Almost Every Sculptor in Texas Gathers for One Big Show

by Paula Newton August 18, 2014
Some sculpture is really heavy! George Tobolowsky at Lawndale.

Some sculpture is really heavy! George Tobolowsky at Lawndale.

Houston’s Lawndale Art Center is turning over all of its galleries, as well as its outdoor garden space, to its upcoming exhibition Texas Sculpture Group 2014: A Panoramic View, curated by James Surls in memory of late Texas Sculpture Group members Lee Littlefield, Bert Long, Jr. and Damian Priour. Surls has certainly done a good job of finding a wide variety of big name sculptors from all over the state. An obvious omission is that of Dan Havel and Dean Ruck—but don’t worry. Havel Ruck Projects is busy installing a big show a few blocks away at Art League Houston, which will open a few weeks later.

Here is the crazy long list of artists participating in Texas Sculpture Group 2014: A Panoramic View, which opens on Friday evening:

Ben Appl (Austin), Peter Arcidiacono (San Marcos, TX), Richard Ariola (Las Vegas), Jan Ayers Friedman (Fort Worth), Brent Baggett (Austin), Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik (Wimberly), Robbie Barber (Waco), Verina S. Baxter (Flintstone, GA), Jill Bedgood (Georgetown), Lauren Browning(San Antonio), Steve Brudniak (Austin), Susan Budge (San Antonio), Danville Chadbourne (San Antonio), Valérie Chaussonnet (Austin), Roger Colombik (Wimberley), Dylan Conner (Houston), Princess Cook (San Antonio), Erin Cunningham (Austin), Stephen Daly (Austin), Stephanie Darling (San Antonio), Glenn Downing (Waco), Kurt Dyrhaug (Beaumont), Carter Ernst (Houston), Daniel Esquivel-Brandt (Houston), Bill FitzGibbons (San Antonio), Susan Fitzsimmons (McAllen), Jerry Freid (Dallas), Brooke Gassiot (Austin), Amy Gerhauser (San Angelo), Nell Gottlieb (Houston), Larry Graeber (San Antonio), Andrew Bellatti Green (Austin), Jack Gron (Corpus Christi), Thomas Jack Hilton (Austin), Chad Hines (Temple), Yu Ru Huang (Houston), Dewane Hughes (Troup), Richard Hyslin (McAllen), Meredith Jack (Houston), Maria Cristina Jadick (Houston), Paul Kittelson (Houston), Sharon Kopriva (Houston), Eric F. Krause (Johnson City), Alexander Larsen (Houston), Margaret Losinski (Houston), Peter Mangan (Blanco), Wells Mason (Coupland), Colleen McCulla-Thomas (Martindale), Jason Mehl (Dallas), Bill Molthen (Austin), Hans Molzberger (Houston), Mary Morse (Austin), Steve Murphy (Houston), Sherry Owens (Dallas), Griselda Elena Peña (Austin), Beverly Penn (Austin), Caprice Pierucci (Austin), Susan Plum (Houston), Chasity Porter (Missouri City), Cat Quintanilla (Austin), Patrick Renner(Houston), Greg Reuter (Corpus Christi), Jim Robertson (Trinity), Jonathan Sanders (Austin), Paul Seeman (Corpus Christi), Sabine Senft (San Antonio), Luke Sides (Oak Point), Judith Simonds (Austin), Richard Skurla (Waco), Stephanie Sterling (Leander), Sebastian J. Stoddart (San Marcos), Laura Sturtz (Austin), Tanya Synar (Denton), Damon J. Thomas (Houston), George Tobolowsky (Dallas), Cody Vance (San Antonio), Hank Waddell (Austin), Gary Webernick (Austin), Brian Wedgworth (McAllen), Jonathan Whitfill (Lubbock), Ed Wilson (Houston), Michael Witzel (Bergheim) and Ben Woitena (Houston).


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Nell Gottlieb August 18, 2014 - 11:45

Hope you can come to the opening this Friday at 6 pm at Lawndale. I’ll be there with “Volcanic”.

Mark Alexander August 18, 2014 - 23:01

Looks like a very good group. I recognize many names from my days as a gallery director.

You might consider inviting Johann Eyfells of Fredericksburg, Texas.
At 91 years of age he is still making large scale outdoor sculpture every day. I would imagine he is the oldest practicing sculptor in all of Texas.

J R Compton August 19, 2014 - 07:50

Hardly Almost Every Sculptor in Texas

20 from Austin, 18 from Houston, 9 from San Antonio, only 4 from Dallas, 3 from Waco

seems odd

Ricardo Paniagua August 19, 2014 - 21:57

Wow, I’m not familiar with any of them but Bill F. I must know nothing or am assuming they are they sculpture people from last century.

Steve Brudniak August 20, 2014 - 00:03

they are all sculptors from the last century.

Steve Brudniak August 20, 2014 - 00:02

Keep in mind these are all members of the Texas Sculpture Group. If they are not members they could not be considered for the show. its easy to join though at
for the next one.

Paula Newton August 20, 2014 - 16:22

FYI: I did notice that most of the participants in this show are members of the Texas Sculpture Group (as the very name of the exhibition implies), though not all. I assume that Surls is familiar with most of these artists and wanted to promote the group in general. But there are a few younger sculptors who are not listed as current members of the group who are included in the exhibition. And, as the above comment suggests, sign up, sculptors!

J R Compton August 20, 2014 - 16:41

I know about the Texas Sculpture Association, based in Dallas, that USED to be a great, dynamic, innovative bunch of sculptors, but not so much anymore.

Joel Sampson August 21, 2014 - 05:07

It is somewhat confusing — the Texas Sculpture GROUP is different from the Texas Sculpture ASSOCIATION (which is indeed based out of Dallas). Membership in the GROUP is $150! The most expensive art group I know of.

Local art groups have highs and lows. The lows seem to be much more common.

Dan Havel August 21, 2014 - 10:30

I’m just a hack, not a real sculptor. Can’t compete with the studio expertise of these sculptors, but may have to join Friday after seeing the show, if they let me.

Albert Omaha August 22, 2014 - 14:19

It’s a curious list of artists and I must admit I hardly recognize more than 10% but that is a mini thing I don’t I don’t get out much. Might be a gas or
informative to check it out


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