Venice Biennale: The Home Version

by Paula Newton May 27, 2013


The Venice Biennale VIPs are already starting to pack their bags; it’s a long flight and the fancy parties start on Wednesday. But the Biennale opens to the public on Saturday and runs all the way through November 24, so for all other attendees—there is still time to order the 2013 Limited Edition Venice Biennale Trading Cards! At your fingertips: fun facts about 54 artists chosen to represent their countries at the 55th Venice Biennale!




As the Biennale Project blog pitches:

The cards are the size of real playing cards and are enclosed in a neat plastic case—making it super easy to carry them around in your pocket for easy access.

And what’s cooler than recognizing an internationally renowned artist when they’re sitting next to you on a water taxi or at dinner?

Make a game of it—see how many artists you can see during your time in Venice, and get them to autograph your cards for the memento of a lifetime.

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