The Dallas Pavilion: Photos in Venice and the Real Thing at Home

by Paula Newton May 30, 2013

Well, the Venice Biennale is getting started now and, among other exhibitions, visitors will get to peruse 40-odd national pavilions showcasing artists chosen to represent their countries. Only a select few, though, will get to see the Dallas Pavilion.

VeniceBookThat’s because it’s not in a building, but in a book. The Dallas Pavilion is the project of two artists, Jasper Joseph-Lester and Southern Methodist University professor Michael Corris. “A pavilion is just a way of bringing things together,” Corris told D Magazine. “It doesn’t have to be architectural.”  After asking Dallas artists and gallerists which exhibition and art-making spaces defined the local scene, they created a small, eccentric publication called The Dallas Pavilion, a portrait of the North Texas art scene, and will hand it out to Biennale visitors.

Joseph-Lester and Corris are aware that the book may not be the highlight of visitors to the Venice extravaganza, but ultimately “offers local audiences a glimpse of what this city looks like when it’s packed up for international export.”

Meanwhile, Dallas folks can get a glimpse of their own thing for themselves. Saturday, June 1, is East Gallery Day in Dallas and many participants are featured in The Dallas Pavilion.  To find out about cool art, special events, giveaways, and food trucks, visit


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Jaspar Joseph-Lester May 31, 2013 - 14:22

Many thanks for this. We are getting a positive response to the Dallas Pavilion here in Venice. I can send images of the stall if your interested.

One thing, the image that you have is from Project Biennale rather than the Dallas Pavilion. Did you mean to print this image? if not, I can send some of the Dallas Pavilion.

Many thanks,


Paula Newton May 31, 2013 - 17:36

Yes, I was aware that the image is from your earlier project, but I thought it served quite well to illustrate the story. But, yeah, feel free to send an updated pic and keep us posted! Happy travels!


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