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Enter our Contest for the Best/Worst of the Houston Fine Art Fair and WIN!

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3 Responses

  1. Pauline Solnik

    I believe the worst piece was, without a doubt, by BETH SECOR. An amateur attempt at being clever… Who is she anyway?

  2. Hazel Bartram-Birchenough

    Saw two things I wanted to carry out, a film by Ana Sacerdote, from Arte Nuevo group in Buenos Aires, thousands of subtle abstract pictures make a movie short. According to Ignacio Pendronzo, Sammer Gallery, the old reel to reel projector is included…and nestled among some Man Ray and Louise Nevelson photos, some sumptuous tiny Cornells, three amazingly intricate and seductive little pieces, in a whisper the sales guy from Schroeder Romero and Shreder, opened up the glass dome to show me the extraordinary insides, moving the innermost contents with his fingers, and showing me the miniscule labels.
    The bad stuff? My good stuff radar was full on.

  3. Sebastian Melmoth

    The Colton & Farb Gallery has always struck me as a sort of cargo cult project. But, instead of building a C-47 airplane out of palm logs, you rent some space and call it an art gallery and then, by sympathetic magic, Famous Artists appear!(Followed by Celebrities! Supermodels! And then, most importantly, elderly gentleman, who, after a lifetime of sharp-elbowed acquisition, have interesting amounts of money to exchange for the company of soi-disant glamorous ladies). So, it completely stood to reason that the worst artwork at the fair should be that gallery’s. A neon rainbow and a series of Hallmark-card-uplift words by 76 year-old convert-to-Mormonism Ultra Violet, who had a tiny bit of a film career forty years ago and is mostly known for going around to parties thrown by loathsome millionaires in the company of Andy Warhol? Next, maybe they can convince Florence Henderson to draw some unicorns and offer two-for-one deals.

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