Texas Biennial 2017 Announces Artists, Dates, and Venue

by Glasstire August 23, 2017

The Texas Biennial 2017 has announced its dates, venue and artist list.

Via the Texas Biennial: “Artists selected for TX★17 will be represented at a single venue, located at 211 E Alpine Rd in Austin, TX, September 30 – November 11, 2017. The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday, September 30, from 7-10pm.”

Of the 1,217 applicants, 33 artists were chosen by curator Leslie Moody Castro. Here’s the list:

Cande Aguilar (Brownsville)
Catherine Allen (Midland)
Haydee Alonso (El Paso)
Rabea Ballin (Houston)
Nick Barbee (Galveston)
Christopher Blay (Fort Worth)
Angel Cabrales (El Paso)
Ted Carey (Austin)
Jennifer Datchuk (San Antonio)
Hannah Dean (Lubbock)
Frances Dezzany (McKinney)
Luisa Duarte (Houston)
Jarred Elrod (Lubbock)
Ana Fernandez (San Antonio)
Samantha Isabel Garcia (Brownsville)
Gary Goldberg (Wichita Falls)
Robert Hodge (Houston)
Max Manning (Huntsville)
Vladimir Mejia (Austin)
Zach Morriss (Lubbock)
Noëlle Mulder (Houston)
Teruko Nimura (Austin)
Philana Oliphant (Tyler)
Cruz Ortiz (San Antonio)
Joe Pena (Corpus Christi)
Jonathan Revett (Amarillo)
Gilberto Rocha-Rochelli (Laredo)
Erin Stafford (Dallas)
Felipe Steinberg (Houston)
Keer Tanchak (Dallas)
Paul Valadez (Edinburg)
Fabiola Valenzuela (Grand Prairie)
Montoya Williams (Dallas)

Congrats to all! For more info, go here.


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candykid August 25, 2017 - 09:09

Did anyone else notice that none of the fantastic artists that were included in the Texas Biennial 13, were included in the Texas Biennial 17? Also, basically none of the Big D artists represented by major galleries were included either. I can only see this as a concerted effort to omit these artists, and “give other’s a chance”.

It’s hard to take this show seriously knowing that dozens of well established, regional rock star artists were overlooked for much lesser work. It seems that Leslie Moody Castro has chosen to skip the biggest names in Dallas art on purpose. I guess this is what happens when you leave it up to one juror, in the Texas Biennial 13, there were over a dozen juror’s. This template was more successful, and made it impossible for one juror to overlook the heavyweights as LMC clearly did. It’s like the NBA draft overlooking all the stars, so that the B team can get a chance to play. Way to ruin what was a great show in 2013. Next time maybe the Texas Biennial will not leave it up to one person who clearly avoids the top talent…..if there is a next time?

KJ Tralewski October 1, 2017 - 14:01

Who are you to decide who’s the ‘top tallent’. Were you omitted and feel hurt?

Brad Tucker August 25, 2017 - 14:26

But don’t you think you should wait and see the show before you say it is ruined? Maybe you won’t like the show and your critique will be validated, or maybe you will be pleasantly surprised by the work of artists as of yet unfamiliar to you. Either way, you would be credited with making an informed decision.

Roberto Jackson Harrington August 25, 2017 - 16:58

Sounds like sour grapes candykid.

Why does “artists represented by major galleries” automatically equal great work? I’ve seen some shit shows at commercial galleries. They’re not all shitting gold, let me tell you. Also, did these “rock stars” even apply? Perhaps they considered it beneath them or not worth the trouble? Perhaps they did submit a portfolio that wasn’t up to snuff, bad images, lo-resolution or what have you? We don’t know.

Additionally, why is the work from the artists chosen “lesser.” Have you seen the work? I haven’t. Castro went on a giant road trip and probably saw “lesser” work, but she also saw, I imagine, mediocre work and I’m sure, amazing work, probably lots of amazing work. Whittling it down to where it’s at, for me, lends prestige to the actual exhibition. Like it or not this is Castro’s version of what’s up in Texas.

I actually find what she did quite refreshing. 33 artists out of an open call of over 1200? On top of that I’m sure she has a connection with at least 20% of the artists from the 1200 pool. There’s a lot of bruised egos out there, but get over it. I did not envy her task of organizing this Biennial.

Was I upset that I wasn’t selected? Yes. Am I going to shit all over the show before it’s even up? No. I’m going to go see the show and support artist making art. You should too.

ps – if you want to be taken seriously, sign your name.


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