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Bring the Ball to Texas

This past Wednesday, a 250-lb red ball decided to break free of its handlers in Toledo, Ohio. Part of a public art project by Kurt Perschke, the ball was wedged between two buildings when, during deinstallation, a gust of wind caught it and sent it on its way.

It appears that the ball is touring cities across the world – it has been installed in Montréal, Abu Dhabi, and Barcelona, just to name a few. The goal of the project apparently lies not in the ball itself, but in (via Perschke) “what it can create for those who experience it.” Basically, it looks like a fun, selfie-inducing project – which is great.

The big question now is: when can we expect the ball to come to Texas? Wedged inside of Judd’s concrete sculptures, stuffed in the CAMH’s doorway, the possibilities are endless!


Who doesn’t want this?


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  1. “Basically, it looks like a fun, selfie-inducing project – which is great.” Maybe art criticism isn’t for you if that figures into your criteria for greatness.

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