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Tomorrow: Artist Mark Menjivar leads a death-row workshop in Houston


In conjunction with its current exhibition by Amy Elkins, which explores death row and the capital punishment system in the U.S. and Texas, the Houston Center for Photography is offering a fascinating-sounding free workshop in which participants “will learn about the basic processes of the capital punishment system in Texas through interdisciplinary artistic activities.” Texas has executed 500 people since 1976.

San Antonio-based artist Mark Menjivar and educator Ryan Sprott, who will lead the workshop, “have been working with a group of high school students using public archives, oral history, community engagement and the arts to explore capital punishment from multiple perspectives.”

Menjivar, known his projects which fall under the banner of Social Practice, has recently had a book published on one of his ongoing projects. Read about it here.

This workshop takes place tomorrow (Saturday), June 13 from 1-5 p.m. For more info, please go here.

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  1. Greg Harrison

    Why the distinction between examining the death penalty in the US and Texas? Last time I checked Texas was actually a state in the US. This differentiation is journalistically subjective and subliminally attempts to create bias. Slanted writing quite often compromises

    1. Rainey Knudson

      Greg, you defend Fox News in another comment. They are the largest network in the country. Do you think their coverage isn’t slanted?

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