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Weekly Roundup, Nov. 22, 2015

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  1. *John McLaughlin voice* Issue One – The way that you talk about NY vs Texas is how I feel with Houston vs Austin. Running around to openings every weekend here because it’s just big enough that it feels like it might be important (fomo). There, you sit around and talk about art and make it. It frees you up to try things and to fail, which is great. –You know, I only talk up Austin so much cause the vibe in the room was that y’all didn’t care for it. My propensity to love all Texas cities is pretty much equal. (disproportionately excited about that last Free Beer podcast, though). http://www.freebeerpla.net/ some excellent sound bites! (mine is ~5 min after yours).

    Issue Two – I’m glad to see discussion about art (rather than art events), but I feel like I’m watching a debate with no opposition. I think people are less frustrated with the opinions presented than the platform you are able to give your own ideas. It’s a conversation with a voiceless, if ever present in the comment section, dissenter, and the videos are becoming more hermetic, something made very clear with the screenshot of Glasstire content inside of the Glasstire video in which 2 Glasstire writers are talking. I’d like to see some sort of Glasstire McLaughlin Group (not all staff). All these crotchety old people being smart and yelling at each other. Now that would be cool!


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