HCP Director Steps Down After Less Than a Year: UPDATE

by Paula Newton October 23, 2015

Sarah SudhoffHouston Center for Photography‘s Executive Director Sarah Sudhoff has resigned her position, sources tell Glasstire. An official press release is expected soon, which may explain the circumstances of the resignation and Sudhoff’s future plans.

Sudhoff was hired at the tail end of last year after an extensive search. Since former Director Bevin Bering Dubrowski transitioned to a creative director position in July 2014, HCP has experienced some curious staff changes. Let’s hope the new year brings more stability.

UPDATE: A few hours after this news item was posted, Glasstire received a mass letter from Sudhoff, followed by a quote from HCP Board Director Tom Flaherty. Both are reprinted below:

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that today is my last day as the Executive Director of Houston Center for Photography. This has been a rewarding position, and one that I have enjoyed immensely and grown from.  I have a renewed appreciation for how important this nearly 35-year-old organization is to the Houston community.  I have worked to carry out HCP’s mission, and I appreciate the support and friendship of this inspiring community of photography supporters.

I am proud of what HCP has accomplished in my 10 months as Executive Director. We have formed new partnerships in the Houston community; accomplished our mission in innovative ways; and we have stimulated dialogue about photography and our world.

I am thankful to the Board of Directors, and President Tom Flaherty in particular, for his continued leadership and vision as we each meet the new opportunities presented to us. I wish all the best to HCP in the years ahead.

With immense gratitude,

Sarah Sudhoff
Executive Director

“We thank Sarah for her hard work and dedication to the Houston Center for Photography. During her tenure at HCP, Sarah curated several successful shows for us which clearly demonstrated her artistic vision. The Houston Center for Photography is poised for success as we consider the next steps for leadership of this dynamic organization.”

Tom Flaherty, President, Houston Center for Photography Board of Directors


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Dan da man October 23, 2015 - 17:20

Obviously we are not hearing the whole story here…I think she was forced out!!!

Sasquatch October 25, 2015 - 08:58

It’s obvious to anyone who reads this and knew the hiring situation that no one quits after year like that. What a fake sugary exit letter from both sides, it looks super forced. This director moved her whole family from one city to another and then pulls the rip cord? Not bloody likely. The fresh arts director, HCCC, the museum district, etc…etc…

Seems like the comment section is necessary because everyone else is handling these things with white gloves.

Or, if the revolving door of art directors is just the norm, then don’t write about it (Chron, tire, others). But apparently there’s something more to these departures over the last year.

Bigfoot October 25, 2015 - 17:10

That is one of the problems with some of these resignation/termination/”going to climb mountains” kind of departures. This is a part of the lack of transparency in all of these arts organizations. Can they not admit when they terminate someone? Is it because it’s wrongful? Because random non-profit has a micromanaging board?

Too many questions and comments to post here…

Where is our Patron of the Year when you need her?

“Having artists on the committee, pose it’s own conflict of interests” A.Parker


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