is weird. As a person of mixed race, the Guadalupe offends me.

  2. Linda Garcia

    Here here Elle! As a Latina, I can’t see how excluding an all female show due to “lack of diversity,” is keeping in line with the Guadalupe’s mission of inclusion. As you stated, it’s curators choice. I would rather see the vision of this show based on the quality of the work, vs. a show that includes a quota for token people of color. And why the press release? Why not just let the show move? Seems like the Gudalupe is just itching for some publicity…

  3. Joe

    Paula, your cut and paste brief of the situation does nothing to further the debate for inclusion or respect the curator’s decisions. When do you plan on reaching out to both sides for an article that goes beyond click bait?

    1. Bill Davenport

      Joe, this is not an editorial, it’s just a news bit reporting factually on a significant event for the art scene in San Antonio. It most certainly “furthers the debate” on the important issues the GCAC’s decision raises, by telling people about it.

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