Daisha Board Gallery Closes Original Location; Opens a New Dallas Space

by Jessica Fuentes October 26, 2023

Dallas-based Daisha Board Gallery recently announced the closure of its original location on Sylvan Street, just months after opening a third location.

In the fall of 2021, Daisha Board opened her namesake gallery with an eye toward representing artists of color and LGBTQIA+ identifying artists. In April 2023, Ms. Board opened a secondary location in downtown Dallas, at the iconic Joule Hotel. Then, in August, she hosted a grand opening celebration of a 7,000-square-foot space in Dallas’ Tin District (on Bataan Street), near her original location. The inaugural exhibition featured works by Jeremy Biggers, Latrise Sheriff, Tyler Upchurch, Jessica Bell, Josiah Jones, and M*Knight.

In a public statement on social media, Ms. Board commented, “This new space will allow us to continue showcasing exceptional contemporary art and exploring the intersections of art, culture, technology, and community.”

At the end of September the gallery opened dual exhibitions in its new space, Hueman: People of Color by artist Demarcus McGaughey and The Rise of the New Urbanist by Roscoe Hall. Both exhibitions will remain on view through Saturday, November 4. 

On Sunday, October 8, Ms. Board announced via social media that her Sylvan Street gallery would close, two years after it first opened. Ms. Board explained that the gallery did not have investors, but was launched with her family’s savings and work. During the time it was open, the space presented 15 exhibitions and saw over 7,000 visitors.

A photograph of two women standing outside of the Daisha Board Gallery in Dallas.

Daisha Board Gallery, Sylvan Street.

Ms. Board stated, “We were immensely honored to be named the Best Art Gallery in Dallas in our very first year, 2022. We cried here, we prayed here, we laughed, and we danced. We saw children’s eyes light up in awe, and we witnessed many making their first art acquisitions. We paid bills, dealt with flooded toilets, and above all, we built our family’s legacy and created a safe space for the community.”

In her statement, Ms. Board attributed the closure to a lack of funding, specifically mentioning potential funds that were anticipated from the University of North Texas in support of the utilizing the gallery to exhibit works by college students. A spokesperson for the university explained, “The College of Visual Arts and Design is always looking for places to display student art. In our negotiations to create a student exhibition at the Daisha Board Gallery, the costs exceeded our budget, and we did not proceed to a signed agreement.”

Ms. Board’s statement also addressed larger issues related to funding, noting, “In these challenging times, especially with the unfortunate elimination of DEI, affirmative action, we understand that women and marginalized communities will bear the brunt… Despite the trials and tribulations. We stand tall. As we bid farewell to our original Daisha Board Gallery on Sylvan, we want to convey our deepest gratitude to everyone who supported us in this journey. We hope that you will accompany us as we usher in a new chapter, one filled with promise, resilience, and unyielding commitment to our artists.”

Daisha Board Gallery’s Tin District and Downtown locations remain in operation. Learn more about the gallery, its artists, and its current exhibitions here.

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