Top Five: November 25, 2021

by Glasstire November 25, 2021

Glasstire counts down the top five art events in Texas.

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art by Ann Stautberg at Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas Texas

A piece from Ann Stautberg’s exhibition Times Change

1. 1. Ann Stautberg: Times Change
Barry Whistler Gallery (Dallas)
November 13 – January 8, 2022

From Barry Whistler Gallery: “Stautberg currently lives and works in Houston where she survived the pandemic but says that winter storm Uri in 2021 gave her a new awareness of our relationship to nature and changing times. She continues photographing the sky, but silhouetted botanical shapes have started appearing more predominately in her work. Visually present is the use of drama, psychological tension, and the mood of the times. Stautberg’s garden, an ongoing source of inspiration, is full of Mexican fan palms that were dramatically changed after storm Uri resulting in her printing and working on images that no longer existed during the pandemic.

Eleven pieces will be featured in the show. Each photograph is first printed with archival inks onto stretched canvas. The artist then tints the pieces with photographic oils by hand—a technique which she uses in addition to digital processes. Stautberg works from her home saying it gives her a ‘sense of place’.”

Painting by artist Luke Harden at Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas Texas

A painting by Luke Harden

1.2. Luke Harnden: New Work
Barry Whistler Gallery (Dallas)
October 18 – November 27, 2021

From Barry Whistler Gallery: “The aesthetic allure of the works on view in New Paintings functions by way of a similar logic, comfortably — if ambivalently — inhabiting the visual lexicon of the screen while calling its fraught status and complicated promises to the surface. The eye rests easily on each of these paintings, which, although inherently static, invoke the illusion of movement — frozen GIFs that hover like afterimages, refusing to settle. Drawing from diverse source imagery embedded in horizontal RGB lines that recall the fuzzy flicker of a CRT television screen, the paintings evoke a tacit awareness of the hypermediation of the self, in which experience is constantly in confusion with its representation through digital images.”

paintings by artist Carl Palozzolo at Texas Gallery in Houston

A selection of paintings by Carl Palazzolo

2. Carl Palazzolo: Erasing Days
Texas Gallery (Houston)
October 30 – November 30, 2021

From Texas Gallery: “Texas Gallery is pleased to present Erasing Days by Carl Palazzolo which incorporates three series of paintings made over the last three years. The series are Erasing Days(2020-2021),The Seasons and Afternotes (2019-2020) and Maine Light(2018-2019). This is the first exhibition of these works. The works are connected by a sense of atmosphere and suffused light- influenced by location. In many of the works, specific images are depicted which are drawn from the artist’s personal iconography and 40 years of past work. Carl Palazzolo lives and works In Houston, TX and Robinhood, ME.”

Print by artist Ben Muñoz

A chiroscuro woodcut by Ben Muñoz

3. Ben Muñoz: Rattled Bones
Presa House Gallery (San Antonio)
November 6 – 27, 2021

From Presa House Gallery: “Ben Muñoz (b. 1993) is a largely self-taught Dallas-based artist and art instructor whose studio practice primarily focuses on printmaking. Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Munoz’s work reflects his Mexican heritage, upbringing, and current surroundings. His iconography, often composed in a stack, symbolizes the importance and dependence on previous generations and their direct ties to the interests of today and the future.”

Painting by Houston artist Ibsen Espada

A painting by Ibsen Espada

4. Ibsen Espada: Abrasive Silence
Foltz Fine Art (Houston)
October 29 – November 27, 2021

From Foltz Fine Art: “Ibsen Espada: Abrasive Silence features over 50 recent paintings by the Houston artist. Espada has established himself as one of the most important contemporary Texas painters, working in a personal mode of gestural abstraction. Known for his unique use of materials, Espada utilizes carborundum as a new element in his latest body of work which enhances and activates the surface with its distinct texture and coarseness. Throughout his career, Espada’s style has continually evolved, yet his mark making is very much his own and subject to continual change of mood. While his previous signature use of bold, gestural black strokes/lines has diminished in this work, the viewer finds the artist employing different techniques in its place to create the same vibrance and colorful, energetic movement found in earlier works; both styles distinctly Espada.”

Painting by artist Erin Curtis

A painting by Erin Curtis

5. Erin Curtis: TRAPDOOR
MASS Gallery (Austin)
November 13 – December 4, 2021

From MASS Gallery: “TRAPDOOR is a new body of work by Austin artist Erin Curtis. Large cut and layered canvas paintings and small works on paper are inspired by landscapes real and imagined. Verging from idyllic to bleak, the works draw the viewer into a disorienting world of layered and disrupted patterns, high with color, but edged in darkness. The process-oriented canvases are painterly and immersive, threatening to draw the viewer down a trapdoor of disintegrating order. A painted canvas entryway, created for the exhibition, greets visitors as they arrive.”

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