Top Five: February 11, 2016

by Glasstire February 11, 2016

Rainey Knudson and Christina Rees on finding menace in artworks, the risk of imaginary worlds, and how great it is when an artist has a good website.


texas draw swsoasa

1. Texas Draws IV
Southwest School of Art Russell Hill Rogers Gallery- Navarro Campus (San Antonio)
February 11 – April 24
Opens February 11, 5:30-7:30PM

An exhibition of artists from across Texas who “extend the traditional definition of drawing.” The show features work by Fernando Andrade (San Antonio), Michael Bise (Houston), Kent Dorn (Houston), Adrian Esparza (El Paso), Mack Gingles (Waco), Hollis Hammonds (Austin), Timothy Harding (Fort Worth), Martha Hughes (Marfa), Robert Jackson Harrington (Austin), Soomin Jung (San Antonio), Kathleen McShane (Fayetteville), Benjamin McVey (San Antonio), Lee Michael Peterson (San Antonio), Rusty Scruby (Dallas), Randy Twaddle (Houston), Terri Thornton (Fort Worth), David Willburn (Dallas), and Hsiu Ching Yu (Commerce).


barry 30 years

2. 30th Anniversary Exhibition
Barry Whistler Gallery (Dallas)
February 13 – March 26
Opens February 13, 6-8PM

An exhibition celebrating 30 years of the gallery. This will also be the gallery’s last show at its current location, before it moves to 215 Cole St. Artists in the show include: Tom Orr, Linnea Glatt, John Pomara, Ann StautbergJonathan Cross, Nathan Green, Luke Harnden, Terrell James, Ellsworth Kelly, Darryl Lauster, Lawrence Lee, Kirsten Macy, Michael C. McMillen, Michael Miller, John-Paul Philippe, Dan Rizzie, Andrea Rosenberg, Johnnie Winona Ross, Allison V. Smith, Ann Stautberg, Lorraine Tady, John Wilcox, Robert Wilhite, Leslie Wilkes, Danny Williams, and Mark Williams.


binder marfa surroundings

3. Alyce Santoro: Surroundings
Eugene Binder (Marfa)
February 12 – March 12
Opens February 12, 6-9PM

An exhibition of works by Alyce Santoro. “A major component of her work is creating underlying and holistic relationships between seemingly disparate aspects of the art she makes, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the interaction between the different aspects of her work being an important part of the overall “landscape” of her creative process.”


jooyoung anya paracosmic

4. JooYoung Choi: Paracosmic Alchemy
Anya Tish Gallery (Houston)
February 12 – March 12
Opens February 12, 6-8:30PM

An exhibition of works by Houston-based artist JooYoung Choi. The artist draws largely on her personal narrative of adoption and search for identity. Through this, the artists creates characters in her own fictitious world, the Cosmic Womb.


pig and pony ben

5. Ben Jurgensen & Jennie Ottinger
Pig & Pony (Austin)
February 13 – March 13
Opens February 13, 7-10PM

Works by Ben Jurgensen & Jennie Ottinger.


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Iva February 11, 2016 - 11:18

Would you give advice on websites, other than the obvious (good and appropriately sized images, updated, info easy to read)? What makes a website good (great), and does anyone come to mind for having a perfect one? It’s a big question to ask people who are running a website themselves, I know. But it would be fascinating and helpful to get your take on.

The way an artist’s site looks says as much about them as their content. They can be very telling.

Maybe you’ve written about it. I’ll look.

Brandon Zech February 11, 2016 - 11:48

Honestly, as long as you have some form of website, you’re better off than the 90% who don’t. That is the first (biggest?) step, in my opinion.


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