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Fred Adickes, Hot Wheels co-creator and brother of monumental sculptor David Adickes dies at age 80 in Huntsville

Fred Adickes, brother af notorious Texas monumentalist David Adickes, died Sunday in Huntsville at age 80. The lesser-known (in Texas) Adickes was equally creative: he spent most of his career inventing toys for Mattel in California, including Hot Wheels toy cars, Weebles, Dapper Dan and Dressy Bessy dolls, and Creepy Crawlers and Incredible Edibles play sets. Born in Huntsville in 1931, Fred was valedictorian of the Huntsville High School class of 1948 and went on to serve in the Army during the Korean War. He worked for General Motors and Chrysler before becoming a toy designer. Says brother David, “Kids could eat all the toys. He decided everything should be edible — from tricycles on down.”

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11 Responses

  1. Joe

    Those fortunate enough to know Fred knew him as a loving, caring man with a great mind and impeccable manners. As his son, I could not have loved or respected him more.

    1. Please call me if you are Fred’s son. I interviewed him for a book on hot wheels and have a question about cad scanning.
      Sorry to hear df his loss , he was so instrumental in the story of hot wheels

  2. Dana Friis-Hansen

    Wow, what a creative family. Thanks, Bill for this report.
    The stream of names of playthings listed brought back a stream of very strong memories of my creative beginnings and hours of productive fun… creepy crawlers, incredible edibles (can still recall the saccarine taste). Who Knew?

  3. Eric

    He touched so many people in a positive way. As my father and mentor he disciple d me to love all as Jesus thought and inspired me to invent and create as a way of life. I will carry the Loving and inventing legacy forward another generation.

    Cheers to a great man that made it to heaven and inspired people to the end to follow him there.

  4. Philip Allen

    When I heard of Freddy’s death my first thought was to let my brother Neil know as he and Freddy were close friends during their teen years but Neil also has deceased. There are fewer and fewer to share news with. In was younger but always admired the Addickes family. I am sorry to hear of Freddy’s passing but will always be thankful for having known him.

  5. Brannon Choate

    I loved him (Fred) more than my own parents, He was the greatest mentor, that I have ever had. Now What am I to do?
    Fresno, California.

  6. Jesse Stojan

    Greatest grandpa in the world, I’ll always remember you telling me about the color red, which is why that’s my favorite color.
    Along with all the other great memories and how you never stopped being creative with everything.

  7. Just found out What a incredible man I was very fortunate to have been blessed to have him in my life as not only a mentor as well but to have him present as a guest at my wedding and the opportunity to not only assist him with his Ideas and Inventions but to also have him involved in mine to advise me and guide me in the the right directions with my Ideas too.

    He is Greatly Missed Now the Adickes Family Have another Legendary Angel Watching Over them All!

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