3131 Gallery Opens in Houston’s Third Ward

by Jessica Fuentes November 14, 2023

Last weekend 3131 Gallery, a new art space in Houston’s Third Ward, hosted a grand opening event celebrating its inaugural exhibition.

An exterior photograph of a multi-use building in Houston's Third Ward.

Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement at One Emancipation Center

The gallery is located at One Emancipation Center, a five-story, 64,000-square-foot building across the street from Emancipation Park. Designed by Kirksey Architecture, the building is home to the Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement (CCPPI), a nonprofit organization that advances policies promoting human, civic, social, and economic justice. 3131 Gallery is just one initiative among the organization’s programs and projects. 

The CCPPI website identifies Garnet Coleman, Texas State Representative for District 147, as Founder and Collector of the gallery space. Robert Hodge, who serves as the Art Director and Curator of the nearby and recently opened Hogan Brown Gallery, is 3131’s Chief Curator. Mr. Hodge explained to Glasstire that while Hogan Brown Gallery focuses on mid-career and established artists, 3131 will showcase younger emerging artists as well as older artists who may have been practicing for a long time but have yet to have exposure in the art world.

According to the space’s website, the gallery will showcase emerging local artists through four curated exhibitions presented each year. The inaugural show, Origins and Legacies: Celebrating the Founding Artists of Project Row Houses, highlights works from Mr. Coleman’s private collection, many of which have not been displayed publicly before, and was co-organized by Mr. Coleman, his daughter Evan Coleman, his niece Alex Bracey, and Mr. Hodge. The show simultaneously honors the founding artists of Project Row Houses — James Bettison, Bert Long, Jr., Jesse Lott, Rick Lowe, Floyd Newsum, Bert Samples, and George Smith — while also paying tribute to Mr. Coleman’s decades of public service and support of the arts.

Mr. Hodge told Glasstire, “[Mr. Coleman] has been supporting Rick Lowe, George Smith, Floyd Newsum… all of those artists for over 30 years… so this show honors his commitment to supporting artists in real time… Before Jesse Lott died, [Mr. Coleman] commissioned him for a $100,000 sculpture… not only was he collecting art, but he was putting money into projects that would really elevate artists. It’s a testament to how you can really support artists.”

Beyond its exhibition schedule, the gallery will feature both artist talks focused on the creative process and public policy talks. Learn more and stay up to date with the gallery’s events and exhibitions via the CCPPI website.

Origins and Legacies: Celebrating the Founding Artists of Project Row Houses will be on view through January 25, 2024.

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Joanne Copeland November 14, 2023 - 11:38

I would be interested in knowing about the curated shows being sponsored at 3131 Gallery. Please add my email for upcoming shows.

Thank you,
Joanne Copeland


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