MFAH’s Benevolent Ancestors Gift $1.2 Million in Art at One Great Night Event

by Bill Davenport November 21, 2011

Ceremonial toasts at MFAH

Given the lack of couture to comment on, Culturemap society reporter Shelby Hodge details the bentleys, cigars, and the art purchased at the MFAH’s all-male “One Great Night in November” fundraiser, which took place Saturday night. Though unflattering in flash-lit photography, all those tuxedos had deep pockets: the guests reached in and went on a buying spree, spending an aggregate $1.2 million on art acquisitions for the museum, including Recognition: North and South (1865) by Constant Mayer, a Vase With Mythological Resurrection Scene, a photo, IED Night Watch from the upcoming War/Photography show, and, most appropriately, an Ancestral Suspension Hook: carved by the tribal peoples of New Guinea, these hooks typically depict benevolent ancestors, and dangle goodies from the rafters.

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